ConvertKit Demo by Pat Flynn (& Why it’s the Best Email Marketing Software) – Seva Demo

ConvertKit Demo by Pat Flynn (& Why it’s the Best Email Marketing Software) – Seva Demo

Hey what’s up everybody, Pat Flynn here from, and in this video I’m
gonna give you a quick demo of ConvertKit, a brand
new email service provider that I started using that
I’ve fallen in love with. And the reason is, well, it sends emails and allows you to build your email list like many other tools,
but ConvertKit is special. Because, one, it is extremely
easy to use and set up, it’s beautifully designed. Nathan Barry, creator, is a
UX or user experience designer and he’s made it incredibly
easy to understand. Number two, the statistics are incredible. It allows you to see
exactly what’s going on within all your campaigns,
and all your forms, and all your broadcasts, it’s
really easy to understand. Number three, and my favorite,
are the advanced features that come along with ConvertKit
for your email marketing, such as segmentation and tagging, which a lot of other tools have, but they’re more expensive
and more complicated to use. ConvertKit makes it extremely easy. So let me take a few
moments and show you round. (electronic music) All right, so here we
are inside ConvertKit. And you’ll notice right here at the top a section called Subscribers, which gives you a quick
snapshot of what’s going on in terms of the growth
of your subscriber base. So for example today I’ve
added 79 subscribers, over the last week, over the last 30 days, and in total how many I have. So that’s really great
to see, quick and easy. But also, this bar graph here has become very handy for me, actually. And I love this because
not only does it allow me to see certain trends, for
example that spike there, which corresponds with
a brand new lead magnet that I just came out with. But also, if I hover over the different colored sections of this bar graph, I can see exactly what forms
are driving the subscribers into my email list that particular day. So for example, the large chunk here is email the smart way,
which is that lead magnet that I came out with that
particular day, like I said. Same thing for the next day. So you can notice certain trends and see exactly where those
people are coming from and what forms people are going into to subscribe to your list,
which is really handy. Down here you’ll notice
a section called Forms, and this is where you
can create open forms and then embed them on your website. And it also has a really nice way of keeping track of the stats for you for each of those forms too. So for example for this form
here which is called Book Club which is where people can subscribe to become part of my book club and get my book club emails. This particular form
has seen 2,775 visitors, it has been subscribed to 915 times and has a 33% conversion
rate, which is pretty cool. And like the bar graph
above, I can hover over just the bottom part here,
you’ll notice this is colored and is actually a line graph too, showing me just what has been happening over the last few days in terms of the number of subscribers. Which is really, really cool and handy. Now I wanna walk you
through what it’s like to create a form real fast. Now you could also create a landing page which is fully hosted by convert kit, but for now we’re gonna create a form that you can embed
anywhere on your website. You can customize the copy here, you can add your own
images and descriptions, but for now let’s go into the settings, and there’s a lot of options here, I’m gonna name this really fast. Let’s for example say this
is for your Start Here page. And the cool thing about this is you can redirect people to
another page quite simply, just by placing a link there. But most importantly,
what I love most about this particular option here in ConvertKit, is you can have people
subscribe to a particular course through this specific form. So a course, by ConvertKit’s definition, is essentially a sequence of
emails that you’ve set up. And I have a number of
those already set up. I’ll show you those in just a second. But when you set those up,
those become options here. So when people subscribe
through this form, I want them to go into my
Level Zero Nurture list, or course, for example. Those are people who
are just starting out, and I know if they subscribe
on the Start Here page I can put them directly into
that particular email sequence that is specific for them. I can also have an incentive email. So for example, this is
what is traditionally called a double opt-in. Now what’s cool about
this is you could actually upload a file that people get immediately. So if you have a lead magnet, for example, when people subscribe to get
an ebook or something like that you can upload that file, and the act of people
downloading that file, which comes in that first email, becomes their way of confirming themselves onto that list. So if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it, but again, this just makes it really simple for you to have people
confirm their email. Because they get this email, it says hey, just wanna make sure you’re human. Well here’s that download link, and when they click on that download link, which is actually a button in that email, it confirms them for you. So you actually save a step there too, which is really cool. You can change the styling, and you can also embed it on your website. This is where you get the embed code. There’s also a WordPress
plugin that makes it easy for you to do that too. You can create a Twitter card,
if you know how to do that, and there are other options
to duplicate the form if you wanna put in on another page and just have it be able to keep track of the stats on that page. You can archive it if you’re done with it, and you can also delete it too, which is what I’m gonna do now. Now the last thing I wanna
show you related to the forms, and actually I’ve just noticed that I’ve collected a few more subscribers since we started this
recording, which is pretty cool. But I’m gonna click on this form there, because it’ll show me
some more information about the stats related
to this particular form. So if I click on
subscribers here at the top, what you’ll end up seeing
is some more stats. So you’ve already seen these, these are what’s shown
on the dashboard there. But I also see my top
referring websites too. So I understand now which other websites are driving traffic and subscribers
to this particular form, which is super powerful. So I can see that a lot
of people are coming in from my resource page, from Actually, that’s the number one thing. Unknown, which is probably
a private Google user, for example. A particular post on
SmartPassiveIncome, and also Google. Again, some really cool stats that other email service providers
don’t really show you, or make it very difficult to find. Okay, so here we are
back on the dashboard. And I wanna show you
now the Courses section, which is where you can create
different email sequences for different purposes. So for example, I have
different email sequences based on the different types of people who I know are in my audience. So Level Zero, for example, are people who have yet to start on all my business, and I have a specific
email sequence for them. It lasts currently 42
days, with nine emails. So it’s essentially nine emails
that span across 42 days. And you can see a lot
of the stats here too, which makes it very easy
to see what’s going on. So 11,000 plus subscribers,
with an open rate of 58.7%. 9.7% click-through rate
and 614 unsubscribes. But let’s get into this and show you exactly what’s going on inside. So here are each of
the emails that go out. This one is immediately
after subscription, four days after, nine days after. You can set these to
however many days you want. And all these emails go out. Again, these are nine emails
across the span of 42 days. And what’s really cool
is you can easily see these sequences, you can
rearrange them if you want. People don’t get double emails ever, and you can add new
emails to the sequences, and the editor is just really easy to use. And it just makes it so simple, I don’t know why other
email service providers aren’t like this. But here’s the really cool part. I’m gonna click on reports up here, on the upper right hand corner, and you get to see some of
the magic of what I love most about ConvertKit. So I’m gonna clear that, click on reports. And this shows me exactly,
with each of these emails that I’ve created, the
open rate for each of them, the click-through rate,
and the number of sends, the number of unsubscribes. So I can quickly see if
there are any anomalies, which ones to address,
if there are any ones that for some odd reason there
is a lot of unsubscribers. Like for example this one, I might be able to address
