Clickfunnels Affiliate Program- Overview and Strategies

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program- Overview and Strategies

welcome back to the hustles so in this
video I’m going to go over the clickfunnels
affiliate program and give you some strategies on how to get results with it
my name is Rachel s Lee and if you are new to my channel it is all about online
marketing affiliate marketing sales funnels passive income all that stuff
that I hope you love just as much as me so if you do be sure to subscribe to my
channel and hit the notifications and if you’re already subscribed I would love
for you to turn on the notifications don’t be in the Facebook group be in the
community I love hearing from you guys so I’m gonna give you guys an overview
of how you could get started with the click funnels affiliate program some
advanced strategies and then there’s more strategies on my channel and some
other resources that I’m going to share with you in this video alright so what
is the click funnels affiliate program and how is it different from other
programs because you might be on here watching this and you could already be
an affiliate and do affiliate marketing and maybe not have that much experience
in software marketing or you do and maybe you don’t know much about click
funnels or know about click funnels and you just haven’t done much with the
affiliate program or you are wonderful click funnels affiliate marketer and you
are trying to funnel hack my video right now and I commend you for that so I love
the click funnels affiliate program because I’ve learned so much from it and
people really get results and I’ve made a lot of friends who have made a lot of
friends and colleagues and people met people that have similar interests as me
and love making affiliate commissions from promoting this software that we
like and use anyway some of these commissions are recurring so every
single month we get paid from them and some are like one-time payment for
something that was pretty high ticket and we also get 5% Commission’s on our
tier 2 sales so I really like that partially it’s easy to promote and
partially like it’s not there’s still things to learn and things to break
through but they give you a bunch of cool offers to promote that are highly
converting but you need to send the right traffic so not only just click
funnels pay you every month or for your recurring sales or your one-time sales
you also get a bonus when you with it I’m gonna be on here very soon they give
you a bonus when you hit 100 affiliates and another bonus when you hit 200 so
let me go into a little bit more detail of exactly how it works you get 40
percent commission of what you sell from click funnels for most things some
funnels have like other commission structures but for the most part for a
monthly subscription of $97 or 297 you’re gonna get 40% of that every
single month but you don’t have to send people straight to the sales page you
can send them to all these different offers and lien magnets and lower ticket
offers to that also then upsell them into the subscription or you can also
upsell them into a higher ticket offer that’s why I make a bunch of content and
training videos about the different offers so people know about them and
they know I help guide them on which plan or package is right for them so
that’s a great strategy as an affiliate marketer is educating people and helping
people with their buying decision and then for the dream car you do have to
have a lease auto lease or ownership documents like that you chose a car but
you do they do send you a $500 check or a thousand-dollar check every month so
you can pay for this for that something that’s really cool is clickfunnels has a
really in-depth affiliate marketing training I will put the link in the
description below it’s called affiliate bootcamp and they
teach you really advanced strategies on how you can get clickfunnels affiliate
signups and commissions now it doesn’t teach everything there’s other resources
and places online to learn about how to be a good affiliate and how to succeed
but this is a great one because it comes straight from the source so some of the
things that you are gonna learn in there is how to use Facebook and Facebook Ads
it’s a lot of stuff about Facebook Ads and then there’s a lot of stuff in there
too about email marketing and collecting the emails and the email follow-up so be
sure to use my link and get in there you could get a click funnels affiliate
account for free you don’t actually have to be signed up to click funnels to be
an affiliate but I do suggest that you do get click funnels because you’ll want
to be using funnels and creating funnels to promote your affiliate offers and
it’s just better to really know what you’re promoting so you can also get
click funnels through my affiliate link and I give you a bunch of bonuses and a
lot of these bonuses will help you in your click bundles affiliate promotions
which is super cool another resource that I have for you and I hope you guys
are taking notes because this is a lot of resources but these are the things
that you’ll need to succeed with the click funnels affiliate program is
another free training that I have affiliate business in a box com
I’ll put the link in the description below and it teaches you how to set up a
funnel and email follow-up and I give you the funnel and I give you the email
sequences and I tell you I show you in videos exactly how to set it up and how
does send traffic to it and you learn a lot along the way and are setting up a
bunch of things that you’ll need for your affiliate marketing business anyway
