COMPLETE Amazon Product Research Guide | 7 Week Plan Step by Step

COMPLETE Amazon Product Research Guide | 7 Week Plan Step by Step

if you want to make money on Amazon you
need to find a great product and if you want to find a great product you need to
do a lot of research and then getting that product made that’s a whole another
battle that’s why so many people never end up launching anything and they let
their Amazon dreams die because the process seems long hard and complicated
but what if you could go from where you are today with nothing no product to
have a product right to be made and launched in just seven weeks well that’s
what I did and this is the exact game plan that I use to do it what’s up
Empire builders JC Franco here the no bullshit Amazon seller so if you want to
learn how to sell on Amazon without the fluff and garbage you find out there on
their web then you’ve come to the right place so make sure to subscribe if you
haven’t already so you know how it works you’re gonna cut right to the chase all
right so the seven week plan this is basically what I did when I launched my
first product now a few rules of this plan all right rule number one you need
to commit to it so if you want this to actually work you need to follow it and
and go through it so first I want you to do put your calendar markdown day number
one so whatever day you want to start this hopefully tomorrow or sometime in
the near future markdown day number one so you can follow through the seven week
plan properly okay next thing you need to do is be able to set aside at least
an hour a day or write more the more the better
but at least an hour to get this done right so if we can do an hour a day to
two hours a day that’s optimum for this plan to work out if you can do more
that’s way better if it’s less not so good so hopefully you have at least that
much time where you can make at least that much time per day or if not per day
then you know stack it up on the weekends right so seven hours a week
basically so if you can put three and three and on the weekends in an hour on
Monday or whatever you’re good to go okay so let’s get right to this so the
way this is gonna work is I’m gonna dough breakdown week by week what you
need to do and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it so I might be
jumping back and forth between videos that I’ve done in the past just so you
have a very clear organized succinct list and and tutorial here of how to do
this this is the execution plan so I’m gonna again tell you what to do show you
how to do it then come back and then tell you what to do for the next week
and by the you’ll have a very detailed plan and
that you can follow it to actually go ahead and have it probably ready to go
right to be made and launched on Amazon so week number one your day one right
week number one and week number two are basically gonna be the same this is one
you’re going to be doing the majority of your product research and you’re gonna
be filling your funnel so when I say fill your funnel I mean though wide
right add as many products as you can to your list so go ahead open up a list on
Google sheets and just start hammering in products okay so the first thing to
do when you’re looking for product and searching for products the first thing
is know your goals know what you’re looking for and know your numbers
alright so what is your goal because the products I’m gonna be looking for are
gonna be different than the products that you’re looking for or that someone
else is looking for that’s the other guy’s looking for okay depending on what
your goals are what your budget is and what you want to achieve you’re gonna be
looking for different things first start with your budget
okay what’s your budget that you can have to launch a product if you don’t
know how much typically it’s gonna cost to launch a product I would definitely
check out this video right over here I did a full breakdown but roughly we’re
looking around 3000 USD used to get this whole business started okay if you have
something around that you’re good to go if you have more that’s good if you have
a little less maybe it’s time you have to save up right so maybe you’re day one
can’t be actually your day one maybe I save a bit but first start with your
budget next what’s your goal how much do you want to make per month on your
product right and then you’re gonna be able to see you know if you want to make
ten thousand dollars a month how many sales do you need to make if your
product is so in so dollar so if your product is thirty dollars it probably is
forty dollars per product is twenty dollars that you’re selling for in
Amazon how many sales do you need to make and then how much can you actually
afford to purchase of that product that’s gonna come in handy later so now
that you’ve got kind of your goals laid out you got your budget laid out just
write that down so that once we go through this you can you know reference
that okay so now you got that down next you need to know exactly what you’re
looking for so the criteria of a product now I’m not the one of those guys that’s
gonna tell you to look for a product that’s 75 reviews that has you know
seven thousand revenue that has three hundred sales a month because if problem
with that is if you look at the exact those exact criteria that a lot of these
other gurus are giving out there you’re gonna find the same exact product as
everyone else so the way I look at products is much more variable there’s a
lot more give and take is a lot more nuances with product research because
there’s a lot of opportunities right someone might say this is a great
opportunity if I probably make you 30,000 a month and another someone might
say that’s a great opportunity with making $5,000 a month right so there’s a
lot of room for success on Amazon just depends on what success is to you and
what are your goals because I can tell you someone launching a $30,000 a month
