Clickfunnels Pricing 2019 🚨 All 6 Clickfunnels Plans – $19 to $2,997

Clickfunnels Pricing 2019 🚨 All 6 Clickfunnels Plans – $19 to $2,997

Hello and welcome to another
video with me Christian Rauchenwald. In this video, I’m going to show
you all SIX pricing models that Clickfunnels is
currently offering. And you may be surprised because
most people only know about the regular $97 plan and
the $297 Etison Suite. But there are actually FOUR
additional plans that most people don’t know about. Before we get into the pricing
plan and to figured into the explanations, which plan
actually suits for you a quick reminder: Don’t forget to hit the
SUBSCRIBE button somewhere here in this video. So you don’t miss out
on any future content. That said, let’s work our way
from the most affordable plan to the All-Inclusive solution
and talk about the different limitations, advantages,
downsides and what else you need along the way. Don’t forget once you’ve found
the plan that that fits you and your needs, I recommend you
still watch the rest of the video. There may be some discounts
and stuff that you might miss otherwise. And then just check
the description below. There you find a summary of
everything I’m covering plus the links on how to get it. So, let’s jump into it and we’re
going to start out with the so-called $19 Share Funnel Plan! Now, what is the $19
Share Funnel plan? It’s a limited plan that’s not
available on the regular sign-up page. It’s meant for for example, if
I were to be in a multi-level marketing and I would
recruit some people. Maybe I recruit you. And I have a funnel that
generates leads for me our sells the multi-level marketing
product or whatever and I can just give you the share funnel
link and you click on that link. It will take you on this page. It will show you the
title of the funnel. Here where it says “Share Funnel
034” and when you scroll down you will see a
preview of the funnel. In that case, it’s the official
OFA Share Funnel, so from the One Funnel Away Challenge. Which comes with a squeeze
page to capture the email. A sales page to sell your
product and an order page where people can actually order it. An upsell page to sell
them something on top. An order confirmation
page and the members area. Now, it’s very important to
point out that the share funnel plan has certain limits: a. You’re limited to
THREE funnels in total. So this would be
the first funnel. b. All those three funnels
have to be shared with you. Meaning you cannot create
new funnels on your own. You will have to ask somebody,
for example me in my Facebook group and tell me “I need a
funnel with a squeeze page, a sales page, an order page ,
this and that, could you please create me a share funnel link?”. And I will then
create a link for you. So you can then clone
it into your account. Because you cannot create
funnels of your own. The next thing is. You cannot add new funnel steps. So this funnel here has seven
steps if you want to add an additional upsell or downsell. You cannot do that. Again, you need somebody to
create the final structure for you. So the funnel steps
and shared it with you. So, think very hard about what
your funnel should look like which steps you need. And if this design doesn’t fit,
just comment below let me know what you need or join my
Facebook group, which is in the pinned comment below. And ask me there and I will
prepare the right funnel structure for you. Now that said, so
you cannot add steps. You can only have three funnels. They need to be shared with you. However, you can delete
steps from the funnel. If you don’t have an upsell, you
can just remove the step and you can change everything
on each step. Like you could on all
the other plans as well. So, because the share funnel
plan is limited there is obviously another
limitation involved. It means it’s also limited
to 1,000 visitors per month. So if you already have a lot of
traffic sources, it’s not the greatest thing to start. However, if you’re just starting
out it’s more than enough because probably, unless you’re
burning a lot of money on paid advertising, you will not reach
those 1,000 visitors in the first month And once you have the 1,000
visitors, probably, you are already making enough money to
upgrade to the $97 plan or one of the other four plans. Now, so who is this funnel for? Again, it’s for people
who want to get started. Who don’t have a high budget. But don’t forget, this is just
your Clickfunnels account and it doesn’t cover your
autoresponder. Meaning the system that’s
actually sends your follow-up email. So you will still need
an account with Aweber, ActiveCampaign,
GetResponse or MailChimp for example! Although if you plan to do
affiliate marketing stay away from MailChimp. Aweber and GetResponse offer
you a free trial, so you can basically try Clickfunnels for
free for two weeks and then have the $19 plan and try Aweber or
GetResponse for free for two weeks or a month and then also
start with $15 to $20 per month. It’s important to note while
Clickfunnels has this 1,000 visitors limit – so eventually