that and change that. It also give me some of the quick stats that I mentioned earlier there. But this is so easy to
see what’s going on. So again, I love this. Now there are other
settings you can do too. For example, when these
emails go out, what time. You can exclude particular subscribers from getting this course. So for example if people
are already customers, I don’t necessarily have to have them go through a Nurture sequence, which tries to sell them stuff that they’ve already purchased. So that makes it really easy here, I can exclude based on different tags, other courses people are in,
forms they subscribed through, and that sort of thing. So that’s that, I’m gonna cancel cause I
don’t wanna change anything. Same thing here with Level One Nurture. This is currently eight
emails in the span of 35 days. And same thing with the reports, I can get a quick snapshot
of what’s going on, what the click-through rates are, and all that sort of stuff. So again, very very simple,
and very easy to use. Now I’m gonna click here on Broadcasts, to show you exactly where
the broadcast emails go out, and these are emails that you send out at a particular moment in time. Like right now, or whenever you’d like. Of course it gives you
some great statistics on previous broadcasts that you’ve sent. You can also view reports
of those particular broadcasts too, and you can also send to unopened. So people who have not opened it, you can just click one button
to send to those unopeneds. I know a lot of people who like to use that particular tool. It’s kind of a hack in other
email service providers, that a lot of people use,
well this one is just simply, you just push a button and that’s it. Now let’s go back to broadcasts and create a new broadcast. There’s a lot of things you can do here. You can select which people you want to receive it for example. Let’s say I’m sending
an email out to people who I know are feature podcasters, and I wanna make sure I exclude people that are in Level Zero Nurture. So I wanna send these to people who say that they’re
going to start a podcast, they haven’t started one yet. I know that because I’ve
collected that information based off of tags that
I’ve had people self-select into over time. I’ll show you exactly how that works in the automation section in just a sec. But I don’t wanna send to
people who are just starting out because I don’t wanna
overwhelm them, so that’s that. So I’m gonna hit Next Step. And then I get to do
my email here, my copy. I can select from a
template or I can create one if I’d like, and I can
test this email out. If I want I can send it
to a particular email to get a preview. Now I’m not gonna go ahead and do that. Everything in the Broadcast
area is pretty straightforward. But again, the powerful
part is quickly and easily being able to send to particular segments and excluding particular segments. So I’m actually going to delete this email because I don’t wanna send
an email out right now. Okay, next let’s click on Subscribers to get some information about those who are on my email list. Now the most useful part
here are these tags. This is where you can create new tags and be able to start to
define different parts of your audience based
off of certain interests, or what they’ve done, or
actions that they’ve taken. For example, I can see
there are 5,000 people who are in my book
club, so whenever I have a book club email, I just
send to that particular tag. There are people who are
interested in a weekend digest, over 11,000 of them actually, who wanna get a summary of
my content every weekend. I’ve also tagged people
based on interests. For example, this one
here, email marketing. These are people I’ve tagged as being interested in email marketing based off of a particular form they’ve gone into, which is the one for that lead magnet that I talked about earlier,
Email the Smart Way. Now I have 10,000 people who are tagged as being interested in email marketing. So if I come out with
a course in the future, or I have a course to promote
that I’m an affiliate for that involves email marketing, I can just quickly say, hey ConvertKit, send this email to these tags, or these people who are
tagged with being interested in email marketing,
and I know what to say. I could say hey, thank you for downloading Email the Smart Way,
check out this new thing. And there’s some other tags here too. The other cool thing about
the subscriber section here is that actually I can click
on a particular subscriber and get some information about them. For example, if I click on this one, I can see that this person subscribed on this particular form,
I can see that this is the email that they’ve received already, that they’ve got it delivered. And you can also see which
ones they’ve clicked on or haven’t opened yet. You can also see what tags
they’ve been added to, and you can also add them to new tags and also delete them from here too. All right, and I’ve
saved the best for last, let’s talk about these automations. This is something that other
email service providers either leave out completely, or make really hard to execute, which then you don’t end
up using them anyway. But ConvertKit like everything
else makes it super easy. So to show you, I’m just
gonna click on Add Rule, don’t worry about this other stuff, it’ll all make sense in just a second. I’m gonna click plus add rule, and quite simply you can see here. On the left-hand side,
when this event happens, there’s a number of different
things that can happen below, this action happens. And again, the way this
is set up just makes it really easy to understand. So for example, if somebody
subscribes to a form, and I select the book club form, I can add a tag to that person, which is the book club tag. Very easy. If people click on a particular link that I wanna put in an email. So for example, that link is H-T-T-P,, which is about affiliate marketing. This is session 41 affiliate marketing, I can have them tagged as being interested in affiliate marketing, which allows me to collect
more information about them. So for example, the email might be about affiliate marketing,
if they wanna learn more, click on this link, so
let’s get rid of that. If people have a tag added,
they can remove themselves from another tag. So if people are tagged as
subscribing to one course, I can untag them from another, so they stop getting those emails. If somebody becomes a customer, so let’s say somebody purchases a product, and right now I have it just
integrated with Gumroad, if somebody purchases
the smart podcast player, I can remove a tag. So I can remove the smart
podcast player interested tag which takes them off
of that email sequence, which then tries to sell them that product that they’ve already purchased. So again, like I said there’s
a lot of different things you can do here. There’s also the digest
email you can set up, if a new RSS post comes out, you can have it create a broadcast draft that then you can send out. Let’s see, what else could you do here. If they complete a course, let’s say you have a
seven-day email course. If they complete that and
they get to the very end, then you can have them
unsubscribed from something or subscribed to a completely new course, or add a tag as being completed, and then you can send them new stuff. And again, so many things you can do, and ConvertKit is adding things every day to make email marketing experience better. I’ve found so much success already through using ConvertKit,
and I recommend it for you, if you’re just starting out even. Because a lot of these features, which used to be very difficult
to use and understand, like you can see here, ConvertKit
makes it extremely easy. If you are interested in ConvertKit, and you go through this
link, I do get a commission. That link is And that’s at no extra cost to you, but I do get paid a commission, I just wanna be completely
up front with that. And also, I’m here to
answer your questions too, so if you’re watching this on YouTube, ask a question below, I’ll
do my best to answer it. If you’re watching this on the SPI blog, go ahead and leave a question
in the comments section. Or if you wanna send me an email, that’s totally fine too. Happy to help, because I
really believe in this product. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into really understanding
which email service provider best suits me and a
lot of other people too and I’ve landed on one that I feel like is great for everybody. So go ahead and check it out,, and I look forward to seeing
how you are able to use it, and again, like I said,
ConvertKit’s coming out with a lot of other
stuff in the future too to make our lives even easier. So hopefully this is helpful, cheers I appreciate you, and again, that affiliate link one more time, which I do get a commission from if you do go through that link is Thank you so much, and I’ll
see you in the next video.


