Create an AWeber Thank You Page to Track Email Conversions In Google Analytics

Create an AWeber Thank You Page to Track Email Conversions In Google Analytics

Welcome everyone it’s Ileane from Basic
Blog Tips dot com I recently did a video where I showed how to track your conversions in Google Analytics. That video is called Getting Started with Google Analytics Just for Bloggers. And in that video we
talked about tracking conversions using “Goals” in Google Analytics and one of the goals with the thank you
page. Today we’ll see how to set up that thank you page in our dashboard on our blog and also how to send people from the AWeber sign-up form to that thank
you page for that we’re gonna have to log into
our AWeber account. So if you’re ready you’re
logged into your WordPress blog We’ll also need to be logged in to our
account on AWeber so let’s get started our first step is from our dashboard and I’m using a
test blog today we will had a new page to the blog and this will be our thank you page for now we’re just going to save this page as a draft but what I want you to
see the very important step that we need to have done here is that our permalink says “thank” – “you”. Once we have that all set will save this draft. We’ll come back to
this later. Now we’re logged in to our AWeber account, and we’re on the tabs where we create the forms so let’s create a new web form and we’ll
pick one that’s really simple Now from the settings page – see where is says “basic thank you page” Do a preview So this is the page that basically tells the person that what
they need to do is activate their subscription by going to their email and confirming by clicking on the
link So we’re just going to copy this text, just the way it is on this page
that AWeber has. That’s their default page Go back over to our blog. That thank you page that we created let’s go to the text version of it
remember we saved it as a draft and we’re going to come back over here if we want to we can style it the way
they had you know make this bold put links down
here for the privacy policy in the no smap spam policy. Then we’ll publish that page and here’s what the finished version of
the page will look like So now let’s see this in action. I just filled out the form on my blog click the Sign up button and BAM. It takes me right to the thank you page so we have to go back over into AWeber
to get this to work So for the thank you page in AWeber, when we are filling our form out
we’re going to use a custom page! And this is where you’re gonna enter the URL And notice how I have that “thank” – “you” That’s important now you can call it thanks. You don’t
have to have the dash in there but whatever it is over on your blog –
whatever you set up as that permalink that’s the same thing you’re gonna enter
in this box okay I have a word of caution for use
only listen up if you weren’t paying attention now’s
the time to pay attention I made this mistake and I don’t want you
to make it as well as bloggers we’re always intuitively opening things in new window
don’t do that when you do that when you click of this
box then you’re going lose your Google
Analytics tracking data. And you don’t want that to happen so
don’t open in new window just leave it there and then go ahead
and save the form now typically you wanna put that form when the sidebar
on your blog so just click I’m almost on my form get
that JavaScript gripped snippet copy it come back over to the back end
over your WordPress blog going to the parents and which is area and get a text widget pay Schuco here and then you can select whatever sidebar position that you want that sign a form
to appear in now we can add that cool over in Google analytics and this is
real important I’ve gone over this step in a few videos
before but I never showed you the whole process
and it doesn’t hurt to 20 one more time much loved in a Google
Analytics you go over to you admin area click on
the blog click on goals you wanna set up as a URL goal in this case we’re gonna give it a name
thank you you want active URL destination he should go URL you don’t have to put
your entire URL you just gonna put their slash thank you that we’ve been talking about
this whole video you can make it ahead match give Nicole
value %uh one and save it and he says the
report states you will see as a result you can now have a key over
21 issue traffic reports make sure you have that goal set clicked
on and isolated by the High his percentage him reaching that thank you page happen to have been in
this last time if it’s your first goal it may be in
this come doesn’t matter just gonna look for the
one that you named thank you and you can see here a blogger’s dot com has the highest
conversion re and then you too and so one down the line so let’s just two quick
review you gonna set up you think you pay each
you go over to a Weber create the form tell the form that you wanted to go to a custom page you want to thank you pay
should be a custom page the you feel that you are Roman then you
go over to Google analytics and set up 0 call for the thank you page don’t worry if you get lost I have this SlideShare presentation with all the screenshots that you need
also remember that anytime you have a
question you can leave a voicemail for me over my
contact page when the right hand side you’ll see this send voicemail button
just click that on and that’s going to open up speak pipe
turn morn your microphone and leave me a
recording and I will answer your question sign up for my newsletter that way you
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go over to basic flaw tips dot com slash email and I checked with you soon


  1. Chiasmania, can you sign up for my newsletter so we can communicate via email. I think I can give you a hand with this. If you're already subscribed, just send me an email with your blog url. Thanks!

  2. Awesome and much useful video. Well, as you said I paid attention and got an useful tip that not to open a custom thank you page in a new window, so that we don't loose Google analytics data. Thanks Ileane and tweeted the video 🙂

  3. Hey Nizam, thanks for taking the time to watch the video. Really appreciate the retweet from you as well. 🙂

  4. Thanks Ileane. Learned how to correctly set up custom channel. Do you know anything about using Global Content plugin for wordpress. I have a problem with getting it to work correctly.
    Again, thanks for the info.

  5. Iris, I'm not familiar with Global Content Plugin, but any time you have a problem with a plugin, you should visit WordPress support. If the developer doesn't respond then you should find a different one that offers support. Hope that helps.

  6. Thanks so much for your help! I love your calm and clear voice. I feel like you are holding my hand through the process. Just what I needed!

  7. Elaine, thank you so much for saying that. Please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe for more tutorials like this one. Cheers!

  8. Ileana, this is exactly what I needed. I use Everweb as my website builder but use AWeber as my email delivery. I had just given up on the platform I was using for opt-in and ThankYou page and needed to learn a different way with AWeber. I remember viewing this video a few months ago. Now your video is my golden tutorial! THANK-YOU!!! All the best, Yukiko

  9. When you choose "custom" for "thank you page" that goes to your personal web site. Do you also collect the leads email address when you do that?

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