when you have enough traffic, you will need to upgrade
to the $97 plan – all email autoresponders have tiered
pricing based on your contacts. So, if you get a lot of opt-ins,
but also people subscribing or opting in on your squeeze page. But they don’t buy. You will basically get more
and more contacts in your email list, which means eventually
your invoice from MailChimp, Active Campaign or whatever you
choose will get more expensive as well. So that’s really
crucial to keep in mind. But again to get started for the
first couple of weeks or even for the first one or two months
the $19 plan is a great option for everybody who’s
starting from scratch. As mentioned, you can find this
short summary and links to the $19 plan also in the
description below. But watch till the end so you
really know, what’s the right plan for you. Before we move on to the next
one, I quickly want to show you how this works. So when you get to the page,
actually when somebody shares the funnel with you. You will see the name of
the funnel on top here. If that’s not the case then DO
NOT CONTINUE and you will see a preview of the funnel down here. And if that’s not the case
DO NOT CONTINUE, because once you’ve signed up you cannot use
the same email address and you cannot downgrade! So it’s important to do this
right and when you do that, so you enter your
e-mail address here. And you pick your password and
you click “Start Free Trial” and I click I don’t want to save. And it takes us to the next page
to step 2 and you will see this area here where it says limited
share funnel plan and you need to be very careful because as
you can see the $297 plan is pre-selected. And again, once you are past
that step you cannot downgrade anymore. So you will need to click on the
limited share funnel plan, enter your credit card and
that’s pretty much it. If you want you can add the “9
Secret Funnels Training” for a one-time payment of $47. It’s actually worth it if
you’re just starting out. So if you have those $47 to
spare, and it shouldn’t be like, oh my god, you don’t know if you
can pay rent if you spend those $47. But if it’s easy to spare for
you, I recommend you get that as well. So that’s pretty much it. You click “Activate My Account”
and then you’re in your account and you will see the
funnel in there already. So, with that said we actually
covered the $19 plan the first of the plans. Now after that what comes next
is basically the regular two plans that most of
you already know. So it’s the $97 Clickfunnels
plan and the Etison Suite for $297 per month. As you can see the $97 plan
still comes with certain limitations. 20 funnels total, 100 steps
total, 25,000 visitors, unlimited contacts. However, it doesn’t include an
autoresponder which means you still need Active Campaign or
MailChimp or anything like that. So you still have to add those
costs to the cost of whatever you get charged there. If we go for example to Active
Campaign, which actually is my recommendation. Here pricing. Let’s quickly check that. ActiveCampaign pricing and we
would assume that you actually reach those 20,000 contacts. You see the light plan alone
will already be $111 per month here. So if you if you are reaching
the limits of the $97 plan, you actually will already be a $200
total because Active Campaign is going to charge you that much. Yeah, so and that’s pretty
important because that’s where the $297 Etison Suite comes in. Which really includes
your autoresponder. Yeah, it still doesn’t
include everything. You have to think of it like
this like email consists of like two parts. One part is the managing your
contacts and like your email templates what you’re going to
send out and the other part is the SMTP. The service that actually
sends it out now services like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse,
MailChimp, they basically offer both to you in one package. However, Clickfunnels
separates those things. Which means on the $97
plan you still need both. You need something to manage
your campaigns and to send them and since clickfunnels doesn’t
offer any of it to you on the $97 plan you simply go with a
service that offers both to you. So you go with
MailChimp and so on. On the $297 plan, however,
you already have access to Actionetics, which is really
great because there you can create your email sequences. Meaning you can decide once
somebody opted in here, I want to send them that email. So you can design the email and
everything but Clickfunnels is not going to send that email. You will still need a third
party SMTP like Sendgrid or Mailgun. So those are the services
that you can choose from. There are probably more but
those are the ones that I personally looked at
and can recommend. And we look at Sendgrid pricing. Price plan comparison chat. So there again. So you see there
it’s email-based. How many emails you sent out? You have a pay-as-you-go
solution, which is quite great for the first couple of month. So you can send 10,000
emails for free per month. But after that, you see, it’s
for 100,000 emails you’re already looking at $80 and here