product is gonna need to invest more money than someone that’s launching a
3,000 logs per month product but maybe this person can launch five those
products over the course over here and now they have $15,000 per month right so
know what you looking for it’s the way we’re gonna do that is the five pillars
so the five pillars of product now I know I’m speaking fast I know I get that
a lot I’m grush I kind of like to go through this because this is just my
tempo I’m high energy I like to get through this kind of stuff because
otherwise this would be a two hour long video so if I am speaking a little too
fast maybe hit the speed controls go 0.75 but this is a tempo I’m gonna be
going through this video okay so to know what we’re going through looking at the
five pillars the five pillars are number one sales signs number two your
opportunity balance number three your profitability number four the grand slam
screen and the number five the empire potential okay now I’m gonna go through
those and tell you what those are I did have a much more detailed video of that
over here but I’m gonna go through those two right now so you know exactly what’s
going on so the first pillar that you’ll
understand are the first two the sales signs and opportunity balance these are
the only two you need to focus on from week one to week two okay don’t worry
too much about the rest of them just understand the sales signs and the
opportunity balance and this is the main criteria you’re gonna be using to look
for products to add to the top of your funnel and fill your file now if you
don’t it’s not familiar I’m calling it a funnel because you start at the top
really big and as you go through down down down you’re narrowing it down until
you have a handful of products or maybe one or two three products that are
actually really really good that are gonna be the things you’re gonna be
looking at and considering to launch so the first thing is the sales sign so the
sale signs is just how many sales does this product have how many sales does
the market have for this product and what kind of sales can you expect that’s
the important of sale signs you want to know that this product has a healthy
number of sales so that if you are to launch this product you can get in there
and within a reasonable estimation hit somewhere within
those sales okay so first thing you’re gonna do is check the sales that is
going to be shown by your product research software okay so what I’ve use
is a viral launch there’s a lot of other products or software out there there’s
jungle Scouts those helium 10 but what I use is vile launch I’ve used I’ve always
used it I’ve you jungle Scout before but I just prefer viral launch if you want
20% off lifetime discount you can grab it in the link description it is an
affiliate link so I get a kickback for that but of course you get a discount
and the reason I suggest that is because that’s what works for me okay so look at
the sales that viral launch is gonna show you and then that is how you’re
gonna get your first estimation of sales that’s how you’re gonna get your quick
snapshot the best easiest way to look at sales right on your and final launch
drop down market intelligence drop down and then you’re gonna look at these
sales history so you know look at their BS are the best seller rank and this is
Amazon’s ranking of this product to tell you where the how well this product is
selling right so look at the BS are the sales history of this product and then
that is going to be the next indicator of your sales signs and this is how you
look at those two things so here’s what it looks like right so this is what
we’re gonna do to see the first estimation of sales so
you can see right here monthly sales right 2586 654 954 but think about
violence is that it’s an estimate so this is a nice way to get a snapshot and
kind of see like you know a general bird’s-eye view of a market and that’s
the first thing you’re gonna do to see the sale signs so now once you’ve seen
this and you’re kind of comparing the sales to the reviews the kind of judge
sales and competition which we’re gonna talk about later then you’ll say okay
maybe this is a product I want to look at right so the next thing you’re gonna
do is use the BSR okay so the BSR is the best seller rank now this is Amazon’s
actual ranking that’s giving this product based on a given point in time
so it’s a snapshot over the product okay so every the BSR is based on the
category so it’s bestseller rank meaning the higher the rank the better it is so
if you’re ranked number one you are the number one product in that category now
the thing of what the BSR is that it’s again it’s it’s moving up and down right
so you can see right here the BS r 30 means the BS r in the last 30 day so you
can kind of see the way it trends right so it’s not always be the same so what
you want to do is grab the BS r and as you get more used to doing product
research you can kind the snapshot ok this BSR means this or
this BSR means that in this given category you can see here have an
extension and I’ll show you if you don’t have viral launch where you can find the
BS are really quickly okay so if you want you can grab this extension it’s
totally free it’s called DS Amazon quick view for
Chrome and you can see the bs are right here I’ll show you but if you don’t have
that or if you don’t want to grab it for whatever reason you can just click into
a product and just scroll down and right here you’ll see best seller rank and
I’ll tell you what category it is it so you can see the BS our history here so
you’re gonna click on this and then you can see here what happens is you can see
the consistency of a product right I can see if it’s seasonal if see maybe it’s a
Valentine’s Day gift maybe it’s really giftable in a certain month or maybe
it’s a little drop-off in a month and you’ll notice here with this beach ball
November December sales dropped right so now this BSR could either mean sales
