CartFlows LTD — The WordPress ClickFunnels Alternative

CartFlows LTD — The WordPress ClickFunnels Alternative

What’s up LTD addicts, if you’re a WordPress user that’s looking to add the power of ClickFunnels to your website without having to actually use ClickFunnels, well then this video’s for you. Stay tuned. [Music] Happy Halloween YouTube. Now you might be wondering why I’m dressed as everyone’s favorite WordPress teacher and of course that’s because today I’m gonna be reviewing CartFlows, the WooCommerce add-on that allows you to add ClickFunnels- like functionality to your website and by that I mean you’ll be able to easily create dedicated sales pages for a single WooCommerce product, add a bump offer and a series of upsells or downsells. Now in this video I’m going to show you the main features of CartFlows and then I’ll talk about the pros and cons of using it over something like CartFlows but before we get into it Dave why are you trying to look like Adam now in case you aren’t aware Adam from WP crafter is the founder of cart flows am i making fun of Adam heck no he was a huge inspiration for me in starting this channel as he was literally the first person who ever commented on one of my youtube videos so that aside let’s get into it CartFlows is currently offering a very nice 20 percent discount for life you can see here it is down 20 percent from $2.99 a year to 239 a year and wait there’s more there is even a real-life Ltd where you can get CartFlows on 30 domains for a one-time fee of $7.99 or you can also do it in split payments they offer very generous split payments of one hundred and thirty nine dollars a month for six months and then after that no further payments you’ll have CartFlows for life now keep in mind that these deals are ending soon and I mean very soon so hopefully you hop on this if this video is helpful to you I’ll put the links down below alright let’s get into it now rather than just starting by going through a list of features I want you to think a little bit about the psychology behind a product like CartFlows now every salesperson knows that once you get your prospect to open up their wallet get them to start saying yes it’s much easier to get them to say yes a second time so think about it this way imagine you’re mulling over purchasing a new car you go to the dealership you drive the car and finally you decide you’re going to do it you’re gonna pull the trigger now of course the salesperson is overjoyed because if you’re going to some of that sweet sweet Commission but did they stop there do they just hand you the keys and you know do the paperwork no of course not now it’s time to talk about options do you want to let their interior heated seats now I’m in Minnesota it gets pretty darn cold here it’s not very hard to sell someone heated seats in Minnesota how about an upgraded sound system a sunroof what about weatherproof floor mats you gotta get the weatherproof floor mats you don’t want to destroy your brand-new car you get the point this is the perfect example of a series of upsells in down cells in a sales funnel now I didn’t come to a dealership to buy floor mats and if I was tried to be sold floor mats right away they would probably lose every one of those sales but once they make the sale of the primary item it’s much easier to get them to agree to purchase something else now enough hypotheticals let me give you a concrete example last year I was working with a client named Danny Volant now Danny had a regular old WooCommerce website when I met her she sold several items on that store including ebooks and she also had any membership to her video library she even sold gift certificates no Danny didn’t really want a whole lot more eBook sales she wanted more memberships because then you get that sweet recurring revenue so I took her existing WooCommerce site and I added CartFlows on top of it we built a custom landing page using direct response copywriting now the goal of the landing page was of course to sell the membership now once people click through to the checkout page they saw a bump offer which gave them a one-time discount where they could get several of Danny’s ebooks bundled together I had a one-time price and after they purchased that then they were given another series of options to add an additional ebook and if they purchased that they would also be given the option to double their membership by buying an extra year’s worth in the form of a gift certificate now they could either use that to gift certificate themselves or they could give it to a friend so they could enjoy that membership together now the results were a Sun mashing success within two weeks her average cart price went from just forty nine dollars and seventy cents to ninety three dollars and seventy five cents and that continued for very long so this literally increased the revenue generated from each customer by almost 2x so if you think about that you can acquire a lot more customers you can afford paid traffic to acquire more customers there’s a lot of possibilities if you’re making almost twice as much money for each customer so these CartFlows this golden goose that’s going to make you filthy rich well absolutely not at least not a blanket statement now CartFlows and sales funnels really are not for everyone so how do you know if it’s for you this is a really simple test sales funnels makes sense if you have a few items on your site that are driving the bulk of your sales so you’d want to look at your analytics a lot of companies will have three to five products that are doing about 80 percent of their sales in those situations it makes a lot of sense to break away from the standard ecommerce grid of items and create a sales funnel for those particular items that’ll include a dedicated sales page for that item and then you can think about the other items that might go along with it think about what will help your customers get more of the results they want how can they get results faster easier what will aid them in getting their results with Danny it was cookbooks that benefited their video membership so if you’re selling bicycles maybe you’d want to include a helmet or a bottled water holder on the bike something like that if you’re selling supplements this is the famous russell brunson example you might want to sell more of the same thing because that’s what people want they