Digital Income System Products – What Are They?

Digital Income System Products – What Are They?

– [Brandon] Hey, what’s going on, guys? Brandon here. In today’s video, I’m gonna be doing something a little bit different. Well, first of all,
you’re in my kitchen today so welcome to my kitchen. I don’t think I’ve ever
shot a video in here. But today, of course, I’m
gonna open up some envelopes. I know you guys like seeing proof that the company is doing
what they say they’re gonna do with their sales team and
closing the sales for us. Of course you wanna see that. Also wanna go over some
information about our products, our digital educational products that we offer here with
Digital Income System. So what should I do first? Open the checks or should
I go over the products? Well, let’s go ahead. I’m gonna do this real quick ’cause I’ve been wanting
to open these checks. I got these in the mail yesterday, so I’ve been waiting since
yesterday to shoot this video and open these checks for you. So I’m gonna open those up real quick. I’ll try to make it fast though ’cause this can sometimes be lengthy. Let’s see what we got here. All right. The first one here, okay,
the first check is 500 bucks, the next check is 1,000
bucks, 1,500 so far, and the next check is $1,500. So cool, that was the first envelope. Let’s open up the next one here. I think I gotta start shoot videos from my kitchen more often. This isn’t a bad place to do this. Okay, the next check
is for 500 bucks there. Let’s open up the next package here. I told you I’m just trying to get through these really quick. All right, let’s see. That’s there. And let’s see what we’ve got. Looks like there’s several in here. All right. That there. Well, the first one in this
package is 2,500 bucks. See, there. Next one is 1,500 bucks there. Okay. And the next one is 500 bucks, okay? So pretty big day so far. We’ve got one more envelope to open here. Let’s do that real quick. All right. And then there’s several
in this one as well. All right, the first one is for $1,500. The next one is $2,500. And then the last one
is for $2,500 as well. So let me add this up real quick. That’s 25 and 25, 5,000. Another three here, that’s 8,000, and 10,500, and 12,000. 12,000 with just those, and then the money orders,
another 2,000, 2,500. So anyways, the titles at this
point don’t really matter. It’s just that that was
a really good mail day than I had yesterday. So anyways, just wanna
open those up real quick, let you know that the sales team is still doing what they
say they’re gonna do which is get on the phone with
all of your qualified leads who you brought into the system and they’re gonna get
on the phone with them, answer any questions they
have about our products, about our company, about
the compensation plan, our marketing system, all that good stuff, and then they’re going to
hopefully close the sale for you and they do a really
good job at doing that. Next up, I just really wanted
to go over our products today because a lot of you guys have asked me to explain more about our products. Some people don’t quite understand digital educational products
which is surprising. Most people who have been in the network marketing field or used to, sometimes offering physical products, health, nutrition, beauty, lotions, potions, pills,
all that stuff, right? Well, that is all good and well but there’s also another
area of network marketing where you can offer out
digital educational products which is what we do here
with Digital Income System. So I’m gonna go over those real quick. This was me at the pool
earlier, by the way. Let me open this up. Well, first off, I was
gonna show you this as well. These are my totals so
far with the company that is 1,120,000 in sales, very important, that’s in sales, that I’ve done since I joined. Again, just showing
you that the sales team is doing what they say they’re gonna do and they will close the sales for you. I haven’t gotten on the
phone with one person yet regarding Digital Income
System which is just great. I can enjoy the products, I can do my marketing and let
them do the business stuff. So that’s great. Now, again, I said that’s
$1,120,000 in sales, so that’s what? Over, is that 50? Sorry, $560,000. My math is right. That’s 50% which is what I’ve earned. Make that very, very clear. So again, today, I really wanted to talk about the products we have
here with Digital Income System so let me maybe lean
this back a little bit, get like this a little bit, and I’ll show you our products page. So once you join and you’ve got access to, you may not join at all the
levels or the highest level. Now, if you join at our highest level, you’re gonna get access to
all of our product packages. But our product packages range
in complexity and content, depending on what level you join but they all contain training
on building an online business and mastering the fundamentals, as well as advanced
topics are in here as well surrounding branding,
personal development, online marketing, best business practices, and develop your entrepreneurial mindset. And what I love about
that is the fact that with Digital Income System, you can learn to build and
scale up any business, really. Now, a lot of it focuses
on online marketing and building an online business but there’s a lot of stuff in here as well that’s gonna help you, especially with your
entrepreneurial mindset, that you can use to build
a bricks and mortar store, maybe you wanna start a coffee shop, maybe you wanna start a yoga studio. I don’t know what you wanna do. I don’t know what your flavor is there. But all these product levels right here have training and education in ’em to help you master both the fundamentals and the advanced topics regarding
how to be an entrepreneur, how to market, how to build a business, how to build your brand. So I think it’s powerful. And in today’s era, The Digital Age, I think it’s more important than ever that people start getting
educated on how to do this stuff. I personally believe that the days of working for an employer, now we’re always gonna
need lawyers, doctors, people of that nature,
but most areas of work, most fields that people go into, either they get out of
college and nobody’s hiring or they do get a job but they’re let go five,
10 years down the road to somebody younger than them
that’s fresh out of college, and then what happens to
your retirement, right? So again, I’m a firm believer on educating and training
yourself on how to do this stuff and how to be an entrepreneur. It’s not gonna be for everybody, right? The most beautiful thing
about this whole thing is that you can offer this
education, this training out, and earn commissions with
Digital Income System. Now, obviously, we don’t guarantee that you’re gonna earn any commissions. We’re not an investment, or else we would be regulated by the SEC, which we’re not because
we’re not an investment. This is a business opportunity with some incredible products. And if you guys come onboard, not only is Digital Income
System gonna train you on how to do this stuff, how to be an entrepreneur,
how to market your business, market your Digital
Income System business, but I’m also gonna offer you
training as well, of course, and anybody’s watching
any of my previous videos already knows this stuff, I’ma also offer you training
on how to do this yourself and build up your Digital
Income System business. And in fact, you could take my training and actually take it and
go build any business. So anyways, I just wanted
to go over this today ’cause I don’t think enough people are talking about the
products, myself included. I’ll include myself in that. So I did wanna make this video today to share these products with you and share how powerful they are and how important that
I truly think they are. One more thing before I go, I just remembered
there’s other businesses, it’s funny how people will
repackage the same thing. I mentioned in a recent
video about another program that recently started
up literally weeks ago, even though they’re claiming they’ve been around for 20 years, and they’re saying that
they have a physical product where the bulk of their product is actually a USB flash drive which has digital products on there. It’s a digital format. So I think that’s kinda funny how people will repackage things and try to call it a different thing. Just don’t get confused with
that, but that doesn’t matter. What I will tell you guys is that the stuff you’re
gonna learn in here is powerful, it’s life-changing, it can absolutely change
your life for the better, and I think we need to really
empower each other more and empower ourselves more
by educating ourselves. So anyways, guys, if you want more details
about what’s involved or what’s included with
each product package ’cause I’m not gonna go over
all that in today’s video, ’cause I don’t think
you can read it on here, you can reach out to me directly
at [email protected] Be happy to share all
those details with you. Other than that, guys, I
hope you have an awesome day, and we will see you on the next video. Have a good one.


  1. What are the Digital Income System products and what makes them so special? Watch today's video to find out more. And don't forget to give this video a BIG OLE THUMBS UP!! 🙂

  2. Thx for breaking down the products. Most people aren't talking about them like you say. so we needed this one. Thx again

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