  1. Great demo and glad to get a look into how you're using ConvertKit. It would be nice if they had a community forum so users could help each other with specific functionalities and strategies. I feel like I've been bugging their support team too much!

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    It is clean, which is really nice. One reason is because it doesn't do everything other email systems do. Granted, all that other stuff the big email service providers do you probably won't use much of anyways. But ConvertKit is not trying to be an Aweber or Mailchimp. It's meant to be for the internet marketer. Which is cool. My issues were that is was much more expensive than other email service providers, support could take an hour or a full day, there is very little documentation and training (which means you need to ask for support often), I was finding that a higher percentage of my emails were going to spam then with my previous email provider, and it is fairly new so integration with other systems is not available yet, meaning you might need to pay for a third party integration program like Zapier to start.

    On the flip side, the affiliate payout is awesome! Obviously. Also, as more videos like this one that Pat has done become available, it should make ConvertKit easier to use for new account holders. I had ConvertKit for over a month and I didn't know it could do some of the things Pat mentions in the video. Why? Because there is no training guide or training videos to show me. ConvertKit mentions a training academy on a few of their pages, but that no longer exists, so I couldn't take advantage of that. I think as they grow support should get better and integration with other systems is already getting better. The price, however, is sticking point for me, even if everything else improves.

    I think theses guys will do very well, especially as ConverKit improves. They do have a 60 day money back guarantee, so it's worth trying out. It is super easy to move subscribers between email service providers. You just may find it's the perfect solution for you, and that you don't agree with my take on it at all.

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