Complete Youtube Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019

Complete Youtube Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019

In this video, you gonna learn about YouTube
Affiliate Marketing for a beginner, we are starting right now. What’s going on? If you’re a regular watcher, welcome to another video. If you’re new to my channel, my name is Mike,
make sure you hit the red subscribe button if you want to learn more about how to make
money online, tips and trick. With that out of the way, we’re gonna talk
about how to make money on YouTube especially affiliate marketing. Now, real quick, let me know down in the comment,
are you as a beginner or you make some money with YouTube already. Alright, let’s get into today topic. As you know, a lot of YouTubers out there,
they’re looking to make money by monetizing ad and become a YouTube partner. And you think you can make a lot of money
through AdSense and start making a living, you won’t. I only look at AdSense as a bonus for me but
not replace my whole income. That is why Affiliated is easy and is fastest
way to make money on YouTube. Today I’m gonna show you 5 step with you. There will be a bonus at the end of this video,
so keep on watching. Start with number one; find your niche. It’s much easier to work on something that
you’re passionate about. When you’re passion, you usually have a knowledge
about it and this definitely helps. When you’re curious enough, you tend to looking
for in depth about a topic around your passion, you’ll always find yourself going to the next
level. I have a new YouTube video talking
about three badass niche you should check out right here. You don’t have to follow my niche or other
people. Find a thing that you like, let me give you
example; there are some weird niche but they do make you money like porn addiction, game
addiction, review product on Amazon, health and fitness niche and so much more. After you decide what is your niche, here
is the two question you should ask yourself; what topic I see myself make content, twenty-five,
fifty, a hundred video about? And the reason why? Because it’s gonna be hard for you if you
won’t passion into the topic that you’re talking about. You’re gonna make the same content over and
over again, so something to thinking about. Second question; Are there affiliate programs
in this niche? You might come up with an idea for your niche
that you know a lot about but are they affiliate programs for this niche? No affiliate program equal no sale. That brings me to number two; Research Affiliate
program. Choose affiliate program can take a lot of
time but don’t be afraid to invest significant amount of time into it because this is where
your income coming from. Choose the right program will make it worth
your while. There are two type of affiliate product; physical
products and digital products. There are two commonplace for physical product
for affiliate. I like to use Amazon associate and Walmart
affiliate link. They all range around 4% to 10% commission
if you are generating the sale. For the digital product, I like to use Clickbank
and JVZoo. Now, digital product gives you a better range,
range from about 50% to 75% commission if you generate the sale. Why? Because it is digital! The bottom line is this; the job of the vendor
is to make affiliate rich enable to do that, you have to earn it. Nothing comes for free without a load of effort
put into it. Step number three; creating an excellent content. Your goal for your YouTube channel is become
authority in your niche. The main way to do this is to consistently
produce unique high quality content. Let me show you some of the examples, let’s
hop into my computer. Let’s say that you are in YouTube and you’re
looking for buying a camera for YouTube video; you’re typing “camera for YouTube”. You can see here the list of video new and
by Sean and other people are talking about the best camera for YouTube. Now, these people are not gonna talk about
camera just for fun, they’re gonna get something out of it. Most of these people are Affiliate Marketers,
so check it out Sean video. Let me click on this video. You’re gonna listen to what Sean recommend,
which camera is the best for YouTube; “Best Camera for YouTube Canon M50 VS. Sony A6400”. You can see there’s a bunch of affiliate links. What this link are, his Amazon affiliate link
that go – direct you to go to the place that you can buy that camera. This affiliate link is a special link that
tie to your own ID that you set up with the company when you register with them. When someone click the link and then go to
the place that you can buy the camera, is can track it back to your link. They will give you a commission if somebody
decides to buy the camera. Let’s click on this link, it’s gonna direct
you to Amazon. Now pay attention to this; if you see the
website address here, you can see there’s a tag and it’s called httpthinktv-20. That is the ID for the person who promote
this products. What you can see, Think Media from Sean. If you will decide to buy this camera, Sean
will get commission because they know from the tag who prefer it. Here is another example, I want to show you
a digital space product. Fat decimator system is the weight loss
product towards to weight loss niche. This product is a top 10 bestseller on Clickbank. Since it is popular and it does make a lot
of sale, so people are going to review about it. Let’s click on the first video. This guy is talking about what he love about
this products and what he don’t like about this product. So, this is this like product review. When you scroll down, you will see the link
right here, “Get special discount on fat decimators” and when you click on it, this will direct
you to this page, Clickbank sales page for this product. You can see the web link right here, hop=camtrust#. This is his affiliate ID, so when he does
make the sale, Clinkbank will give him commission based on his affiliate ID. Step number four; Build an Audience. Building an audience on YouTube, some way
you will get follower naturally when you start to produce an excellent content. An interest audience will not only bring you
consistent traffic but also result in consistent sale for you. Now, to promote your content out there to
get more eyeball, the thing about promoting is the impression. The more impression you get, the more chance
you’re gonna get sale, this is the number of game. The beautiful part of YouTube is you can share
your content with a click on the button. Depending on your niche and industry, you
can choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so much more. The idea is this, find the place that your
audience interact the most. Building an email list; an email list is crucial
for every single affiliate marketers. You can start to build an email lists with
lead magnet or even encourage your audience to signing up for your update. The reason why email list is so important
because you are owning the list, no one owns the list but for you. What happen when one day YouTube decide to
shut down to YouTube channel? They have the right to do it, it is their
platform. What are you going to do? Owning something that you can control, it
is crucial for your business. How to build an email list? I will make another video for next time because
this is gonna take a while. Step number five; Rinse and Repeat. Now you have done step one to step four, step
five; keep doing what you’re doing. Yes, seriously, your ongoing work as affiliate
marketer, repeat step three to Step five regular basis. Build a strong YouTube channel to the point
where it can make you consistent income. It’s gonna take a lot of work and you must willing
to consistently create content, promoting, marketing, innovation and of course selling. Now, this may seem overwhelming and complicated
process, this is actually very simple in fact, if you wanna learn more detail about
affiliate marketing step by step and you are joining for free, here is the bonus; within
15 days, you will get your first commission. If you hungry enough, click the link on the
description of this video, I will share with you some of that information. If you want to learn more how to rank your
video higher on YouTube to get to the first page, then click the video right here, I will
show you some of the tips. Keep hustling, keep grinding, be the 1% taking
massive action and never give up. See you to the next vlog. Peace!


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