Better Email Marketing: Branding for Longevity

Better Email Marketing: Branding for Longevity

– This is a two-part series
on branding for longevity. In part one, we’re gonna teach you how to email market like a pro. (light music) So the first thing you want to think about is your email lists. Having clean email lists
are super important. Make sure that you have
everyone’s contact information, their email, their first
name without any typos and make sure that that list is opt-in. Having non opt-in emails
will come haunt you. – It’s so much spam, I don’t
like spam, we don’t like spam. – The reality is that people
do not want to get emailed. Their inboxes are slammed,
they’re inundated with messages, probably thousands from people
all over the world trying to sell themself and get them to convert and get them to buy stuff, scams in there. The truth is that if you really want to punch through someone’s inbox, you have to provide
value right off the bat. It’s a long-term relationship, it’s a marathon it’s not a sprint. People need to see your from
name and your subject line and say, ah that’s an email
that I want to click on. Someone gets an email and
they are not expecting it, it’s gonna be jarring and
they’ll probably ignore it. – I don’t like these things together, that’s spam on my emails,
get rid of the spam. – Spam does not work. The last thing that you want
to do is to have the idea that you can send
outbound emails to people where they did not opt-in and actually get some sort of a response. Your effort is so better spent
creating original content that gets to people, look at
this guy, look at that guy. – Yeah. – Your effort is so better
spent creating original content that gets sent to your
high-value prospects. You’re sitting on some email list of 1,000 or 10,000 people and you’re saying, hey I should just send an
outbound blast to all these people with a video or some sort of an asset. Let’s think about this for a second, instead of sending 10,000
strangers an email, figure out a top 100 that are
high value and focus on them. Create super personalized messages, understand what their
specific businesses are about and create a personalized
message just for them. – Let’s do it man, personalized message. – That’s right, personalized message. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of tools that can kind of emulate
the idea of personalization but people can see right through them. Putting some text on an image or some sort of a personalized text, it’s only gonna get you so far. If you really want to have
that level of personalization, you need for these people to know that you researched their business, understand what their
specific pain points are and have a viable solution to offer them. There’s no shortcuts here. When you send emails that are non opt-in, you’re risking your entire business. You’re risking your domain name, you’re risking your reputation, you’re risking your email address. There are so many things on the line. Let’s be in this for the long term, let’s create branding with longevity. Let’s build our reputations,
let’s build our brands up and let’s provide high value content that people cannot wait to receive. Target between a 20 to
40% email open rate. Remember that a lot of those opens aren’t actually real opens, they’re people just
swiping on their phones and just randomly and mistakenly
opening up your email. That doesn’t mean that they want to actually see what
you have in your email. The clicks are your real engagement, well unless of course
they’re the unsubscribes but even the unsubscribes are valuables. That allows you to save
time and not email people that are not interested in your comments. If you don’t have an
unsubscribe link in your email, they’re gonna mark your email as spam. I’ve seen businesses
change their domain names because they lost their domain reputation. Let’s avoid that by doing best practices for email marketing. So the ultimate question, how to get people to click on your emails. It’s all about the value and
it’s all about the curiosity. If you have something
valuable in your email that people want to watch,
that’s gonna provide value and maybe teach them or maybe
entertain them or maybe both, you’re gonna see a dramatic
increase to your clicks. Video works really well for that. People are always curious to
see what that video is about and if they see an
animated thumbnail graphic, that curiosity skyrockets. Sending emails that are not opt-in and spamming in nature does not save time, it actually takes a ton more time. You end up having to spend
so much of your time trying to go back and fix and correct issues like to change your emails
and to change your domain and figure out a completely
different strategy. You’re not stressed how important it is to spend the time researching your real high-value prospects. That is where you’ll
see the most conversion. You guys like spam emails. – Spam, no I hate them. – I pledge of allegiance to the flag and promise not to spam. Please subscribe and
meanwhile like and comment. (light music) – Skate crew that was just going
around asking skateboarders to do a kickflip and of course
I could not do a kickflip but we did get some free
here from them so anyways.


  1. May I please ask…how do I setup notifications to where the first time the recipient views the video message, I receive a notification, BUT not every single time afterward they visit the email or video message? Only 1 notification, not several? Thank you.

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