Digital Marketing Program Preview – Presented by McMaster Continuing Education

– [Leahann] Hello everybody and welcome. Thank you for joining us to learn more about our digital marketing certificate. My name is Leahann Hendrickse, and I’m a program manager here at the Centre for Continuing Education at McMaster University, and I will be leading us
through today’s preview. The agenda for today’s
preview is as follows. I will provide a brief overview of the digital marketing
program, its goals, and course listings. We’ll talk about the
program’s intended audience, as well as some features and benefits of taking the digital
marketing certificate online. We’ll also touch on the online structure. So I’ll review the admission requirements, and towards the end of the
presentation you’ll have a chance to hear from a former student and see and learn about our course
schedule and our fees. We’ll also leave time at the
end for question and answers. So the digital marketing
certificate consists of five courses. Each course is delivered fully online and will last for 12 weeks, which is a standard academic term. Each of these courses
is equal to three units of an undergraduate course
at McMaster University. You may take one course at
a time or multiple courses, depending on your learning
goals and your availability. Here are the five courses for the program. Course one is a foundational course and we strongly encourage students to take this course first or
within their first semester of studies as it introduces
a number of concepts that will be expanded on in later courses. And while many of the concepts
in digital marketing build on each other, students are not required to take courses in any specific order and are welcome to take
multiple classes per term. For every program at
CCE, we establish a set of learning outcomes that serve as a guide for all of the courses in the program. For digital marketing, the
intent is to provide you with the educational and
professional development opportunities to enhance
your pre-existing knowledge and skill set required for the industry. These are the overarching
program outcomes. Each course also has
respective learning outcomes that align with the
overall program objectives. Toward the end of the session,
I’ll show you where all of our course outlines
are listed on our website and you’ll have a chance to review in more detail what the learning outcomes for each of those courses
are, should you wish. So benefits of part-time
studies at Continuing Education involves your ability to
complete an academic program while you continue to work
and meet your personal and professional demands. We want to encourage as many
students from across Canada to participate in the
digital marketing program, to share their perspectives
with fellow learners, and free to begin a network of colleagues. The program is set up so that
participants can complete it within one year of continuous study, based on how the courses are laid out. The digital marketing online certificate is designed for you to
complete on your own time for each weekly module. That said, the program is
primarily asynchronous. So what that means is
that students can log in any given week or at any given time and complete course requirements. So required readings, online webinars, any pre or post work for any given topic. However, we do also include
synchronous components. These aren’t mandatory, necessarily, but instructors may choose to
have a few online webinars, live streamed webinars where
participants and students can join in for those. In every case, those are always recorded and then posted to the Avenue
to Learn course shell link. So if you have to miss any of
the online tutorial sessions or live webinars, the
content would be available to you afterwards. Modules may contain required
readings and case studies, video content, digitized presentations, simulations, and experiential
learning projects. There are individual and
group work activities, so that is something to consider when you are enrolling in the program. And course assignments
will reflect the type of projects that you may be given in a real-world work environment. We do work with some organizations where participants are working in groups and delivering strategic
digital marketing campaign or a event campaign, social media campaign to specific industry partners. For online courses, we
advise students to expect to dedicate about five to seven
hours per week, per course, to cover the time for
readings, online discussions, videos, and assessments. So if you were looking to
take more than one course, you’re looking at taking
two courses per term, you want to estimate up
to about 14 hours worth of work for two courses. The digital marketing certificate is an open enrolment program. So this means there’s
no formal application to begin your studies in digital marketing at Continuing Education. As this is an academic
program, however, at McMaster, we must comply with the certificate and diploma admission policy for undergraduate counsel students who wish to enter the program. These requirements are
listed on this slide. You must hold a Ontario
secondary school diploma or equivalent or be a
mature student defined by undergraduate calendar. If you have any questions specific to this and to your status, I’m not going
to answer them online today, but my contact information will be shared at the end of the presentation. I’d be happy to look
into your case offline. Additionally, in order to
ensure that students have the basic capabilities
necessary to be successful in the program courses,
we suggest that you have the following prerequisite
knowledge and/or skills. Digital marketing is an
advanced specialized program so the expectation is that students come with some prior marketing knowledge or direct experience working in the field. So this might include either a degree or a diploma in marketing
and/or at least three years of marketing communications or web design, web-related experience. For those with little or no
related marketing background, again, please contact me
for a personal consult following today’s session
and we’ll look into your case specifically. So we find in many of our previews, participants that are
interested in learning about former students or
our instructor experiences. I’m going to share a
conversation that we had with a recent former digital marketing student and a recent graduate of the program. Laura explains what she
gained from her experience with McMaster’s Continuing Education in the digital marketing program and how this helped her achieve the job that she wanted. – Since attending my program,
my confidence has soared and what I know my abilities are and what I bring to a company. (bright music) I am a digital optimization specialist and I work with our digital team to optimize our traffic online. So specifically, I work in
search engine optimization. Hello, Laura speaking. I was facing the challenge
that I was currently working in the marketing world,
but I saw that there was a huge need and a huge drive
in the digital marketing world and I just didn’t have the
skills and experience currently in that to move within
the marketing industry into the online side. So I was looking for a
program that would give me those skills and that
knowledge to take what I already knew in marketing
and then transition myself into the online digital world, as well. Do you think we can make
that happen for our website? – [Woman] Yeah, I think– – Attending McMaster allowed
me to take the courses that I needed to learn
the skills and knowledge to move into the online
world of digital marketing. I found attending classes
very convenient online so that I could study the
coursework at my leisure and how it fit within my schedule. Outside of school, I’m huge
into health and fitness and I love being active on a daily basis. One of the most useful
things that I learned in the digital marketing program was search engine optimization
and search engine marketing. And from there, how they work together to drive business online through paid ads and organic search. If I knew anyone interested
and looking to take a course or program at McMaster, I would tell them to go for it. That it’s such a good school and such a good investment in
themselves and their education and what it could do
for their future career. The knowledge that I
have in digital marketing has made me more confident and more able to find the job that I’m looking for. (bright music) – [Leahann] Okay, so
now that we had a chance to hear from one of our former students, you got to hear a little bit about what she learned in the program
and how that’s helped to advance her career. So here’s our contact
information and our website. You can also find us on Facebook
and LinkedIn and Twitter, so I encourage you to follow us there, and reach out if you have any questions. If you have questions
specific to your status in terms of your career background, your educational background,
and whether or not you’d think you’d be a good fit, I’m not going to answer
those, again, here online, but please email us at [email protected] and I’d be happy to
address those with you.

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