dropped or maybe they sales slowed down maybe they ran out of stock or they’re
running out of stock and then they raise their prices right so you can kind of
look here and that’s gonna be about camel camel is that they have the price
history too so you can see the the history of the pricing but you see
December I’m assuming because it’s Christmas it goes away right same thing
same thing here in December here and we can keep on checking other products or
other listings and then it’s the same kind of trend right winter months the
beach ball sales slowed down so that’s another way you’re gonna look at
tracking pricing and looking at the history of sales so now that you
understand the sale signs the next thing you look at is the opportunity balance
right so the opportunity balance is looking at the balance of the
opportunity the balance of the market so like I mentioned earlier there is
different types of hot products so there could be a market where you know there’s
a product on the high end the very top sellers are doing sixty thousand dollars
a month you know a few of them are doing sixty thousand then forty thousand and
then it’s a really big market and the mid-range is like twenty five thousand a
month and it tapers off the people doing fifteen thousand a month so it looks
like a really great market because you know it’s really flush with everyone’s
doing well there’s not too much competition but you can you know hit the
mid-range the thought is always where can I fall in if I hit the mid-range how
much will I be making you don’t want to be just looking for the top spot and say
you know I have to hit the top spot to do well you want to say if I launch a
product and I do you know mid-range what can I
me so maybe in that market it’s a it’s a higher opportunity market and you’re
looking around making twenty five thousand a month mid-range but that
market is also a higher risk right compared to a market that’s smaller
right because there’s more sellers here there’s more products here there’s more
money there it seemed to cost you more to get in there compete there as opposed
to a market that had me maybe has less sellers less revenue but you can go in
there relatively easily hit the main range maybe that made range is five
thousand dollars so there’s you know less sellers and they’re not doing as
much revenue but it is still healthy market there’s still a lot of sellers
that are making a great amount of money from you know 15 to five thousand
dollars or you know fifteen twenty to twenty to ten thousand dollars and you
can slaw it in there make seven thousand dollars a month for a cheaper investment
than two if you were to invest in the higher opportunity market so that is the
opportunity balance looking at the opportunity of the markets and where the
competition is and where you can fit in and what is gonna make sense to you
because I’ll tell you right now a product that makes thirty thousand a
month that it costs thirty you know that you sell for $30 that is a thousand
units per month so to make a thousand units per month maybe that product costs
you you know eight dollars to make so at a thousand dollars per month just to hit
thirty thousand dollars in revenue you need to pay eight dollars per unit
that’s eight thousand dollars initial investment just for the inventory to
make that much money so that’s why this is a higher risk but it’s higher upside
to you right if you do well there you’ll make more money on the single product or
you make you find a product sell a product that makes ten thousand dollars
a month right maybe that product that makes $10,000 a month stay sells for $30
as well so that’s three hundred three hundred thirty three units per month and
then at the same cost eight dollars to make you’re looking at $2,600 had to
check my math $2,600 initial investment here so it’s you’re looking eight
thousand versus twenty six hundred initial investment so you to balance
that out so that’s why it’s I’m very important to know what’s your budget
what’s your goals so you can understand looking at the sale signs and the
opportunity balance and now that you understand that what we’re gonna do is
actually start looking for products I’m gonna show you how to do that right now
okay so the way we’re gonna look for products there’s a lot of different ways
okay I actually did a video over here seven different way
literate products there’s a lot of different methods that I use to find
products okay and dig and dig and dig but when you’re just starting out for
your first two weeks I always suggest master one method because every method
has their own little nuances and their own little things that you can do to
understand and master and it can get disorganized
so what I would suggest is pick one method stick with it and get really good
at in that method I like to suggest is using viral launch of product discovery
now the violence product discovery is the web app where you can enter a bunch
of filters and it’ll spit up products for you and the reason I tell people to
do this is because it’s the easiest way to stay organized all the other methods
you’re kind of offering when you’re kind of going freehand whereas with a product
discovery you can keep it organized right you can keep your searches and
mark it down and know exactly that you’re sweeping every inch very
calculated right so you can look at products that cost 18 to 20 hours then
you know 19 to 21 then 20 to 22 look at revenues from 7,000 8,000 9,000 monthly
you know average reviews from 75 to 110 you can sweep very strategically and
that’s way you know you’re covering all your bases and you’re not missing and
out want anything so I like to tell you about master that first do that first
and this is exactly how you’re gonna do that so now what we’re gonna do we’re in
product discovery now if you go through your web app you’re probably looking at
