Create email newsletters with MailerLite in less than 3 minutes

Create email newsletters with MailerLite in less than 3 minutes

Once you’re in Emails section, simply click
Create New Email button. Now just enter your subject, sender and select language. Then click Next. Choose how you’re going to create your email.
Drag and drop editor, rich text editor or upload your own code. Let’s try our Drag and drop editor. Simply drag and drop blocks you want to use and you will see your newsletter changing instantly. Add a video block to make your newsletter
stand out. Every block is fully customisable. Order blocks by simply dragging them with
the handle. You can also check out our themes created
by our designers. Adjust design to match your business style
and save it as your new theme to use it later. Use background setting to highlight the block. Padding and margin of the blocks are also
easy to adjust. Once you’re satisfied with your newsletter,
hit Done editing. Now select subscriber groups who will get
the email. Before sending an email, make sure everything is correct and click Send. You can either Send it immediately or specify the time to send it later. That’s it. Your campaign is now in Outbox
waiting to be sent!

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  1. Is getting my blog post article notice out to new subscribers done in any special way.? Is it done as an email template ? It seems one of most important things: notifying subscribers of new articles every few days????

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