Build Your Email List with YouTube Videos

Build Your Email List with YouTube Videos

– You are a business owner and you launched your YouTube
channel to grow your business. One of the best ways to grow your business is to grow your email list. So how exactly can you grow
your email list here on YouTube? In this video, I’m gonna
walk you through step by step how exactly you can get
your viewers’ emails. – Hi, my name is Trena
and on this channel, I help creative entrepreneurs
just like you get on YouTube so you can grow your business. As a business owner, we
know it’s so important to collect emails because we don’t own the
platforms that we are on. We don’t own our
subscribers here on YouTube or our followers on Instagram. It’s really important for us
to have our own email list that we can reach out to our
audience any time we need to. So how exactly do you get people who are watching you right
now into an email list? There’s a couple different strategies I suggest using here on YouTube. The first strategy that
I have is to ask them. So at the end of a video or
in the middle of a video, tell them you have this free
opt-in or this newsletter. It’s actually better if
you have something free to give to them so they
don’t just feel like they’re handing over their
email list for nothing. Whether it’s a checklist or a workbook, you can blatantly ask them on YouTube and tell them to click the link
down in the description box to get the free opt-in but here’s something you
need to be careful of. You do not want to be
sending people off of YouTube to your email list signup every video. YouTube promotes videos and channels that keep people on the platform. So what I suggest doing
is promote your opt-in in its own single video. So for me, I have an opt-in called the YouTube Launch Roadmap. I would create an entire video walking through the steps of
the YouTube Launch Roadmap not going into detail like my opt-in does but overview it and say
if you wanna grab this and get the exercises,
pop over to this link, whatever the link is gonna
be, trenalittle/roadmap, and grab the roadmap for yourself. The reason why this is good
is because it’s only one video pushing people off of YouTube. It’s not video after video after video. One way to also get people over there is if you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, you can add a clickable link right up here that sends people right to your website. Now, you’ve got to reach that amount first for YouTube to allow you to
connect an associated website. Until then, you can use a link
down in the description box. Now, when you do send people
off of YouTube to sign up, you’ve got to have some type
of landing page or website where you can collect these emails. Some of the top email
systems in the industry are MailChimp and ConvertKit, AWeber. There’s quite a lot of options out there. MailChimp is the free
version that you can test out but you’ve got to have
some kind of email system to actually collect those emails. Another free option would also
be to have a Typeform account or a Google Sheets doc where people put their emails in there but it’s important also
that you’re not sharing other people’s email addresses. I personally use a
combination of lead pages which is the actual page people land on when they go to my opt-in. I’m able to put some text in there to convince them to sign up,
to tell them why it’s important and then they put their email in there and then they’re put into my email system which is ConvertKit. Strategy number two is
basically having a soft sell in every video whether you mention it and you don’t tell them
directly to go there or once you have that clickable link, you’re able to add that
associated website. Just adding the card to pop up up there without mentioning it or putting it in the link
in your description box for every single video. This way, the people
that are really engaged and want to continue learning from you, they’ll see that link
and they’ll go over there but you’re not hard selling it. You’re not constantly pushing
people off the platform for that opt-in. Now, one thing that I do wanna mention that if you are pushing
people to your email list and you wanna see it
work for your business, you have got to have some
type of welcome sequence so that people can start
to get to know you. I personally have a four
email welcome sequence where I basically warm that person up. They may not know who I am so I don’t just wanna pop in their box and say buy my stuff or hire me. I wanna warm them up, give
’em some more free stuff, reference them to some YouTube
videos that you’ve done so they keep watching more videos again. I would love to know how you’re currently growing your email list. Are you using Facebook or
Pinterest or Instagram? Let’s chat email growth
strategies in the comments below and if you wanna continue to learn how to use YouTube to grow your business, make sure you watch the video that’s on your screen right now and don’t forget to subscribe
for weekly tips, tricks and strategies on how to use
YouTube to grow your business. Thank you for watching, bye.


  1. Great tips Trina! For my 1st blog, I've been using Facebook and Pinterest to grow my email list. For my new blog, I'll probably do the same. Since I'll be doing more YouTube videos for my second blog, I'll be using YouTube as a platform to grow my new email list as well.

  2. Thanks again Trena! I know this is something I need to work on because if any of these platforms disappear everything WILL go with it 😩

  3. Hay I really like your channel and I see your all videos and I subscribed to your channel so please subscribe to my channel please and see my all videos please ok

  4. The cash is in the list! This will blow my mind man. Thanks you for the powerful content. Pretty awesome stuff. Thanks again for the worthiness you share. I'll see you at the very top!

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