Sendgrid it pretty much starts with $15 per month
for 40,000 emails. So if we have a hundred thousand
emails here is like $80 and here hundred thousand emails is
$30 on the Essentials Plan. Then you need to compare the
features and all that stuff. But the point is the regular
$297 plan still requires another thing called an SMTP service. Why should you still choose it? a. Because it offers the
integration that your email templates are within your
Clickfunnels account. But that’s not all of it. Well, usually people would opt
in on your squeeze page and the email goes to whatever like
Aweber, MailChimp or so on and then you start sending
them their campaign. Within Actionetics the flow is
pretty much the same but because it’s like seemingly or
seamlessly integrated with Clickfunnels you can
do really nice things. You can say “I want to send an
email to users that bought that specific product, visited that
page at some point but never saw this one page.” So you can pick people that
never saw a certain product promotion from you and
only sent them an email. Where if you have your emails
in your in external third-party autoresponders like
MailChimp and so on. You cannot do that because you
just add them to a list and you may use some tags but you don’t
know exactly which page those people visited. So the surplus price that you
pay for the Etison Suite also comes with amazing extra
features, because it gives you so much more flexibility. Think about it like in a way
like if you retarget users. With the same retargeting
ad no matter what they did. Your performance will not be as
great as if you retarget them, like somebody maybe left on your
squeeze page and retarget them “Hey, you forgot to opt in” or
“You forgot your free book” or whatever it is you’re offering
on the squeeze page, where you get them to opt in. And now then you have somebody
who goes to your sales page, but doesn’t go to the order page
which means probably the offer doesn’t convince him. So retarget him with
informations about the offer to show him why he should get it. Now you have another person
that goes to the order page but doesn’t buy. Chances are maybe they
changed their mind. Maybe they didn’t have
the credit card at hand. Maybe they don’t like paying per
credit card, but would prefer PayPal so you can send
them different emails. You can even have customer
service reach directly out to them because you know, like
basically send them an email “Hi, customer service here. I noticed that you didn’t
buy was something missing. Was there a problem? Is your preferred payment
method not available?” And so you can get feedback
and you can basically target people’s behavior and your
retargeting efforts via email will be more lucrative. You will have better conversions
from those retargeting emails And that’s really
a crucial upside. Yes, it’s $200 more
than the regular plan. And you will still need Mailgun
or Sendgrid, but and that’s the bigger thing, it gives you so
much more potential to actually have higher conversion rates
from your email campaigns. So you will make those two
hundred dollars back in no time. So that’s really a
crucial thing to note. And it comes without
visitor limitations. So once you really have a lot of
traffic, like above 20,000 per month, that’s actually what you
want to go for to get started. And that’s pretty much all
there is about this regular plan .
And now most people heard
of it, but they don’t know the difference. Now, there’s also $297
Actionetics MD plan. So it’s not called Etison Suite
but it’s called Actionetics MD. And before I forget, I’m sorry,
the regular Etison Suite that we’re looking at right now also
comes with the Clickfunnels Backpack, which means it’s a
tool so you can actually create an affiliate program for your
funnel, for your product so you can get other people to promote
it and everything is managed within Clickfunnels. Yeah, so that’s the
last difference here. Now the Actionetics MD plan. While on the $19 plan the $97
plan and the regular $297 Etison Suite you still will need either
an complete auto responder for the first two or just an SMTP
service like Sendgrid or Mailgun for the Etison Sweet the
Actionetics MD plan also has the SMTP included. Clickfunnels partnered with
Sendgrid there so you don’t need anything else. That’s really crucial also the
Actionetics MD plan is the only one that comes with
three SMTP integrations. Which means like which email
address are you sending from. So you send an email to your
customers and then they get that email and it says like this
email comes from this and that email address. So if you have multiple
different companies and you want to send from multiple different
email addresses, you actually will either need multiple
Clickfunnels accounts or you have the Actionetics MD plan
which starts with three SMTP integrations. Now the difference is, it’s
pretty much the same as the Etison Suite, however,
it’s limited in contacts. Yeah, so there, like you
remember before we checked ActiveCampaign and something. I think we only checked
ActiveCampaign for the pricing per contact and the same applies
