ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 2019 NEW! | Best Affiliate Marketing Training

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review 2019 NEW! | Best Affiliate Marketing Training

okay what’s up guys this is Ben Arkell
passive on this channel we talk about all things affiliate
marketing to help you build your affiliate marketing Empire so I just got
my new ring light so the lighting should be a little better let me know if that
makes a difference okay so first thing I have to do if you
would please subscribe to this channel and click the little board that way
you’ll be notified in YouTube anytime I release a video like I actually just got
my kids to bet I have two other kids that are at some camp for the day but
other four kids are now in bed I’m married have six kids my wife is
upstairs she’s actually right now watching some video on her phone waiting
for me to be done with this so we can watch a movie I have a lot of people who
ask her who come into this affiliate marketing world and they’ll say okay I
need to make $1,000 in the next 15 days what do I do and I’m like you need to
get like a job delivering pizzas like you’re not gonna make a thousand bucks
in 15 days doing affiliate marketing starting from scratch okay
that’s not what I’m a failure marketing is for but what I will point them to now
so click funnels affiliate bootcamp it’s a it’s a new-and-improved affiliate
training that they just released it is incredible training what it is it takes
you through they send you a link every day with three or four videos going
through affiliate training and I want to tell you how that happened okay quick
story behind it Russell Brunson of click funnels they had they have 98 dream car
winners mean there’s 98 people in that company who are affiliates who have got
at least 200 people to sign up who get $500 a month towards a car of their
choice okay of those 98 people you know they also make the Commission based on
the users and what plan they’re signed up with so the 500 bucks is just like a
bonus okay he sent an email to those 98 people
because he noticed something with people who do affiliate marketing is they’re
not very successful a lot of 81% of click funnel affiliates
made less than 200 bucks a month and Ross was like look I want affiliate
marketers to be able to retire I want to devise a plan so they can go from
nothing to in a hundred days I want them to be able to have a full time income on
affiliate Commission’s strictly okay how is that possible so we email these
ninety-eight people who done it and said how do we do this like are you willing
to share your secrets are you really serious chickens for this okay will you
share your secrets guess how many people responded back okay guess how many there
was only 15 people who were willing to share the secrets and Russell’s like I
get it you know a lot of these people are doing stuff that is you know very
strategic and they put a lot of hard work into and they want to share it
because you know their intellectual property or whatever but 15 people did
okay that’s what this affiliate bootcamp is is it’s a brand new training and 15
of these people who have achieved affiliate success and have money where
they could retire a lot of them just keep working but they have enough in the
bank that could retire okay people are doing well and they go through
everything they would do from day one all the way to day 100 and it’s in a
book all these top 15 and it it’s the affiliate bootcamp right so when you
sign up for this free training so let’s mention this cave this training is free
okay what you get for the free version is you get the emails with the video
links every day with three or four videos in there of them talking about
you know these I feel that’s what they did now keep in mind with these videos
I’m gonna go through in a few minutes I’ll do a demo okay so you get to see it
all but these videos so they expire after 24 hours okay and so it’s really
hard and you can’t go back and forward it’s like in a webinar version and so
you’re gonna have to watch it and take good notes
that’s the free version and it’s a lot of information I started watching the
first video and I’m like this is so good there’s a couple of huge key concepts
Steven Larson I’ll show you kind of his video in a
second not watching it but so it looks like but he talked about so many people
in the Fillion marketing they worry about who he’s like you don’t need to in
affiliate marketing he’s like with clickfunnels they’ve clearly defined who
there who is and he listed out all these people that click funnels has said these
are our target people target them so we don’t need it was awesome super cool and
then David Gambrell same day his training what was it that I liked about
him he said something yeah he talked about how people are scared to come into
affiliate marketing and you need to like create your own tribe and like start
teaching people there’s a principle of you learn it you implement it and then
you share what you’re learn is called the learn act share and he said a lot of
people are afraid to start sharing after they’ve learned a little bit and taken
some action maybe they get the best results but they learn stuff they’re
afraid to share and he said this is super cool he said look to his second
grader fifth grader was like God
okay is that not true why then what’s the fifth grader you’re like a senior
high school to a senior in high school a fifth graders like little peon right but
if you’re a second grader you see a fifth grader saying okay so with that in
mind you have to realize that whatever step you are in this process you are an
expert to someone with a bootcamp you get I think four days of emails okay
with all of these videos in there Ernest a ton and I’m thinking if the first day
I’m like there’s no way that I can I just have time to watch all this stuff
but the really cool thing is what they’ll do I really wish that something
to what they do is that little upsell when you go I’ll
show you the link you can click the link below to enter the training they will
offer you they’ll say hey they have this training no it’s for affiliate marketing
yes it applies to click funnels but any offer you’re promoting MLM anything like
if you do these steps if you follow these principles you will have success
in any affiliate marketing program ok there’s an upsell as you’ll go through
this funnel and you can sign up as well for the one so there’s the one funnel
way challenge that what that is is that takes everything to the next level ok so
you get this affiliate marketing training and you’re you’re you’re
blazing and then you realize you need a funnel like a funnel with a super
important thing to have because a lot of these people will talk about it and you
get mindset training the first week then they teach you about how to tell a story
ok stories are what sell ok how to create an offer and how do I get that
