Could You Really Not Just Put This In An Email?

Could You Really Not Just Put This In An Email?

We broke our backs to get here,
And you didn’t say for what You said this was important but it seems that
it is not, You were rather vague on what this small liaison
would entail, But could you really not just put this in
an email? Have we downed tools and rushed over
At the mere drop of a hat, To satisfy your urge to have a cosy little
chat? All full of pointless questioning but lacking
in detail, Could you really not just put this in an email? Could you really not just put it in an email? Could you really not just put it in an email? Was it for the sense of drama that you called
us to attend? Somebody is definitely not winning any friends I’m sick of staying after hours, and early
morning starts, Of lengthy lunchtime lectures staring gormlously
at charts, Being forced to rush my sandwich goes too
far beyond the pale! Could you really not just put this in an email? The sense of self importance that these merry
meetings bring, Won’t justify the training sessions where nobody
learns a thing, We’d like to ditch the role plays and the meetings
face to face In favour of sitting at our desks perusing
at our own sweet pace If this is what it takes to keep the top brass
satisfied Tell them all of this box ticking leaves one
feeling dead inside And we do not need a hook up to discuss the
paper trail Could you really not just put this in an email? When you bring us altogether during a hectic
working week Were you surprised at the eye rolling when
you step forward to speak? Its a sign of the disdain behind a thin
and flimsy vale, Could you really not just put this in an email? Was that presentation needed just to keep
us all on side? Was anybody actually listening or just reading
from the slides? The unrealistic expectations where we’re all
set up to fail Could you really not just put them in an email? Could you really not just put this in an email? Could you really not just put this in an email? Can’t see that we’re all busy trying to arrange
all the things you bought up last time that you said we had to change! Are there any explanations for the sudden
summonings? Are there hidden revelations that the awkward
silence brings? If there are not I propose that we this gathering
derail And for fuck sake please just put it in an


  1. Can I please play this at full volume at work, like for 24 hours a day for a full month or so to drill this message in? 😀

  2. Fond memories of GEC>GPT>Marconi>Ericsson.
    Everything was urgent, but nothing was so urgent that it couldn't be interrupted for an unplanned meeting.
    Ericsson sacking the f'ing lot of us was the best thing that ever happened to me!

  3. This is how English class used to make me feel. Or when someone you really don't wanna associate with contacts you.

  4. This is – after – your second song that describes exactly my own workplace. Are you sure we aren't colleagues?

  5. Touche ! Like a Steam MaiL Train bLowing thru the waLL into the server room. Heheheh. SeLf-important but otherwise mostLy useLess Corporate fodder! FabuLous!!

  6. I think this might be your most generally-relatable song ever. Not my favorite (that goes to No More F's to Give) but this is very good!

  7. Do you work at Citibank lol? You had me with the no more fucks to give song which I played on the way to work today. Now I find out you have more!

  8. Who are the 4 people who disliked this video (as of 23/3/18). Seriously? How can you not love this stuff???
    Obviously I now refer you to a previous video, "no more [email protected]@@@ to give". But support this guy. He's talented, innovative, funny. The world NEEDS this kind of thing

  9. Another classic describes I.T down to a tee (pardon pun) but no offence to the guy he will never top the classic that I reckon put him on the map and that's obviously no more fucks to give!

  10. I love how he laughed in the middle cause of the cheers, makes me wonder if he wasn't expecting that reaction lol

  11. Says every experienced nurse to the just graduated "manager" who keeps on trying to make a "mark" on the management of the ward. 🙂

  12. Hi, a piece of advice to potentially achieve more success from a new subscriber, upload with slightly louder volume. You videos are on average significantly quieter than most YouTube videos. Your most successful song "No more fucks to give" has perfect volume but the others seem slightly quiet.

  13. Yes! Every time I turn around at work, something that could have easily been resolved in an email turns into an unnecessary group call.

  14. I have a number of supervisors I'd like to send this to… Unfortunately, if I did, I would no longer have supervisors to answer to… Or more unfortunately; pay my wages

  15. My boss' boss wants to have a meeting with me during the day (I work midnights) half an hour away from where I work which is an hour and a half from where I live over something we already talked about when it happened two months ago. These meetings always last three minutes, but cost me 3 hours of sleep and a fuck ton of gas. I'm considering memorizing your song, good sir, and singing it to him the moment he finishes speaking. If only I had another job lined up.

  16. 'We'd like to skip the role-plays…' I've been with my current organisation long enough for the managers who loved those (as well as those awful team building games) to have quit and been replaced by staff who have come up through the ranks. Needless to say, we don't do those things nearly as much, and our meetings are much quicker and more to the point than previously.

  17. Hey you! Yes you! Random Person! If you don't know the chords, you can keep scrolling. BUT IF YOU DO! Yeah i'd love them please

  18. Yeah…..this pretty much describes it for anyone working in a Multinational company……sigh

  19. It's a superb performance!! Love the lyrics!! Could it be possible I request for the lyrics & the tabs on the uke???

  20. I'd love to learn that song!! Could you put the lyrics somewhere on your page?? And the tabs whether it's possible!! Anyway, amazing performance!

  21. I really want this in a rock version! Haha. In the end screaming "Could you for fucks sake not just long deep breath PUT THIS IN AN EMAIL?!!?!" Haha. Love this song!

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