Brizy LTDs Explained! The Difference Between AppSumo & Original LTD

Brizy LTDs Explained! The Difference Between AppSumo & Original LTD

What’s up LTD addicts. Brizy is on LTD… wait… Brizy has been on LTD since it was released like two years ago. So why is it on AppSumo? In this video I’m going to explain to you the difference between the LTD on the Brizy website and the LTD on the AppSumo website, so you can decide which deal is best for you, if any. Stay tuned. [Music] Alright let’s start at the beginning, What the heck is Brizy? Brizy is a full-featured web page builder that helps you develop great-looking sites from scratch without writing any code. Now if you’re like me, you’ve heard of Brizy before, way back in 2017 it was first released. There are two versions at that point in time. Anyway there’s regular Brizy and Brizy Pro. Brizy was a free wordpress plugin and it was on the WordPress repository. In fact it still is. You can go there download it if you’re a WordPress user and try it out. The pro version adds the obligatory pro features such as pop-ups or more advanced integrations with third-party tools and you could also do kind of a theme builder type of thing, where you can create your own header or footer using the page builder. Now all of this requires WordPress, which means you need to know like a little bit about WordPress and you need to have a web host. Now back when Brizy was first introduced, there was an LTD available. In fact, it’s still available today. It allows you the Brizy Pro LTD allows you to install Brizy Pro on unlimited WordPress websites. So for the rest of this video, let’s refer to that original LTD as the Brizy Pro LTD. Then in April of this year Brizy introduced Brizy Cloud and everything changed. So Brizy Cloud brought the Brizy functionality the page builder to the web without the need for a WordPress back-end. Now this is huge, I mean if you just think about that not having to deal with WordPress is really appealing to a lot of people. So this positions Brizy as a page builder. That’s more like something like Unbounce and then recently they’ve added in full site building capability working at multiple page websites. So now it’s starting to look a little bit more like a web flow type of application. So it’s not just another WordPress plug-in when you think of Brizy cloud in that respect. As a consolation to early adopters, the Brizy team added two years of Brizy Cloud to the LTD buyers’ accounts. Now understandably they didn’t give you unlimited Brizy cloud hosted websites, cause that’s a surefire way to go brain corrupt. Now flash-forward six months and enter the AppSumo Brizy LTD. The LTD you see on AppSumo for Brizy features Brizy Cloud front and center. So let’s refer to the AppSumo deal as the Brizy Cloud LTD. Now each code you get from AppSumo gives you unlimited Brizy cloud websites but here’s the caveat. You’ll only be able to host three domains per code. Now you might be asking, yourself what good is unlimited websites if I can only host three domains? Well, one of the best features of Brizy Cloud is that it can be used to generate static websites that use HTML and CSS. This means you can export your site from Brizy Cloud and deploy it onto something like Amazon AWS and it’s gonna cost you literally pennies a month. Now more good news with the Brizy Cloud LTD that’s the AppSumo one – you also get unlimited subdomains, sub accounts and team members. So this deal really seems like it’s picture perfect for agencies who are running paid traffic for clients and they need to control the landing page experience. But the deal is not cut and dry. There are many more things to think about, so we’re about to get a little hairy here. You really need to think about your situation to figure out what exactly is best for you. Now if you buy the Brizy Pro LTD, that’s the one direct from Brizy, features WordPress, you’ll also get all of the Brizy cloud features for life. Only hosted custom domains will be limited, so you can still build static sites and export them. You just won’t be able to host them beyond the two year complimentary plan that they give you. Now if we switch back to the AppSumo deal for a second, the one thing I haven’t mentioned and this is where it’s gonna get a little hairy, is that you also get one installation of the WordPress plug-in with each AppSumo code. So really, the Brizy Pro LTD gives you unlimited WordPress with just a little – a little sprinkling of Brizy cloud and the AppSumo deal the Brizy cloud LTD gets you three hosted Brizy cloud websites per code. Then you get a little bonus – you’ll get a WordPress license for each code. It’s important to understand here that the hosting you’re getting on Brizy cloud is not WordPress. You cannot use that license on Brizy Cloud – it would have to be a standalone host. So I don’t want to confuse you any further but you could think of this as a little different angle if you’d like. The AppSumo LTD gives you that single license for a WordPress plugin for just 49 bucks. Now previously if you wanted an LTD on the WordPress plug-in, it was spent 300 dollars, get unlimited, or there were no other options. Now you can get a single site LTD for just 49 bucks and hey if you don’t need it you get the Brizy Cloud as a little bit of a bonus but you don’t have to use it. So there are a lot of options here and basically it’s a win for all of us because Brizy is definitely worth it. It’s a great page builder, it’s my second favorite page builder right behind Elementor. Now Elementor has never had an LTD and it’s never going to have an LTD, so there is that. Let’s continue this discussion over in the Facebook group, I’ll put the link in the description for that. I’ll also link up to the AppSumo LTD as well as the Brizy Pro Ltd and when you use the links that I put in the description that helps support the channel. Those are referral links but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. So which LTD is right for you? Are you more confused or more clear on this deal after watching this video, let me know in the comments. I’ll help straighten you out. I’ll see you in the next video