want to you know the supplements that help them feel healthier nothing wrong with selling them two bottles if they were gonna buy one and if they’re gonna buy two they might as well buy five there really are no rules here it’s just your job as a marketer to figure out what will help your customer the most the key to successful upsells and councils is to reduce friction once I take my wallet out and go through the checkout I don’t want to have to do it all over again you want your customers to be able to increase their order value with a single click now before CartFlows you basically had to use click funnels to get this functionality click funnels gets a little bit of a bad rep because they have this army of thirsty affiliates promising you the Sun the moon and the stars but at its core click funnels feature set is based on some sound marketing principles now they’re technic implementation however leaves a little bit to be desired from my experience with the ClickFunnels platform so that’s why whenever I’m starting off fresh you know a client that doesn’t already have an existing set up I’m gonna choose WordPress as my platform and with cart flows I can easily add the click funnel marketing strategies to my work commerce site and stay away from click funnels altogether now I keep talking about click funnels but of course there are other options out there and this is that Ltd life so I have to mention one of the longest-running Ltd’s of all time thrive guard right guard is a fantastic solution for people who aren’t already using WordPress now thrive card has several perks over card flows and the first one is that in addition to the bump offers and upsell features is a really nice affiliate platform that’s included with no extra fees additionally it has subscriptions and split payments built in with CartFlows you really want to think of it as a WooCommerce add-on you’re still gonna need to bring your subscription plug-in or your split pay plugin or your affiliate platform all to the WordPress party now that said because it’s WordPress it can also be a benefit because you can choose the tool that’s just perfect for your needs and budget so my opinion it’s good to have options now setting up a funnel and car flows is easy let’s get into the software a little bit here now cart flows calls funnels flows but really they’re just talking about funnels and they’re trying to distinguish themselves from click funnels so to get started you’ll need to have WooCommerce already installed with at least one product set up now if you want to create a sales funnel you’re gonna need a bump offer in several upsells so you’ll need about three to four products minimum so in this case I’ve got a demo site set up with some apparel I want to build out a funnel to sell this blazer now I’ll add a second coat as the bump offer and then after that I’ll add some shoes as an upsell all right let’s build out this flow now keep in mind that CartFlows works best when you’re using a page builder I recommend Elementor and that’s what I’m using in this video to get started click on cart flows and then flows then you’ll want to hit add new and you’ll see a list of templates that car flows comes with choose one of the pre-built templates or start from scratch by clicking on create your own in this case I’m going to choose the the product by clicking on the blue import button it’ll start to download the assets to your website and it might just take a second so go grab a cold beer or something like that now once the template is imported you can see that it’s added five steps to this website these are basically pages this is the funnel the landing page the checkout page the upsell page the down sell page and the thank-you page now I don’t have to include all of these pages in this case I don’t have a down cell setup in mind so I’m just gonna hit the trash button to remove this I’ll get a prompt to confirm and then it’s out of my funnel now you might notice that the checkout page and the upsell page have this no product assigned tag and a red bar along the side that’s an error indicator letting me know that I have some work to do before I can launch my funnel so let’s fix this error by setting up some products starting with the checkout page I’ll click Edit and a sign up product by typing in the word a blazer under select products if you already have thousands of products on your page and it’s hard for you to find just by the title alone you can always use the WooCommerce product number here now you may want to have a discount code apply automatically when someone visits your funnel and setting that up is easy with CartFlows you’ll create the coupon under WooCommerce go under WooCommerce this menu item and choose coupon you can see I already have a 15% off coupon setup let’s go ahead and setup a new one I’ll hit add coupon and under discount type you can add a fixed cart discount a fixed percent discount or a fixed product discount for funnels I like the fixed product discount and I want to make sure that people can only use this coupon with the Blazer so let’s go under usage restrictions and under products I’ll type in that same product we chose inside of CartFlows now before I close out this coupon menu I need to give the coupon a name so that people can actually use it I’ll call this one a blazer – discount back over in CartFlows I’ll edit my checkout page and add the coupon code I just created to be sure that whenever someone visits my funnel they’ll get a good deal now I want to set up a bump offer so people can add an additional jacket before they complete their purchase in the side menu I’ll click order bump I’ll enable dat bump offer and choose the style now CartFlows doesn’t give you a preview of what the order bump will look like so we’re flying a little bit blind here until we open a page and take a look which we’ll do in this second felt for now I’ll type in jacket to find that product I want to use as a bump offer and I can position the bump offer in several locations on the page again we’ll probably want to see the preview to see exactly how this looks but by default it shows up after a payment is selected but I’m gonna move it to after order next I’ll choose the product image I want to add a discount to my bump offer so people have some incentive to buy I’ll add a 25% off discount I’ll update the sales copy to indicate the savings and then