to the Actionetics MD plan. So because it’s also offering
you the email service. It’s structured in
the following way. It’s structured in
the following way. So at $297 you get 5,000
contacts and three SMTP integrations. Meaning three different sending
addresses that you can use. Plus three payment gateways. For example, if you run multiple
companies, but you want to use one Clickfunnels
account for them. Now. It’s very crucial. That’s very important. You cannot run or host funnels
of third-party companies in your account. If you own multiple
companies, that’s okay. But if it’s not your company. Like the second funnel
that you host in there. So you are not the
owner of the company. It’s not okay, you will be
considered an agency account and you will be billed additionally
because it’s against the terms of service of Clickfunnels
to run agency accounts. So this only applies you
have multiple companies. Therefore you have multiple
Stripe Accounts to accept credit card payments, for example. So that’s why there are
multiple payment gateways. And as you see pricing here goes
up to an astonishing $3147 for people that have 290,000 email
or contacts within their account or need for some reason 20
payment gateways or sending email addresses. So, while again if you have
10,000 contacts more or 5,000 contacts more the rule of thumb
actually is for every thousand people on your email list,
you should make $1 per month. So with 10,000 contacts you
should actually make $10,000 per month if it’s a little less or
a little more, but the point is the $50 surplus that you are
charged for those additional contacts are not going to make
you poor unless your funnels really suck to be honest,
or your offers really suck. That’s that, we’re done
with plan number four. Yeah. So the Action Etics MD plan. Now there’s one thing
that’s crucial to remember. So while you cannot downgrade to
the $19 plan once you’re signed up and it’s only available
during the signup process. You can also not downgrade once
you upgrade to the Actionetics MD plan. The upgrade is quite simple. Within your account, you go to
the account and subscription settings and there’s a button
and with the click of a button your upgraded and then that new
pricing system applies, but you cannot downgrade again. Support does not downgrade you. So you really need to think
about “Do you really want to upgrade?”. Again, the biggest benefit not
only are your email templates within the account but actual
the sending also goes from Clickfunnels and it shows you
kind of like the “sender’s health”. Meaning, how many people report
spam and stuff like that from your emails. But it needs to be a conscious
decision because if you only get crappy leads, like people that
don’t buy, opting in to your funnel, your costs will increase
while your revenue will not increase that much so it’s
really crucial to consider that. That’s the fourth plan. We still have two to go and
maybe you already heard of it and I already showed it by
accident slightly before. I’m talking about the Funnel
Builder Secrets package. And those are the the
left two columns here. It a 6-month package
and a 12-month packet. Which is really amazing because
if you consider that this package here, both of them will
get you the Clickfunnels $297 Etison Suite. So, the biggest regular plan
that people know about and with the click of a button you can
upgrade them to Actionetics MD without being charged extra
unless you have more than 5,000 contacts. It offers you a huge discount. The six-month
package not so much. We’re going to quickly
run the numbers. So if you were to have six
months of Clickfunnels, it would usually cost you $1,782. So this one actually cost you
$250 more but you also get a bunch of bonuses. The most noteworthy there being
12 months access to Funnel Scripts. Now, until a couple of months
ago Funnel Scripts was a yearly subscription for $497. And therefore you would still
save over $200, roughly 15% compared to buying both
separately and paying Funnel Scripts yearly and
Clickfunnels monthly. Now, Funnel Scripts change to
a one-time purchase of $797. But it’s then a one-time
purchase for Lifetime, whereas this will only give
you 12 months access. However, when you buy this
package you have an option to upgrade to the lifetime
version for $200. So overall regularly, if you
were to buy Funnel Scripts Lifetime and you pay
Clickfunnels monthly. In the first year would cost
you $2379, whereas if you take advantage of this package, and
you upgrade to Funnel Scripts Lifetime. You pay close to $2,000. So you save $380 by prepaying
the next six months. Which may not be much but it’s
pretty much over one month that you save on only
a 6-month period. So it’s really great
if you can afford it. And I’m not even mentioning
the other bonuses. However, if you take
Clickfunnels for a year, it gets even more lucrative because,
you see, you would usually pay $3,564 just for the 12
months of Clickfunnels. And again you, regularly would
pay $797 for the lifetime license of Funnel Scripts , but