  1. Great video and breakdown! I have been a Pro Lifetime user and love Brizy so much! Building websites for my clients with Brizy has saved tons of time. 😬😬

  2. This is an amazing deal, I saw it last night, brought it straight away, I don't understand the deal 100% tho, I'm happy to get the one wp plugin then wait until black Friday and get the lifetime licence of the main website. If you can make a tutorial on how to use cloud hosting, that would be fantastic.

    Thank for this video, great content as always.

  3. Ok I'll be honest, I'm still freaking confused. I was really looking forward to a video like this to help explain things. I think what I need to know is if I'm using WP and purchase the Brizy Appsumo ltd, can I create landing pages and websites on the Brizy Cloud and then Transfer them over to WP if I activate the Brizy WP Plugin on my WP network?

  4. I'm pretty sure I'll be investing in Elementor from now on. It's clear as to Brizy but unless you have some solution for e-commerce the cloud itself isn't worth it. You could get a good deal on Thrive or any sales focused page builder? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Regards

    If I add a custom domain example can I create unlimited subdomains?


    page … (unlimited)

    Thank you

  6. Hey Dave. Thanks for the wonderfully honest review. Much appreciation to say the least. I'm probably like you who is heavily invested in the Elementor ecosystem. I have addons stacked upon addons with the Elementor page builder and I spend thousands in licensing fees, training and making sure my skillset is up to par with anything Elementor.

    With Brizy do you think its worth trying out and seeing if there is a future with it? I probably would try it out as a stand alone landing page deal but I also have Thrive Architect package which I hardly use at all.

    So Im stuck with whether it will fit with what I do. I do like the simplicity of Brizy. But Elementor is also just as easy for me as well and I can crank out a website fairly quickly.

    Your thoughts please.

  7. Glad to see u already talking about Brizy, this is one i was definitely considering…

    Couple questions though— I'm not clear on why you'd use this over Elementor? Unless it's just that much more of a breeeze to use 😀

    Are site build w/ Brizy going to load more quickly than those build w/ Elementor? or are the differences going to be pretty negligible?

    Also, at the moment I don't believe Brizy has any blog functionality, is that correct?

  8. Nice video. I've only just learned about Brizy 7 hours ago and I completely understand both ltds on offer. I don't get why people are so confused about this!
    Anyway, having done my research, I bought the cloud ltd as quite frankly WordPress is just… Well… meh. 🙄
    I'm so pleased to have found this deal 🤝 It's a no brainer at $49.

  9. Ah ah still not clear: Brizy Cloud LTD 49$ = 3 websites on cloud LTD + 1 WP website not hosted LTD ?
    Brizy WP LTD 299$ = unlimited WP websites not hosted LTD + unlimited websites hosted only 2 years ?

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