this they had a tutorial and you’re wondering okay how do I use this so the
first thing you’re gonna do is put out your filters so really cook if you don’t
know how this works so there’s a product search there’s a keyword search there’s
a brand search under the category search all of them look the same they have
different filters right and the only difference is that if you search product
you’re gonna get a product in return if you search keywords they’re going to
give you keywords if you search brand they’re gonna give you brands and if you
start category can you guess what they’re gonna give
you so what we’re gonna use this product because product is the easiest one for
people to understand newcomers to understand and it is again it’s very
easy to use okay so what you’re gonna do is fill out your categories that you
want to search now the first rule of this very exclusive club right I’ll call
it product finding club the first rule of the club is that you don’t listen to
any goddamn rules okay so the biggest mistake I see beginners make is they
find the first youtube video that they come across on YouTube maybe it was this
one and they see some guy like saying only click baby and it never click books
never click this definitely click this one
and that is a bunch of you know bogus just go through it and you can go ahead
and stop us pause the video copy my exact categories if you want for now
this is someone I like to look at some people don’t like looking at baby things
so they don’t click baby right that’s fine the next thing is to do with these
filters so the monthly sales price and review counts same thing first rule of
Fight Club I mean product finding Club is don’t
don’t worry too much about this right so I’m gonna go ahead and say month minimum
monthly sales per unit is like three hundred units three hundreds a month
that I want to see someone selling right the next is price so anywhere between
like you know eighteen bucks to thirty three bucks and then I’ll change this up
right so sometimes I’ll do thirty seven sometimes I’ll do 35 sometimes I’ll do
35 oh four or oh five right so just don’t be so stuck and on these rules and
make them like hard and fast rules that could have to be under a pound it has to
be this I have to me that because rules are meant to be broken right so we’re
gonna go ahead and go review count maximum I want to see like 120 okay so
what we do here now is that we have the categories we have our filters put in
here all you gotta do is press show me the products right and when viral watch
is gonna do is gonna show you products so never I told you there’s two steps to
this process the first step to the process was clicking these little
buttons and filling out these little forms okay step number one complete now
the second step does process to find you products it’s a two-step process right
the next step is to just scroll so you entered all this in next thing you’re
just gonna look for products it’s that simple so don’t worry about again the
crazy hacks are crazy tools and tricks all you gotta do is go through this and
then look at the product on Amazon and look at some metrics determine if this
is a product that you want to be selling step to scroll again so I’m gonna try to
find something for you guys that we can work with fabric fabric pot grow bags
let’s go click that and then what I’ll do I’ll click them on Amazon and I’ll
actually just keep scrolling so I can kind of check them all at the same time
all right so our page like 21 we’re gonna check out this document frame
right loading narrow document frame so if you
an Amazon okay so let’s go to our product that we opened up so this one is
the heavy you thickened fabric pots fabric pots
grow bags so we’re a keyword here we’re gonna enter that into there see what it
comes out okay so we’re looking for the most relevant a highest volume keyword
so grow bags 14,000 searched case so let’s look for grow bags maybe that’s
what that’s the proper term for this right so go ahead grow bags oops I could
spell bags right so it looks like the exactly the product right I don’t even
know what this is for but we know how to impress the drop-down see what it looks
like very interesting product never heard of it before
alright so we got our drop-down down you can see the program via score right you
can see the search volume here so it’s for now product IDs score what you’re
gonna see is that you can be competing at these top guys do the outliers right
so these guys have literally thousands of reviews right they’re making hundreds
of thousand dollar of dollars every single month and then as you come down
it’s like 300 all the way down there’s so many guys with 200 plus reviews for
first product is probably a little bit you competitive so I would avoid that
one right now what I what I mention really quickly about this is that the
first product you find is not always gonna be the product right like I use
this product discovery as the top of this of the funnel if you see it as a
funnel you put in a bunch of products the top of the funnel and only a few
come out at the bottom right so this is the top of the funnel we’re loading it
that top of the funnel and we treat it like a web so we’ll find the one product
like the you know thick this and well maybe we’ll scroll down and see okay
what maybe that was in the product but maybe there’s something related to it
that that could be well right like I don’t know
smart five to get a smart pots five yeah obviously that’s a brand name we’re
gonna do that but you look for something with more searches you know and see if
there’s anything else relate to that or you click on the product here and then
you see what products are related to this product you know in the related
section right sponsor project related to this and you keep on going maybe these
gloves or maybe these clips or whatever it may be and you go from there right so
this is just the top of the funnel now let’s try that last product before we
