DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2019 | Hootsuite Social Media Management | Ep 48

DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS 2019 | Hootsuite Social Media Management | Ep 48

Is social media just getting too
overwhelming and too confusing I totally feel you which is why I’m sharing the
five digital marketing trends for 2019 this list has been especially curated by
the team at Hootsuite who are scheduling app and they’re one of the big
giants in this space so you know this is going to be good 2018 has been a big in
social media land it’s really seen businesses focus on creating epic
content that deliver a big value and it’s seen in the perception of followers
being the most important part of your social media strategy and it’s made
engagement the real king of this space so in this video I’m going to be sharing
the five social media trends that HootSuite shared from their annual
survey to 3255 businesses that are basically subscribed to their service as
well as a loads of other research so you know they’re going to be on the money
with David’s recommendations hi I’m Kay Emily and I am come on lately obsessed
with helping small businesses share their brand story online so if you’re a
small business that’s struggling in that space or you’re wanting to help build
your brand with your community you’ve come to the right place
so make sure you hit subscribe if you’re interested in hearing more tutorials
trends tips and loads of other good stuff because I’m so excited to share
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right now I’ve created a little guide for you so this is using the info
who provided as well as a little twist of my arguing recommendations as well as
actions so you can actually get started on these strategies right away so you
can have that extra little leg up in 2019 so unless you’ve been living under
a rock you would have noticed that in 2018 privacy became a big thing so
people are trusting social media less and less so there’s been a massive focus
on shifting your strategy from growing your followers to increasing engagement
because it’s the engagement actually shows you know prospective customers
that people aren’t interested in your products or service they want to be part
of these communities and they want to have conversations with you so no longer
is a pretty feed good enough the bottom line is you need to be able to create
value for your users to actually enjoy the experience with engaging with you
online so you need to be able to inspire them educate them or entertain them in
some way so they are actually keep coming back for more and more of your
content so address is a great example at creating relationships with micro
employers so while added us is a massive brand that can afford to pay big
celebrities to endorse their products they noticed this shift in trust and
wanted to reconnect with the communities at more of a grassroots level so they
reached out to up-and-coming footballers who basically had small small followings
you know in less than 10,000 followers built relationships with them and got
them coming to bespoke events and lots of other meet and greets gave them free
product all that sort of stuff so created this buzz and excitement around
brand at a grassroots level so this was a much more successful strategy for them
than doing something like paying a big influencer to just where there’s their
football boots if you like me I find stories way up more addictive on
Instagram then scrolling through a feed and a lot of people agree with me
because of stories actually growing 15 times faster then feed base content
consumption so HootSuite shared that 64 percent of respondents today survey
either use Instagram stories currently in their business or plan to in the next
12 months and it’s a space where it’s not just for product based businesses
what you’re showing that sort of back-end you know products going out and
being shipped and the manufacturing process all that sort of stuff it’s
still a really important part of a service-based business strategy as well
as its that really critical element to telling your brand’s story so well
Instagram stories are probably the most popular space for story type consumption
Facebook have stories whatsapp and also snapchat so depending on where you want
to play and where your audience plays there’s lots of avenues however I
recommend you really focus on one first and really nail that because you can’t
just spread yourself too thin but a little hack is that you can actually get
your Instagram stories onto your Facebook stories very very quickly which
is just a simple settings change but don’t be put off by video I know this
can be a scary one because small businesses don’t have big budgets for
video production and stories require are really consistent ongoing a lot of lot
of content but it doesn’t have to be that high quality video in fact it
actually is better to have that and a natural authentic feel to your
Instagram stories so a great example is we work who have completely and nailed
the brief so their business is based on community so it’s no surprise that
they’ve taken to Instagram stories really well and even though we work as a
Instagram account is actually international their Instagram stories
are often taken over by their community managers in different cities so this is
a really nice way to share what’s happening in the community what its
faces look like who their community managers are that personal personality
type element which is fantastic but they also get their customers or their
clients to do takeovers as well which show that sort of day in the life at we
work which is such an amazing thing to be able to showcase to their audience as
you’re aware getting organic reach on social media is becoming harder and
harder and as a result paid advertising through the social platforms is getting
more and more expensive because this way more competition than the advert has
been before as more businesses jump at the fact that they can really target
their ads to a specific niche apparently one in four Facebook pages utilizes paid
ads which is just huge right so as there’s more competition in this space
for you know and ad space is becoming so much more expensive so it’s really
important to be able to understand how to customize your audience and really
really get specific on that if you need a bit more inspiration around this check
out my interview with Ali from society state
Facebook Ads manager and she shows her tips for getting the most out of your