there’s some options to change the color and style of the bump offer you can even turn on an arrow and heck you can even make it blink next to the bump how very ClickFunnels of them so let’s go ahead and see what this looks like on the checkout page looks pretty great now remember this is a template for a beauty product so I’m going to need to update it to fit with my men’s apparel it’s nothing at all related to men’s apparel right now here’s the billing info and the bump offer it looks great and you’ll be surprised how many people can’t say no when they have a chance to get an extra discount so I highly recommend including a bump offer in your funnels now luckily we can edit this entire page in Elementor just click the edit with Elementor button and you can remove images or change the background this case maybe we want to make it a little bit more macho you can see the rest of the page looks optimized for conversion we even have a nice badge to show that the order is secure now I know that might sound silly it’s just an image but trust me that stuff matters when it comes to conversion rates so before we add the product to the upsell page let’s just take a step back here and take a look at the landing page that came with a template you can see that this is optimized again to sell that same beauty product but it’s really nicely done and it has a place for features benefits testimonials and a nicely designed call to action best of all the page was designed with Elementor so with a single click you can edit every element on the page from images to copy now I definitely have some work to do to get this page ready to sell Blazers but thanks to the template I don’t have to worry about the site structure so much so heading back to the live page here for a moment I just want to connect some dots for you you can see that when you click the button at the bottom of the page to make a purchase that links us over to the checkout page that we’ve been working on earlier in this video so the landing page is step one of the funnel and the checkout page is step two now let’s edit step three by updating upsell to make an offer for some matching shoes now just like in the checkout page we’ll select a product we want and apply a discount in this case once again I’ll choose a 25% off discount now that’s all the steps I want in this funnel but the fun doesn’t have to end their CartFlows Pro has conditional logic that lets you set up a series of upsells and down cells so for example if someone buys the shoes maybe I could offer them some slacks that would be considered a second upsell but if they pass on the shoes rather than offering them slacks maybe I can offer them a different style of shoes that might be more appropriate to their style that would be considered a down sell now let’s look at what this page looks like remember this would appear after they complete their order and with a single click they can add an additional item to their order they don’t have to take out their credit card again this keeps friction at a minimum which is critical this page is fully customizable using a page builder just like Alimentarius we’ve seen through the rest of the funnel now I should mention that cart flows also supports Divi and thrive architect if those page builders are more your cup of tea really it is as simple as that after an import of a CartFlows template you change the products update the templates pages and you’re ready to go because car flows is really a WooCommerce add-on now they’re not gonna tell you that but that’s how it works best if you think of it that way it will work with any plug-in and payment provider that works with WooCommerce WooCommerce on its own is a fantastic ecommerce solution that provides a ton of value for free and when you add in CartFlows Pro to the WooCommerce environment you can accomplish anything you see those marketers doing with click funnels and my favorite part is that you can customize it with the vast array of tools that are already available for WordPress there’s no waiting for click funnels to support your desired third-party tool trust me you could wait a very long time so once again the downside of choosing cart flows over something like thrive cart is that you have to pay a premium price to keep top tier affiliate plugins or subscription plugins running but if you have a good product and a good offer chances are CartFlows is probably going to make it easy to make that money up and little bit more or a lot more Carlos is a really great product and I’m glad that I was able to lock in the Ltd last year I didn’t think they’d run an Ltd again to be totally honest but you might as well grab it now it could be your last chance now I’m going to give cart floes a very decent score of nine point six out of ten this is one of my favourite products and I’m happy to recommend it to you guys that’s all for this video I’ll put the link for the car flows Ltd’s as well as the annual deal down in the description if you liked the video make sure you hit the like button if you’re looking for the best deals and the best tools to grow your business make sure you’re subscribed we have a ton of great videos coming out join me over the Facebook group and I’ll see you in the next review


  1. I literally just started watching and had to pause it at the 1-second mark so I could take the appropriate time to roll on the floor while laughing. Alright, back to the video.

  2. Is the LTD for 1 site or more? If so whats the limit if any? I don't see that on the check out page, just says "CartFlows – Pro – Lifetime $799.00 Lifetime". At $800 you'd think that would be clear! BTW, thanks for the videos!

  3. Hi,
    I wasn’t able to find the 799 dollar ltd.The second thing is the checkout shows the recurring price as 299 usd. Is the ltd on a external site?

  4. Dude, you in Minnesota? I'm in MN! I'm driving to WordCamp US right now. I'll probably get to meet Adam. He an inspiration to me too. I'm meeting with WP heavy hitters too.

  5. Love you guys this is hilarious. I'm sure he'll get a laugh. I'm open to supporting the deal and purchasing through your link. Hoping to find out more about the cost for affiliate and subscription plugins. I want to know when I'm getting into before I drop the $800. Can you tell me what the cost or pass along a link I can check out?

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