Digital Marketing Tips – Why Marketing Doesn’t Work Overnight

Digital Marketing Tips – Why Marketing Doesn’t Work Overnight

– Why Marketing doesn’t
work over night coming up. – Hi, I’m JB with Marketing 360 and we help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design talent technology through our number one marketing
platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and design MAD. We love MAD. Hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with MAD too. So, make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks and
strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. – So, marketing doesn’t
work overnight, right? It takes time. But, too many businesses fail because they just don’t
invest the time that it takes. It’s not just about investing the money, it’s about investing the
time, investing the effort. Marketing is a momentum based system, more now than ever before. Today it’s about building
awareness and adding value and this builds trust and
it builds your awareness and grows your awareness over time and people eventually
move forward with you as the brand that they chose
and so you see those results. But you don’t see those
results right away. Often times, a lot of
businesses will look for results on money they invested in this
month to happen this month and that’s just not the way that it works. If you invest in digital marketing now you’re gonna see some people
take action this month and you’ll see those returns, but, some will in two weeks, some in four weeks, some in six weeks, some in six months. Especially depending on the product or service that you provide. The buying cycle could be
quite long in some cases. And so if you invest time,
and effort, and dollars into a month’s worth of time, you really have to look and see how many sales were
generated from that effort over the course of a year, particularly if you’re doing retargeting and these other things to drive results. And, so, what I wanna talk
about is a specific example of how it doesn’t work over night and how you see more results
if you just keep the effort, keep the investment going
over a long period of time and the perfect case-study to that is our YouTube channel growth. Our YouTube channel growth is by no means is anything mind-blowing. I think we’re sitting at about
40 thousand subscribers now. So, it’s decent, but it wouldn’t be anything
I would necessarily say is impressively crazy to go
out there and broadcast. But, it’s still a great
case-study in terms of growth. Because, when we started we
didn’t have any subscribers. Our watch time was super low. So, this process took
about two and a half years. So, we decided to start
building content for YouTube, and just building valuable content. Whether people wanted to market with us or if they just were doing it on their own or through another company, we were gonna provide value
and that was our strategy. So, I started doing these
marketing tip videos myself. We started creating other
content that added value two and a half years ago,
it was around march 2016 and at that point in time we
had virtually no subscribers and our watch time was basically nothing and we just started creating content. And here’s the thing, I
started doing a weekly video, I did a video every single week, sometimes we would do two on a different marketing topic of the day where I’d give my tips on how you could do better in those areas and ways you could improve
your digital marketing and we just started doing
it every single week. Did a video, did a couple videos. What happened was is we grew our way to about 15 thousand
subscribers within year. And so it took a year to get
to 15 thousand subscribers, and then it took for the next 18 months, we continued to grow
and see continual growth and today we’re at 40
thousand subscribers. But, the subscribers isn’t as
powerful as the watch time. The watch time, when we started was only about 15 hundred
minutes a month as well and within a year that grew itself to roughly 30 thousand
or so on the watch time. And after two and a half years that watch time is now at about 400 thousand minutes or so a month. And so, this is massive. It’s just creating more and more views, more and more watch time on
all of these videos I created. But the thing is is over
that course of time, even though we’ve seen tremendous growth, and we still have a long ways to go, this is just the beginning, the thing is that really, the effort level didn’t really increase and neither did the investment, it’s just been consistent. It’s just been the same. And what’s happened was is
we’ve just built momentum. And so, if you think about it, every video that’s created
on YouTube that ranks, or any marketing channel you can think of, whether you’re doing
Instagram advertising, YouTube, Facebook, Google rankings, They’re all sort of the
same thought process. But, with YouTube in particular, every video that you create, if it ranks on YouTube, it’s earning a certain amount
of views every single month. So, if you think of this
like a sales person, if every video you create generates, let’s say 100 views a month then when you get to 100 sales people you’re just getting more
views a month, right? You have more videos. And so, over the course of
starting to where we are today we started with basically no videos and now our YouTube channel
has about 350 videos. And so, 350 videos are all generating views and
awareness every single month. It’s like having 350 sales people working on the digital streets of YouTube and whenever people search
these particular topics they’re the expert that stands there and talks about that topic and adds value. So, this is generating
more and more views. The more videos we have that add value, that rank on YouTube, that earn views, the more views we have as a whole. What this is doing is
building a wider and wider net and so if you think about fishing, if you throw huge net, you’re
gonna catch more fish, right? If you throw a little net
you may not catch anything. And so the bigger the net
gets, the bigger the catch is. So, the more videos you have on YouTube, as long as they add value, the more views and the
more awareness you have. Which means you’re gonna see more subscribers, more watch time and guess what happens
if you’re adding value and this stuff is increasing? You’re getting more leads and
you’re getting more sales. I can tell you the first
six months to a year of creating content on YouTube we didn’t have a lot of people calling us, saying they found us by
watching the videos on YouTube. Initially they were just good tools for our sales team to use to add value, to pass to people they were specifically talking to But fast forward two
and a half years later we get a significant
amount of people calling who watched the videos,
saw the value there, wanted us to help them to grow
on those particular areas. It’s a huge revenue driver for us now. And it’s a huge piece of
just building our thought leader awareness in the
world of digital marketing. And so, for you I would say whether it’s YouTube or
another popular channel on social media, maybe
it’s LinkedIn for you, start adding value. Your customers or potential
customers have questions, right? That need to be answered. They need information. And whether they do it
with you, themselves, or go with somebody else, just have the mindset of creating value, with the mindset that it’s not going to see returns overnight, But if you’re consistent with it, after a year, 18 months,
two and a half years, it’s gonna pay off ten fold, But your effort level
and the investment level you’ve put in doesn’t
need to increase ten fold. That’s the beauty of it. You put in the same effort
and the same investment, but the return goes ten
fold, a hundred fold or more. Right now our watch time is
over a hundred times higher than it was the first month that we started investing in YouTube. And I can just imagine
a year or two from now, it’ll probably be a thousand times higher. Just keeps growing, but I’m spending the same amount
of time every week, right? It’s just that I’ve been patient and if I wanted to see all
the results within six months or three months, or even
a year, I would of quit and I wouldn’t be benefiting
from the incredible awareness that we’re seeing now and the sales that we’re receiving on the back end. So, invest in something,
believe in it and add value. If you’re adding value, and you’re in front of the right audience, I can promise you this,
you’re gonna see your return. The question is, how big of a return? And how fast of a return? But if you just stay with
it you will see a return. Thanks for watching. If you have any tips,
leave them in the comments. Please, leave us more tips too, of things you’d like us
to cover in the future. If there’s things you’d like us to hit on. Throw those ideas in the comments. Like the video, share it with your friends and thanks for watching Happy marketing. (upbeat music)


  1. i am currently researching this company and seriously considering utilizing their services. i must say as far as knowing how to generate revenue for their clients and themselves…… TOP NOTCH!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

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