even if you’re not promoting click funnels because I suggest as you go into
your click funnels journey there are other tools and products that people
will need to use with click funnels anyway so might as well get your
affiliate links ready and get those resources available for the traffic
that you’re going to be getting so definitely go check out the affiliate
business in a box system where I teach you how you can get more click funnels
affiliate Commission’s through my system I have another resource for you guys
this is in the description below it’s my facebook group I have this free
Facebook group influence our affiliate marketing make money online with Rachel
Isley it’s a great Facebook group in the unit section on the left you see the
unit’s section I put so much trainings in there and funnels in there and all
these cool things for you guys in there but I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed
with trainings and resources and stuff so I think what really helps is being
involved with the community and making friends that are aligned with you I have
really cool business deals going on because I’ve been social I’ve gone
online into Facebook and I go in other groups and I talk with people and
comment on videos and live stream and get on calls with people and make
friends and really engage and be social that has gotten me more sales I make
more money that way but I also meet great people that way that really
motivate me and I become friends with these dream car winners and friends with
other two comma Club winners with clickfunnels and all these amazing very
experienced affiliate marketers I meet them on Facebook or they’re in my group
which is super cool there’s a bunch of clickfunnels dream car winners in my
group so I would definitely join that when you request to join it’s going to
ask you three questions so make sure you answer the three questions so I let you
in the group see it says a lot of people over 400 people wanting to join the
group but that’s just a bunch of people that didn’t fill out the questions
because I don’t want spammers in the group we don’t got time for spam or
scams with the clickfunnels affiliate program it is really important to drive
good traffic to these offers so you want to find really hot traffic and match
those people up with the right offers and you also want your automated email
sequence and follow-up to be really relevant to
what those people are into anyway that’s more advanced segmenting it will help
you in your clip funnels affiliate marketing journey doing advanced
segments in getting the right offers to the right people if someone’s a real
estate agent and they want to use clickfunnels for real estate we want to
give them real estate resources and trainings in the beginning it’s going to
be hard to just cover every niche in market you’re not going to able to the
beginning so you do want to start more broad in the beginning so I also have
more recent resources for you I don’t want to make this YouTube video too long
I have a full mini course I’m going to put the link in the description and in
the mini course has a bunch of resources for you guys more trainings a lot of
cool things it’s super important though to not just only watch trainings but
actually implement and get things up people are wondering Rachel how do you
get all this up like you have so many funnels and you have so much emails and
and like you have this thing going on in this thing going on and like wow and
then on the other hand I’m like I am not doing enough radio content but the truth
is I get help I have virtual assistants help me with a
lot of these things or I hire people to help me get these things up so another
piece of advice for this journey and this affiliate program is partially you
do want to compare yourself to other people like you want to see what the
people who are getting results are doing and see how you can model that but you
also need to remember that you’re on your own journey and what is working for
someone might not work exactly it’s probably not going to work exactly the
same for you if someone is getting a lot of success
in the clickfunnels affiliate program blogging let’s say they’re blogging and
they’re pranking great for their blogging and you want to try blogging
and try SEO and you’re not getting results right away
well SEO takes a while and it just takes a while to get the hang of things so you
have to be ready for that if you are going to enter into this journey and
then same with hey dad’s you can take all the Facebook
odds courses and you can take the Google Ads courses and you could spend a lot of
money on these things testing and still not be happy with your results I’m just
warning you people get success with this but it’s up
to us as an affiliate to put out great content out there on the internet and it
takes time and action to actually do that so I try to set up as much as I can
for you guys like funnels to start with email swipes strategies ways to do
things but you still need to actually do it I’m gonna put my link also to the
what’s your dream car page it’s my affiliate link this is where you can
sign up as an affiliate and you’ll be two-tiered under me so I will get 5%
Commission’s off your sales so I have more incentive to see you win and I’m
not gonna play this video but check it out it’s oh what’s your dream car video
and it shows different dream car winners sharing how excited they are that they
put in the work and they got their dream car and it’s real and there’s a bunch of
overpaid super affiliates and one of the another reason the clickfunnels