hook so first you hook somebody tell them a story and give them an offer
Steven Larson is big on offers basically if you’re not selling something it’s
because you’re trying to sell a product if you’re trying to sell an affiliate
product you won’t sell it you need to sell it you have an offer ok don’t sell
the stake sell the sizzle right and it’s that sizzle how to make it sizzle so
this one funnel way challenge is all about first its mindset ok and then he
goes over the hook how to do a story how to create an offer and then it goes over
traffic how to get traffic to your offer ok but they kind of go in reverse order
they talk about the the offer then the story the hook within the traffic okay
now that training guys I’m gonna pop down here hey that training the upsell
which you don’t have to buy but is highly recommended is 100 dollars and
then it’s $15.99 for the Box you get with like a book about what people would
do if they lost other money and all they had was a click funnel account an
internet access and it has like a hundred people in there and
give their 30 what they do in 30 days maybe there’s 100 anyway okay totally
cool but what do you also get is you will get all of the videos of the
bootcamp the philip butte camp they’ll give them all of you so you can watch
them at any time right because as it as it is now for the free version then they
expire after 24 hours and you can’t watch it again ok so you get that super
awesome bonus which is you pay 100 bucks so you get the all fake challenge you
get to go through which is a really intense training one or two hours a day
for like 4 to 5 days a week like a month ok so you really need to commit to that
but getting the access to the replays of the bootcamp but also what you get is
you get the book ok you get the book of these top 15 Philly affiliate top 15
affiliates what they would do over a hundred days to get a full time income
online ok the really cool thing is there’s these 15 mentors they do
differently Spencer Meacham does webinars excuse me
Spencer Meachem does like search and YouTube and then Tyler Clark does
webinars and Steven Larson talked about funnels and Dave Gamble’s more about
building a slow like slowly building a tribe and creating this long-standing
like earnings machine ok so I can’t say enough about the affiliate bootcamp I’m
gonna stop right here what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna jump in and we’re gonna
kind of look through how you log in what you can see you know where some of the
objections are like look this is great now but what if I have no list I have no
following I have no platform that’s ok alright if you want to be successful in
affiliate marketing this is the greatest affiliate marketing training you will
ever get I promise you and guess what it is free ok now if you want to again take
the upsell get all the videos that you can look back on get the
book which I highly highly recommend do it okay guys here’s a secret – okay you
can start to be an affiliate marker if you will take this course and russell
brunson says in order to be a good seller you get to be a good buyer buy
the upsell okay take this course take both of the courses and then you teach
other people and say hey guys you need to take these courses Kay the one funnel
way challenge the reason I’m so passionate about it is I have taken the
course and I was like holy cow I learned more in the one funnel way challenge in
four weeks about business and how to start a business without a market then I
did taking my two-year MBA at a pac-12 school okay okay we’re gonna jump here
real quick and we’re gonna start rolling through to see kind of the inside of the
funnel okay so come with me okay all right guys I want to be really quick
with this demo part if you click on the first link in the description of the
video down below this YouTube video see this is the site come 200 days to turn
your hobby into a full-time career Russell Brunson has this really cool
video talking about his purpose and what he’s trying to do and here you can
register will click the link in a second okay
but again 81 percent of active click funnels affiliates made less than $200
I’m sure most affiliate companies there’s similar statistics and I just
want to show you down here these are the 15 people Steven Larson David Gambrell
Rachel I guess excuse me and again they all have different specialties to you
you’re gonna want to watch all these videos and see who you aligned with best
use the author and creation of publishing is it SEO are you thinking
more like YouTube so awesome or like down here webinars awesome stuff okay so
if you click here to register you just put your email address in k and then
what happens is you will the next little bit you’ll get an email from Russ with
one that’s awesome Russell Brunson and it’s like hey day one is available
here you go watch day one okay you click in here and then what you’ll see is
you’ll see the video for Steven and you just hit play you hit the plan it goes
on I’m not even sure how long it is I watched I’ve watched Steven so
intensively that I I know what he says I watched the first 20 minutes and there
was still a lot left k and then there’s Dave and then Rachel okay this is day
one now again this expires after one day then this was day two you got Greg
Jeffries got Jake Harris dinner Derek’s Jim Edwards okay and then day three
after you click to get full access this we’re gonna take you sorry as you’re in
here right and you want to get full access click there and what they will
ask you to do is say hey if you join the one funnel away challenge you’ll get the
affiliate Kent bootcamp book a hundred days to becoming a super affiliate the
hardbound which I am getting like 100% for sure you’ll get that along with the
abilities to sign up for the one funnel of a challenge because click funnels
once you’re taking the one funnel a challenge because then you’ll be
starting to make a lot of money okay they know it you’ll you’ll be able to
have a hook story an offer that you can then put in the funnel and drive traffic
and start making money okay so it’s a hundred and eighty six pages from these
15 affiliates this book and then one funnel way challenge you get a bunch of
other stuff there’s you know you get a box of a workbook 30 days if you lost
everything what you do mp3 of all that stuff ok anyway this is the insides so
as a final invite guys sign up for this training like it is invaluable I promise
you that if you want to become an affiliate marketer if you want to learn
and you don’t know like this is the place where you need to start trust me
reach out with any questions leave a comment below if I you need help with
anything and then you know tell me have you taken
any affiliate training or you started to take the bootcamp let me know but until
next time I’m signing off again this has been passive automation calm


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