you still will have to pay 200 if you want it. So overall you will have a
saving of $1,164 dollars for the next 12 months. Which equals $97 per
month that you save. So, you could pay someone else’s
regularCclickfunnels account with the savings
that you have here. And now let’s quickly
walk through the bonuses. Yeah. So as you see mentioned here
you get the Funnel Hacks Masterclass. And the Funnel Hacks Masterclass should
be that account here. As you can see there, you can
get a free Clickfunnels t-shirt and it basically teaches
you the different funnels. Automated webinars, webinar
funnels, membership site, hacking my funnels. So how to hack funnels and it
pretty much is a great kind of like starting tool to help you
like get started properly, but it’s not the best
thing that’s offered. You also get access to
Funnel Builder Secret. And here it’s important to point
out like every Clickfunnels user has access to Funnel Builder
Secrets Light, which is the first couple of lessons that you
will see in this members area here on top and once you have
Funnel Builder Secrets because you bought the Funnel Builder
Secrets package you get access to the whole Funnel
Builer Secrets. It’s kind of like a checklist
that walks you through what you need to take care of before
launching your funnel and then gets you straight into the next
of the bonuses, which is the Traffic Secrets package. And Traffic Secrets
is really amazing. Like you’re going to be blown
away by what there is to offer. Because Traffic Secrets actually
is like teaching you how you can drive traffic from
different sources. We quickly just going to expand
everything’s you see how many lessons you get access to but
it’s like that alone will take you more than 12 months to work
through and actually master and understand everything And it’s a great way to get
started and drive traffic. Yeah. So now you may feel overwhelmed. You see how much that is,
but you don’t have to worry. The thing is you should
master one thing at a time. So you would for example, you
would for example pick I don’t know like somewhere here is
Facebook or something like that or email marketing and you work
your way through this and you master email marketing and once
you’ve done that you move on to the next thing. Facebook Marketing
Google Ads and so on. And that’s what you get included
in your Funnel Builders Secret Package plus again, you have
unlimited funnels in your account. And if you’re unhappy you have
a 30 days money-back guarantee. ,Now the third package here for
six thousand dollars is pretty much the same as the 12-month
package but it includes eight Click-Start coaching calls. Honestly, if you want to spend
that money, join my Facebook group, reach out to me, leave a
comment below send me an email, whatever. For those $3,000, I will provide
you with a little bit more than 8 Click-Start coaching calls. While they only
help you get set up. Meaning like dealing with your
payment integrations and stuff like that. For that kind of money depending
on like the funnel that you want to build I may eventually even
build the whole funnel for you as well. So just feel free to reach out
and that’s actually the 8th plan that we have. Yeah, again, the Funnel Builder
Secrets packages offer you like the option to upgrade to
Actionetics MD with the click of a button and that’s
pretty much it. So to summarize it. Clickfunnels offers six
different plans from $19 to get started if someone like in the
description below the link, I’m shares a funnel with you. $97 the regular option. Both of these still need
something like MailChimp or AcCivecampaign or something like
that and the regular $297 plan which doesn’t provide SMTP. So you still need
Mailgun or Sendgrid. And then the Actionetics MD
plans which offer everything in one. But are then tiered pricing
depending on your contacts or SMTP. So sending email addresses and
payment gateways and last but not least for those of you
like me who are convinced, that Clickfunnels is the way
to go for the future. The Funnel Builder Secrets
packages, which actually provide you 15% discount on your yearly
or half yearly payment and give you a lot of bonuses. Honestly Traffic Secrets alone,
if you work your way through there or one of your employees
works his way through there is already worth the $2,997. So this is it. If you have any questions
leave your comments below. The first comment below is going
to be a pinned one that leads you to my Facebook group where
you find more content and where you can reach me a
little bit faster. And yeah, so if you’re looking
for, or if you already know what you want to sign up or you want
to start your trial check the description below there you’ll
find the links to everything you need, even including free
Clickfunnels basic training that shows you how the account works,
how the dashboard works and all that stuff. So, yeah, that’s it. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to hit the
Subscribe button and talk to you in one of my next
videos till then. Bye. Bye.


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