#businessideas | Forest at Home | Sandeep Maheshwari Initiative – Powered by Sahil Khanna

#businessideas | Forest at Home | Sandeep Maheshwari Initiative – Powered by Sahil Khanna

Hello friends(dosto), My name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies. Some days ago, Sandeep Maheshwari Ji Started a new series Called #Businessideas Where he is taking ideas from different startup From all over india and he is trying to solve all the loopholes in them. How they should utilise their fundings About the faults in their business models. So i want to share one thing Which is marketing. Because i think i am good in digital marketing. So i will make videos on these ideas every week. A Digital Marketing Video What Digital Marketing steps they should. and you can learn from those ideas too. First of all if i talk about Google Adwords What does it mean Google ads means whenever i search something on google. I see some ads on the top . For those ads, we need to pay per click If you click on that ad, i need to pay as a marketer. So cost of one click. It is around rs. 3.30 On average almost. You can see keywords too. Which i recommend you should target. Keywords they can target. So lump sum it will him 60rs in selling one product. Marketing cost>If i am using google adwords. Let find their costing. I researched somethings. So i know rough value of product. Let’s say average pot price is 500rs. 500 rupees. In these 500 rupees. Cost of that plant is 50rs. Let’s say with fertiliser also. If i take from some dealer. Pot cost is around 80rs. It’s a wholesale price. It should be of good quality because i’ll sell it at 500rs. I am not selling a cheap product. Let’s talk about logistics. Let’s say we are taking normal rickshaw. I am familiar with the cost of these . As i deal in chemicals. Let’s say one rickshaw can carry 8 pots and He’ll take 160rs from you. Let’s assume, so per unit cost is 20rs. so 150rs is my expenses. Selling price is 500rs. Profit=350rs. Here 350rs is not profit. We assume the profit roughly that 350rs is Profit. Let’s talk about some more details. Assume 10,000 is our Operating Cost. Operating Cost includes office, electricity, Some logistics charges. I am considering 10,000 as Operating Cost per month. Which is more than sufficient. Now for marketing i’ll suggest. I am suggesting Google Ads. Because i personally think that if you run ads on google. Person will open your website. But he won’t buy your product because consumer doesn’t trust you at this stage. If you are buying any product online. It may cost you more money on amazon , flipkart. But you trust amazon , flipkart. You won’t buy from some new sites. I think So i won’t recommend Google ads for him (Forest at home) I would suggest Content Marketing. I saw their video They’ve surplus knowledge which plant should be placed where. its importance , everything. Why not create a content marketing campaign? Where we can aware them about different plants and its importance. When you should install a plant at your home. In depth knowledge of it. A short video of it. There are many online free tools where you can easily make different sildeshow video. That person ‘s voice was fine, he was able to communicate properly. He can put his voice too. Or you can hire someone for this too. I am assuming that all the content we’ll create It’ll cost us around 15000/ per month. Including everything. If we are employing an editor for this So 15000/- will be our content generation cost. Here i am not recommending blogging. But at the initial stage i won’t recommend. I’ll suggest videos because people prefer videos. Now let’s talk about marketing cost. We uploaded the content on the facebook. In starting you need to run ads. I’ll show on the left side of this video , which ad you should go for. What other details you neeed to fill Short tutorial is going side by side.you can take rough idea from that. Information about all the details. So 10,000 can be our ad budget. So 10,000 is fine not more or less, it’ll be more than enough in the initial stage. Lump sum let’s assume will convert 100 people. Only 100 people. It’ll cost you around 40paise. for video ads. On average, cost per person=40 paise. Let’s say we are targeting 5000 people Assume 5000 And out of those 5000 people, only 100 will be converted. Because our content is not that good. I am assuming 100 only. It should be more than 100 people. But for testing, assume 100 conversion. Let’s talk about profitablity. Our profit was 350 rs. 350*100=rs 35000. Profit=35000 Means in one month our profit is 35000 Means we can reach break even in just one month. If we’ve less conversion rate. I am assuming that viewers only watches our video, doesn’t share Doesn’t recommend. And facebook doesn’t recommend our video either . And Organic reaches are almost 0. What we can do here? We can add Call to Action Button in the Ad. Like Call at this number for the sample For FREE samples. And make this clear in your website that I am targeting this location only. Like if their target is Gurgaon. Make this clear in their website. and target that specific sector only. In Facebook ads campaign, there’s option for location. That ad will seen to that specific location only. So we are spending money only on people (targeted location) Eg- who loves in gurgaon(gurugram) And those who are sharing ( giving us organic traffic) Slowly we’ll get to know the second location where we can target. Now we’ve captured Gurgoan Now from analytics, we targeted rohini too. or from pitampura. What did we do, we installed our outlet their too. We mentioned that in our website too delivery locations: Gurugram, Rohini It’ll be a profitable business. Just like Sandeep Maheshwari Ji said “This is a scalable Business” It’ll grow in future. So this was all about this Marketing plan If you don’t know about Google Adwords I recommend some videos so that in the upcoming series You’ll able to understand. One is my Google adwords series Where i’ve explained Everything about Google Adwords. One is Youtube Ads Series. When he’ll grow in future He can run Youtube ads also. He can Third is Facbook ads I’ve Series of Facebook ads also. and guess what? ITS FREE! I hope you liked this video. Like share and do share all the people around you Bye Goodnight Goodafternoon Goodmorning whenever you are watching this video. Subscribe Intellectual Indies , Press the bell icon and never miss any update


  1. Hello sir!  I am following all the videos from this series and have been following you from almost an year. I have even tried and tested  some of your tips in my offline mattress business and have taken it to next level by starting my own channel and  making my own set of videos.😁😁 it has really helped me a lot thank you sir for your constant support and guidance 🙏❤️

  2. Mene y course kia tha digital marketing it's very bad bhot bekar course h digital marketing 😢😔
    Kisi k kehne p kuch na kre
    Jisme interested ho vahi kre

  3. This is fucking analysis…smile jumping by maheshwari or bindra can't overshadow it..ur a true engineer

  4. Your video is for novice, request to you half knowledge is very harmful and you are spreading half knowledge, you say research so many times but I guess there is hardly any research, that’s what your content says. And kindly use correct maths. 40 paise multiply by 10,000 is 25,000 and not 5000.

    Proof you are not good at digital marketing. See the number of views and visits to your own website. You cant promote yourself, only good thing is simple and day to day language but kindly do some actual research

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