leave this video alone let’s see what this was so narrow document frame
alright so we’ll go into the keyword tool again and we’re gonna go ahead and
sir document frame talk to me in frame and
we’re gonna see what comes up here so here’s a perfect example we search the
document frame right maybe we looked it up on Amazon it looks great right but
then you realize that a better keyword for this would be diploma frame great
but probably the number one document that people are framing is their diploma
right so let’s no go ahead and search diploma frame and so Zack Zack Zack was
talking about a top of the funnel right we found a product called a document
frame and then from that we found action something called the diploma frame now
whether this is a good product or not besides the point okay so now we’re
gonna pull up the violence keyword and let’s see what it does sorry about the
loading my computer has a problem with this loading when I record videos so
bear with me boom all right so we’re loaded up and we
got another four and a half opportunity score right that’s two out of three now
I don’t trust opportunity score too much but what I do trust again about to score
or the idea score is nice it’s a nice little idea that you know you’re on the
right track but do not put too much weight that what we’re gonna look at is
the review the reviews of the revenue again right so let’s look at that again
and you can see from the very first one this is the kind of stuff I’m looking
for 54 reviews $15,000 right and these guys without lies of course these guys
are crazy reviews and then we’re looking for where you fit it so sixty eight
reviews $54,000 alright that is literally great right sixty-eight
reviews 32,000 now it’s filtered by reviews and see if there’s how deep it
goes right you want to see how much depth is in this market so we’re gonna
filter reviews review quantity right so filter it out
we got like probably 10 and then we hit a hundred right so from 140 for us what
we’re looking at which is good right so fourteen thousand dollars in sales eight
thousand dollars in sales right as we go down this is literally a perfect to look
at right it’s exactly what we’re looking for it’s
a perfect example right there’s three products into this we did this in real
time we got these products 54 reviews 15,000 54 reviews 14,000 which is we go
deeper great it tapers off 20 reviews they’re still making seven thousand nine
thousand dollars a month as we go down to about eleven reviews eighteen
thousand dollars right so this is the kind of stuff that you’re looking for
two reviews 9 grand right so that was where I partnered via score is probably
accurate right now the great thing about this product it’s $33 a $33 average
price right and it’s a picture frame so the two sources cannot be that that
expensive on Alibaba right so this is exactly the two-step process what did I
tell you right it’s not complex it’s not hard it’s a two-step process
so to recap it you enter your filters into product discovery and you click
show me the products right then once you do that that’s the first step all you I
do now is scroll and look scroll and look right you scroll and look and you
if you find a product viewer on Amazon and you check it out now secondary steps
don’t forget to do is go to keyword research right go to keyword research
and use this to make sure you’re looking at the most relevant keyword with the
highest volume of searches for this item then you go to Amazon you pull up your
viral launch market intelligence so these three this trifecta of viral on
software all in one right link below get in this count discovery keyword and then
market intelligence and then boom you find product like this that are
literally making fifty thousand dollars a month with like 40 reviews or whatever
the crazy one we saw at the top there earlier was right so this is exactly how
it’s done guys all right so now you know how to use viral launch how do you look
for the sale signs how to look for the opportunity balance and this is what
you’re going to be doing for your first two weeks so whatever your day one is
count 14 days from there that’s what you’re gonna be doing for the for that
amount of time hopefully you’re able to a lot an hour to two hours a day to do
this and if you’re able to do that you will hundred percent have at least 20
products lined up okay if you’re actually doing this every day you will
have at least 20 products minimum lined up that have you know great sale signs
great opportunity balance have a decent amount of reviews so you’re not you know
it’s not too much competition and and you’ll go from there by the way I do
want to mention about opportunity balance the one thing you don’t want to
see is a market where there’s a few sellers doing really well and then no
sellers doing good at all that is kind of the telltale sign that this is not a
market you want to enter in because that’s saying hey I need to be the top
of the market here to do well there’s no room for failure right and why are these
other people not doing well so that’s what I want to mention because I forgot
to mention that earlier okay so now again we’re on to week number
three and what we’re doing now is we’re gonna
you are product research we’re going to start doing more heavy product
validation so the list of products that you collected and accumulated over week
one and week two you’re going to start sending them through the wringer for the
three remaining pillars so that is the profitability the grand-slam screen and
the empire potential so the check profitability all you need to do is go
to the Amazon FBA calculator okay and I’ll throw it up on the screen right now
and show you what it looks like so what you’re gonna do we’re gonna put in the a
sin of the product you can find the a sin on the when you click on a product
on Amazon it’s the number that follows its to be 0 that’s the a sin okay you’re