affiliate program is so great is because sticky cookies so you can send traffic
not make a sale but then people come back later maybe to the clickfunnels
website and you still get the credit there’s another video of people winning
their dream car and all these dream car winners and room for more people
so who succeeds as a clickfunnels affiliate from my experience learning
about those people and studying them things change very rapidly in the online
marketing world and in the affiliate marketing world and the clickfunnels
affiliate program hasn’t even been around that long but what works in the
very beginning may not be working now and we need to be innovative so online
marketing is heading in the direction of video being very popular different types
of video and your videos need to be persuasive so actually at the bottom
here I wrote who are comfortable being influencers it
doesn’t mean that you have to be in YouTube videos making YouTube videos but
it does help or writing blog posts or being a part of your email marketing
strategy you don’t have to write it all yourself I don’t write online myself I
hire people to help me with it but they’re still writing on my behalf and
my brand as an influential brand think when you think about when you first
heard about clickfunnels or signed up for clickfunnels something had to
convince you and there has to be some type of case study or person or someone
helping you make that decision so I definitely want to reiterate that it is
a journey there is a lot to learn so you want to be able to watch a training set
aside time to watch trainings I still watch trainings I’m still growing and
keep watching trainings and keep getting better and better because the better I
get the more I learn and implement the more it works and the more results that
I get and the more I set up automation I am saving myself time I’m creating a
business that’s running like a pot I made a machine and I can automate
something or have some type of sequence be automated or Facebook ad retargeting
strategy or display ad retargeting strategy and now it’s automated good to
go now I can focus my focus and energy on the next challenge in front of me so
just doing this piece by piece you’ll start to build your business and in the
beginning you may be in the red or there may be times where you’re in the red
because maybe you’re investing a lot into to something but just doing what’s
comfortable for you and surrounding yourself in the community that’s really
gonna help you succeed as I click funnels affiliate and it’s important to
keep sending traffic so some days are not traffic days for me maybe their
content creation days or they are tightening up my systems days but then
some days I notice hey I am NOT getting as much email subscribers as I want I am
not getting as much YouTube views as I want I’m not getting
as much clickfunnels trials as I want well the funnels are up
the systems are in place the emails are up that’s when I know it’s time to crank
up traffic so as you go on this journey just always remember traffic leads sales
what are you doing today to improve your traffic to improve your lead generation
and to improve your sales if something that is holding you back from your
affiliate marketing success or making money online or you think is slowing you
down is the lack of accountability and actual close support I do have a group
coaching program and online course it’s a community daily commissions Club where
everyone in the group we are a family in there we work together and I do group
coaching calls with the members every single week so you can go to daily
Commission’s and find more information about that I call it daily
Commission’s Club because the goal is to get people to be making daily
Commission’s when I first started my goal was $1 then
it was $10 and I was $100 then I would get like $10 days or maybe hundred
dollar days then I started to notice as these systems were being put together I
was getting commissions every single day and now I’m not a day goes by I work I’m
not like generating some revenue and income and that’s what I want for all
the members in there so you can go to daily Commission’s you’ll see a
bunch of testimonials you’ll see access to everything that you’ll get a bunch of
training a bunch of funnels all the offers I promote all the email sequences
I used to promote them all my funnel downloads all my bonuses that you can
give away a bunch of cool stuff everything that I’m doing to run my
business I share with you guys in the daily Commission’s Club and there’s also
weekly group coaching and you’ll also get one-on-one coaching call with a DCCC
coach you’ll get my facebook Messenger BA
my email swipes you’ll really enjoy to the Commission’s Club I know that for
sure so you’ll also be able to make
Commission’s promoting it and promoting my different lead magnets you can use my
different lead magnets and get results with them so that is also linked in the
description so I would love to hear from you guys why affiliate programs are you
currently promoting or you knew it the clickfunnels affiliate program how did
you find this video I’d like to know how you found this video are you searching
for how to do better with clickfunnels affiliate or you already subscribe to my
channel let me know I would love to hear from you in the comments and I’ll see
you guys on the next video


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  2. Your strategies have helped me to be more focused on planning and growing my affiliate network since day 1. Could not have done it without your guidance.

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