Day 9 Podcast Affiliate Marketing Trick

Day 9 Podcast Affiliate Marketing Trick

hey there it’s Stacia Kennedy and welcome
to my channel welcome to the 100-day clickfunnels affiliate boot camp and
this is day nine of the 100-day clickfunnels affiliate boot camp I’m
your coach I’m Statia Kennedy your online marketing coach and I’m so
excited because this is where it really gets good in day 9 as a tip here is to
basically curate other people’s podcasts to build your list ok so you want to be
able to keep building your list being able to attract the right clients who
are interested in the product yet you are promoting in this case click funnels
is the product that I’m promoting and click funnels the click funnels
affiliate bootcamp is teaching you different tips and tricks to promote
their product but you can also use these same tips to promote anything to sell
anything that you want to sell as an affiliate or even if you own a product
but in this case as an affiliate you can leverage other people’s podcasts so I’m
sure that you listen to a ton of podcast or videos and if you’re interested in
those type of videos or podcast you may be your target audience would be as well
so or if you think about it in that sense of whoever the target audience
that you want to attract you can actually create a page promoting that
podcast and then on the back end of the podcast once someone actually opts in
you can you know put the offer that you’re selling in front of them so in
this case day 9 you can watch the video or you can join me in the bootcamp by
clicking the link below this video but in day 9 just as a quick overview
without you know going over all of the complete video that they share but the
steps that I’m going to be taking in the steps after watching this video is
number one find a podcast episode that’s relevant to your avatar your your target
audience and then create a landing page that advertises that podcast and then of
obviously they would opt in to get it which they could probably get it for
free anyways but you are doing creating this this landing page that is shown as
you know promoting it so that’s where it’s really exciting about it so it’s
not content that you have to to recreate right it’s something that’s already
created but you’re putting it behind your landing page to build your list I
hope that makes sense guys so if you don’t understand this this concept
please comment below and and I will you know or reach out to me privately in
messenger and I will try to explain it to you in a different way but this is so
exciting because you don’t have to create the content right you’re you
leveraging other people’s content I listen to so many podcasts and I’m sure
if you if I’m interested in it hopefully you are too right or if that’s who your
target market is right if you are your target market step three you can create
an action funnel what the action funnel is is a series of emails that people
would get after they opt-in to your list so you want to have want to creepy able
to create those emails promoting that product or service you want to have at
least have five and then obviously if they still haven’t purchased you can put
them in a whole nother series and it also explains how to segment those
people using click funnels action etics so make sure to jump in on the bootcamp
challenge I’ve actually created this for another program I’ve used the same trick
I had I went to an event called the the Internet traffic live event so this is
my back in office and my mentor one of my mentors Vince Reed did an interview
with Chris record and I just really loved that interview so I created a
landing page promoting that interview basically it doesn’t really look like
it’s interview but it’s a story that they had you know an interview that they
did together and the story was or the headline of the podcast was how to build
a million dollars a month in revenue business so I promoted this opt
Paige and when someone opted in they would get the audio or the the video of
that that interview and I just put it on the in the inside of this opt-in page so
I captured the lead they get to listen to the the odd the podcast video and
below that video he was also on one of the speakers at the event and below that
video I put a link to my affiliate link to the event to get people to come to
the event or subscribe and purchase a ticket to the event and so they would go
to that landing page selling the event so this is something you could do with
any affiliate product if your product that you’re promoting has a podcast or
they have videos or they have awesome content that they’re creating you don’t
have to create the content you can just borrow their content that they’re
already using which is good content good high converting content put it behind a
landing page an opt-in page share it with the world
Dule a facebook livestream like we did yesterday or that we that I shared with
you in step 8 or day 8 of the hundred day challenge was do of a live
livestream maybe do a live stream about about this podcast thing you know about
the tips and things that you learn from the podcast and at the end of the
podcast or at the end of your live stream the call to action is if you want
to if you want to personally listen to the pockets that I watched click the
link below is below this video and I’ll send it to you right so you’re not
promising that you have created this content you’re saying I watch this
really awesome podcast and now I want to share it with you so go and opt-in below
this video and grab it right and then your your funneling them through your
your your opt-in to to build your list right and then you’re taking that live
stream video that we did yesterday you know in the tip and running adds to it
so you’re building your credibility you’re building
your your audience and and then funneling them into your to your funnel
and to your opt-in page giving them a call to action to hate come onto my list
I can share with you more stuff that I come across with and you know across
that that maybe that that your audience would like right so I’m so exciting you
guys I want to see you guys do this you know obviously I’m gonna be this was a
product or a a trick that I used another tricked or a strategy that I used to
promote this live event but what I’m gonna do now is do this for for click
funnels right so one of the things that I can do is click funnels does a whole
bunch of different content and one of the things that they also have they have
this marketing your car podcast he also has a funnel hacker radio podcast they
have blog posts you can promote a blog post that they that your company does
again if you’re doing this for click funnels you want to use some of the
content that they already have been creating they just massively create ton
of content so funnel hacker radio they have a YouTube channel they basically
you know they do they’ll do a lot of repurposing they have it on iTunes they
have it on stitcher radio they have it you know everywhere so you can go and
find some awesome content they they created put it but on create a landing
page put this audio on that on the back side of the of the the landing page so I
hope this makes sense for you guys join me in the affiliate bootcamp click
funnels affiliate bootcamp below this video we have any questions or if you’d
like to join my facebook group I also have a mini-horse that you can go ahead
and join instead of doing the 100 day bootcamp you can join my bonus affiliate
method where I show you the exact 7 steps that you need to create
commissions now and the top 7 affiliate products that I like I promote as well
as II my top 7 highly converting products that you can also duplicate and
and promote as well too so you can find all of those links and information below
this video in the description again don’t miss a thing make sure to LIKE and
subscribe this channel and I’ll see you on the next video much love and aloha

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