gonna put that into the Amazon calculator and it’s gonna spit that
product out and then after that you’re gonna just enter the cost of the product
well you’re gonna sell it for and then click enter and Amazon’s going to spit
out all the fees and that are associated with that product and then you can even
enter the cost of the product you’re gonna sell it for so your to find the
cost of product all you do go to Alibaba comm search the product and get the
average cost so if like $1 to $3 some of them are showing you know 59 cents to
forward all or some of them are showing whatever look at a decent average and
throw that in there this is just for your estimating right and later on we’re
gonna get a better estimate or we’re gonna get the real quote but for now
just get the estimate put that in there and then for enter something for
shipping put like three dollars for shipping always try to overestimate in a
product right and then again later on reading out the real shipping quote and
it will you see the better profitability but for now it’s all you’re gonna do
click calculate and that’s gonna show you the profitability of a product right
I like to aim for at least 50% on profitability somewhere between you know
like 37 to 50% profitability is gonna be looking good enough and that’s how you
gonna check profitability if it’s not profitable if it’s like you know 20
percent or less I would probably move that product on to something else okay
next look at the grand slam screen so the grand slam screen is really the
biggest key to success for your Amazon product the grand slam what I call a
grand slam is a is creating a product not just a product but an offer an offer
that is above the rest you hear like people say homerun product
right there’s really no such thing as an individual home run product but what
there is is a grand slam or your in making this
for better so for example it’s not just a mouse it’s it’s more than that you’re
creating an offer that’s more whether that is increasing the durability the
functionality the size the quantity the quality increasing adding a something to
it to make it a bundle there’s a lot of different ways to differentiate a
product and I did another video of it right over here I can’t cover it today
in this video because it’s like a half an hour video because this really is
like over 13 different ways to make your product stand out but this is what
you’re gonna go through and ask yourself how can I make this different so you
have these products that have great sales signs have a great opportunity
balance look profitable right the past the profitability check now you’re
looking at the market saying if I was to launch this product how can I stand out
over all the other products in the market what is gonna make a customer buy
my product over the competitors products that is the key question of the
grand-slam screen so you’re passing it through the screen to see if you can
make a grand slam offer not just a copycat offer because it copycat offers
are what are gonna make you lose now a big mistake that people make is that
they’re gonna say oh I’m just going to sell it for cheaper now that is a way to
differentiate that is a way to make it a grand slam but that cannot be the only
way because if you are only focused on price anyone can match your price anyone
can undercut your price right and more often than not sometimes you can
actually have a higher price and that will be better for your sells because
people are seeing you as premium right people are seeing us quality people are
gonna associate price with quality so we’re gonna play with price and make
sure you’re testing both ends of the spectrum
okay so grass sunscreen is looking how can you differentiate how can you be
better how can you be different than the other offers on the market and then
finally you’re gonna be looking at the Empire potential so at this point you
have your list that you made in the first two weeks right 20 are sold
products and then you continue to add products throughout week three right
you’re still doing top of the funnel and then you’re taking these products and
then you’re pushing them through the profitability their grants on string and
then the empire potential by the time you get down to empire potential you
should have a very narrow list of products right maybe five or three
products an empire potential is looking at the products now that have the
potential to build an empire off of a potential to build a lasting brand right
these are not just one-off products so say you have three
right you have a mouse you have a recorder and you have this money gun
right because empty there’s no money in that now you’re gonna see between these
three products they all pass the first four pillars we’re gonna see which one
can you actually build a brand off of which one can you create a entire
product line off of with good products so start looking at related products
start looking at different niches within these products and start seeing okay are
there other ways I can go to create something more than this product what is
my next product in succession after this product and once you figure that out say
you know you’ll have one or two of these that have great products and what I mean
by that is you still want these follow-up products to pass the other
pillars so do you want this follow-up product to be good products standalone
right you want them to all pass the five pillars on the grounds I’m screen and
all makes sense for you to launch individually but also complement each
other in your brand so once you find out what product has the best Empire
potential that is probably the product that you’re going to start actually
pursuing more okay but as you still week three you’re still adding to the top of
the funnel but you’re also validating as you go through it so now we’re at week
number four so you’re 28 days in right 28 days later either scary or it’s it’s
