Boeing Employees Describe 737 Max As ‘Designed By Clowns’ In Emails | NBC Nightly News

Boeing Employees Describe 737 Max As ‘Designed By Clowns’ In Emails | NBC Nightly News


  1. Rep. John Ratcliffe: Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Said Obama DOJ Ordered FBI Not To Charge Hillary Clinton; No Russia Collusion
    March 13, 2019 at 3:15 pm
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    WASHINGTON DC (CBSDFW.COM) – United States Representative John Ratcliffe (R-TX) tweeted late Tuesday that, according to former Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer Lisa Page, President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice was influencing the FBI’s investigation into the Hillary Clinton classified email investigation.

    “Lisa Page confirmed to me under oath that the FBI was ordered by the Obama DOJ not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information,” Ratcliffe tweeted.

  2. This is the stupidest assertion I've ever heard. the Boeing 737 has an utterly stellar record except for the handful of things that have happened to it up right up here at the end. There's nothing here that can't be addressed. Just another irresponsible article from the leftist brownshirt liberal Nazi media. There should be also be a comment about the concept of planes that fly themselves as opposed to pilots who actually fly airplanes and should.

  3. Why did the simulator operator think that the plane sucked ? Did they have an issue with mcas or was it something else?

  4. Max equals death I bet they new all long and ffa rubber stamps it would you trust them with you life at 30000 feet I guess we will rubber stamp it again time to have Boeing completely overhauled ffa needs to be overhauled if you just rubber stamp it again

  5. How much bad news centers around this airplane? If the pilots doesn't feel confident to put their own family on it, why is Boeing telling people the plane is safe? We don't trust a word from Boeing.

  6. LOL, it wasn't BECAUSE of the software. They're clowns for trying to fit oversized engines on an oudated airframe and THEN patching a leaky boat.

  7. Incompetence, greed, stupidity, immorality, welcome to corporate America. A long time ago companies used to be in business to deliver a product or service to the public at a decent price and the reward was financial success. Now these **** companies are in business to make money period, so because their only motive is to make money, they will do anything, ethical or unethical, moral or immoral, to achieve that end.

  8. The 737 was designed by the Greatest Generation around 1960. It was iconic plane until millenials generation come and screwed it beyond repair. Cost saving managers forced engineers to put square bolts into the round holes, then diversity matters FAA certification agency put the green lights on it without having a clue what changes were done. Disaster guaranteed. I hope 737 MAX will NEVER fly again as a reminder for the industry, that greedy behavior, cutting corners , shoddy manufacturing and bypassing security procedures will not be tolerated.

  9. Boeing would have stopped with the 737NG models, that aircraft is a 60's era design, putting massive engines on it and limiting pilot authority was just a bad thing to do.

  10. Its funny how well trained pilots from U
    S and European area's knew/know how to reset the system. Yet some other under trained pilots who like to go to 10,000 ft then push a button had issues. Its sad airlines under pay/and minimise training for pilots. My buddy left flying due to the scary stuff. They forget to tell you. A american pilot was on 1 of the 737 planes going into a nose dive.He was a passenger. He ran up 2 cockpit and showed them how 2 reset and saved the whole plane and lives. Airlines NEED MORE TRAINED BETTER PAID PILOTS. AND 37 should be fixed and will be 1 of the safest ever planes to fly. ITs a problem for sure. Needs to be fixed.. BUT.. Airlines need to quit doing BARE MINIMUM training.

  11. FAA leadership is still out there to this day papering over Boeing's Flying FlusterCluck. He announced the emails do not identify any new problems so no big deal. Boeing management is even worse. Main Street businesses are being destroyed by Wall Street greed. This includes Boeing, Intel, Ford

  12. Boeing execs think that they can do what UPS and Amazon does… push their workers as hard as possible for profits. The only problem here is when my package smashes into the ground 10x before it reaches my house… people don't die in a fiery death.

    I'll never step foot on another Boeing aircraft.

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