really awesome for you so now we’re looking at products so the top of the
funnel work is done week 1 2 3 you went to the top of the funnel week 3 started
validating more heavily in week 4 you’re gonna take whatever list you have now
whatever remainder of the list you have and you’re going to pass them all and
validate them all throughout the five pillars to really nail and narrow down
what are your your your leaders what are the ones that are leading the pack for
you in terms of you know potential so at this point your list should be anywhere
from you know two to six products the narrower the better but at this point
you can take this product and start reaching up to the suppliers contacting
suppliers and getting more accurate quotes so all you gotta do is go to
Alibaba comm right click the little blue button I’ll pull up a video of me doing
this right now I click the little blue button that
looks like the messenger button and just reach out to them and say hey I’m
looking at ordering so in so many units of this product and you give me a quote
for this many units okay and it’s all I need to do and then you’ll start opening
a conversation with these suppliers now the reason I do it like this and not a
complicated you know send out a supplier template and a manufacturer template on
first contact is because when typically find that when I tell people to send out
a long thought-out manufacturer or supplier outreach template they start to
overthink it it starts to become complicated and it starts to bog down
the process and really it’s all about speed right now so just message
suppliers open that communication open that contact and so you can start
actually talking them and really start narrowing down who is gonna talk to you
who’s gonna give you codes who’s you know who’s responsive because that’s all
about speed so just start getting replies start reaching out start making
contact and then you can start getting quotes and really narrowing down further
the profitability and looking at the numbers closer so once you’ve gone
through that process week four you got more numbers your list of six seven
products and really be down to three or three or two or so okay and now that you
have a really good short list of products three to three or less we’re
gonna be moving on to week number five we’re getting really close now to your
seventh week your product is almost ready to be launched you have a good
short list of products that are really validated and you know have a really
good opportunity of making you money on Amazon and what we’re doing now is
closer supplier negotiation so first you were just reaching out to get numbers
right you’re looking to get soft numbers that they could offer you see what moq
was and things like that and now we’re doing is looking at how we can negotiate
and talk about differentiation so you already know that the Empire or the
granzymes screen was part of the process and looking at how you can differentiate
so now we’re take that differentiation whatever it was whether it is increased
quality you know increased functionality fixing some common flaws that you saw in
you know negative reviews of this product or you know increasing the
quantity you know things like that changing the color whatever it may be
you’re gonna now talk to the supplier about these differentiations and see
what they can do for you how they can make different and what they’re gonna
charge you for these different differentiations because the more you
know extreme the differentiation the more expensive it’s gonna be for you to
manufacture right these suppliers need to create different you have different
components and and change the assembly line do different things depending on
how different your differentiation is so start talking supplies about how you
wanna make a product different see what they can do for you see what supplier
can produce the best quality and and make the changes that you want while
still being within a reasonable price okay so your talk to you all your
suppliers that you have maybe for a single you have three products and each
product you have five suppliers talk to each of them and start narrowing it down
see what’s the most cost effective and then it’s keep referring back to your
goals and and your budget and see what makes the most sense for you okay at the
end of the day you’re just trying to see what makes the most sense for you and
that gives you the best opportunity to succeed and by the end of the week right
by the end of the seven days of the fifth week you should now finalize your
products so if you had three products you had two products and you had five
suppliers take it down to your one product this is now your finalized you
picked your winning Amazon product okay and at this point what you do you’re
gonna talk to your top three suppliers and you’re going to get samples okay
samples are key it’s very very important to get samples don’t skip this step
because I skip this step and it burned me three times I didn’t get samples
three times I got burned because I didn’t want to pay a hundred bucks to
get a sample I ended up losing three thousand dollars in products so please
don’t skip a step get your samples from all three of them it might be expensive
it might be anywhere from fifty to hundred bucks because you know it’s a
single product they got to ship it internationally but whatever supplier
you go with they’ll probably most likely reimburse you that sample cost when you
place your main order so get your samples sent to you and that will
conclude week number five so we’ve number six it’s kind of the fun
week because you found your products you did all the heavy lifting
you got your suppliers to send your samples now yours waiting right so
you’re waiting for the samples to arrive in this week what you’re gonna be doing
is working on your design and your branding right so you’ve got probably
unbranded samples sent to you so now you can work on creating your logo creating
your box creating the face of your brand what people are going to be seeing when
they’re clicking on your listing and looking at your product and determining
if this is something premium for this is something quality right it’s also what
they’re gonna be leaving if they order your product I’m
gonna tell them hey this is actually a premium brand this is not just some
cheap you know Chinese private label that stuck a sticker onto it and they’re
selling me a box of crap this is someone or a company that is actually putting
effort and putting time and thought into this into this product right so creating
a great box design and then create a great logo to put on that box and to put
on your product is very very important so don’t skip out on this so you can go
to Fiverr you can go to upwork that’s what I did my first few products but you
get what you pay for right so five is a little cheaper it’s kind of lower
quality right and the thing with that is that some of these five designers don’t
really know what you know how to design properly for products how to design for
Amazon how to design boxes that are gonna pop sometimes putting a box on
actual listing is a great way to make your listing stand out so what I like to
do is use a website called outline manic calm now outline manic is a website
actually designed for Amazon sellers that’s actually created for us doing us
business they know everything that needs to be done to create a great box it’s
gonna pop on Amazon all the rules and regulations everything need like the you
know the fxq they made in China and all the ingredients everything that needs to
be done to make sure your box fits within the rules and it looks beautiful
at the same time outline magnet can and will do it for you and if you don’t
already have a logo they do have a package where you can do a logo and a
box and that’s what I typically suggest for people that are new or if you
already have a logo you wanted to make the box go ahead and just do the Box
alone and if you want to go and use automatic again there Italy in the
description it’s gonna give you 20% off that’s the highest outline Matic like a
discount there is in the world right now so make sure to go ahead and use that
link in description if you wanna use outline Matic together a discount they
are the best way to go but again if you wanna use Fiverr you want these upward
go ahead that’s what I use but you get way pay for the quality is you know the
purpose in the pudding so that’s where all your doing week six you’re just
trading the branding and you’re waiting okay so now we’re on to week number
seven the final week you’re ready to go basically because now the samples have
arrived if you put in your order for your your design they should be done by
now as well so now you’re gonna do is evaluate your samples where you order
samples from different suppliers now take the week and break test them play
around with them fidget with them you know use them get
some use out of them try to get some wear and tear and see which one is
really the best which one is provided the best quality for and then evaluate
that based on the you know versus the price and this is what you’re gonna pick
the supplier that you’re gonna probably hopefully have a long-term relationship
with it so make sure you pick the best one take your time with this my best
advice is to give it to someone else give it to a friend family to evaluate
and really look at it because when you’re too close to the project it gets
easy to have that you know tunnel vision and not really notice things that
someone that’s brand-new that doesn’t know what the product is we’ll see so I
like to give it to my girlfriend like to give it to my friends and then you know
ask them if they like it if there’s anything wrong and right away they’ll
start seeing things that I never noticed right it’s like when you want to buy a
car you you see the good things until you know you bring someone along and
they say hey what’s wrong with this what’s wrong what’s wrong with this you
like whoa I didn’t even notice that make sure you’re really testing it give me
the other people getting second opinions and then end the week you’re gonna
finalize and pick which one you want to go with and now all you need to do is go
back to the supplier you picked send them your logo send them your box design
and say hey I’m ready to order place my order for so in so many units
and send them off to Amazon and now you have your product ready being created
ready to go and launch and that is the execution plan for how to have an Amazon
product ready to be launched in seven weeks so you can go from zero to making
money on Amazon fast now that’s the key is fast because it’s all about execution
all the information all the plans in the world aren’t going to help you if you’re
not going to execute on them so make sure make the commitment if you want to
actually make us work for you go ahead get your day zero your day one written
down and start following the plan I gave you everything you need in this video
this is it right you don’t need to look that much harder this is it it’s all
right here so go ahead use it take it to your advantage and then please it just
do one thing for me to make sure this whole thing works out you just have to
go ahead and hit that like button alright smash that if this video helped
you out if you enjoyed it let me know in the comment below as well what you think
where you are in your process are you already a few weeks in you know where
are you signed up on and how can I help you that’s all I’m here
for put down the comments below and I’ll be sure to help now if you want
something else more content just like this click that video right over there
or click my face to subscribe to become an Empire Builder and for all your
Empire bills out there don’t forget that your empire awaits I’m desi Franco I’ll
see you the next one


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