Facebook Ads a really cool but a little bit extra
example is Netflix so they were promoting their new season or Riverdale
which was coming out in Canada they have a really strong community of superfans
in Canada and targeted the specific locations that had the highest density
of these super fans we did pop-up events so these were basically bespoke pops
chocolate shop if you watch the show you’ll know what I’m talking about but
it’s basically a a place in the show they’ve created these pop ups and
invited their superfans to come for a free milkshake which sounds so simple
but it’s actually a really really cool thing for they citizens to be a part of
and in doing so they actually had so much social media buzz about it so
obviously these super fans are really engaged and excited that they were
posting everywhere but the thing is by targeting the superfans they could not
only work out if they followed rip it out on Facebook they could also use
something like their geographic targeting or their age demographics or
lots of different specifics around the types of people so they could Tiger
their ads they’re Facebook Ads to these people like so specifically now this is super specific to e-commerce
businesses so if you’re in that space listen up instagrams shoppable post as
something you need to get behind in 2019 because it means that you’re taking your
prospective customers from Discovery to purchase all within the same app because
when you start adding more barriers to that shopping process they’re going to
be more likely to lose interest or just do something else and we’ll find another
brand that’s making their process a lot easier so what I mean by that is when
you say click the link in my profile to buy this product it’s just creating that
little extra barrier that makes it more challenging for them to actually
purchase from me so this particular strategy works really well on low
investment items so in particular if your product is less than $50 you can
really focus on the impulse buy but it’s not just available on Instagram Facebook
has a marketplace which has over 800 million users but also Pinterest has
buyable pins which they have launched in 2015 and have seen a lot of success as
well but not only other shoppable proce really important it’s really important
to be able to share those videos showing how your products actually work in real
life so how they’re gonna actually affect the lives of your customer
because as people were shopping more and more online and there’s so many more
online Ringley businesses it’s sometimes really hard to get that same sort of
education or feeling of desire for a product without actually having that
touch and feel element so this is why video has become such a big resource a
really great example of this one is glossier who is a primarily online
retailer so they show a lot of photos and video
of how to actually use their products and show user-generated content around
you know their products on different skin types which creates that really
good understanding for the consumers and then drive to actually buy now because
they can see yeah that looks good on her she looks like me I’m gonna buy it so
for small businesses this is where things get a little tricky because
customers are more demanding than ever and they still want that one-on-one
interaction with you even though they’re buying online so they’ve noticed a trend
where they spoke messenger what’s @qq Skype and WeChat a nearly at five
billion monthly users which fire surpasses all the social media networks
combined they’ve also seen a trend in people spending way more time within
these apps rather than on other social media platforms which is really
interesting because it’s taking this shift from a more person a public
experience to a more personalized one nine out of ten people want to be able
to use messaging to communicate with a brand so rather than using email or
phone or in person they want to be able to use messaging a great example of this
is Sephora who use messaging parts to book their in-store makers or
appointments so basically people go through the process of talking to the
bot about what they want to do it in their appointment they ask them a series
of questions books a time for them and sends them a confirmation email so
Sephora have a seen an increase of appointments bought by 11%
so people would rather go through this poop process than actually picking up
the phone and calling to make an appointment sorry what did you think
I think HootSuite has done a bloody brilliant job at sharing their five
social media trends for 2019 but remember they’re for all businesses
across all countries internationally so if any of these strategies seem way out
of your scope as a small business owner don’t be discouraged for me I think
Instagram stories is a massive opportunity for small business and I
think it’s something you should definitely be getting behind so make
sure you make the time to post a couple of times a day and get really clear in
your brand story I would love to know if you’d like me to create a video on how
to create Instagram stories for your business comment below with the Yas if
you do and I will create that video Zoe so now’s the time to download my free
guide if you haven’t already because it features these five trends for digital
marketing in 2019 as well as three action points that each trend so you can
start actually implementing these right now in your business so click the link
in the description below which will give you that access to that free download if
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watch my five brand storytelling examples which shares exactly how you
can start telling your brand story on your social media which was a really big
trendy story in 2018 and it’s something we’re definitely going to see
in 2019 so if you’re behind the eight ball on that one make sure you watch
that video now but I really enjoyed sharing these social media strategies
with you I hope that you’ve learned something new and you’re gonna apply it
to your strategy in 2019 so I’m going to be taking a break next week because it’s
Christmas but then you’ll be seeing so much amazing content from me in 2019 I
can’t wait to share it all with you so that’s it from me bye for now


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  2. Thanks for these tips. I have always heard that stories are more popular on Instagram . I guess I have to try it and become more consistent. Thanks for the tips! I should try to buy ads on pinterest for my products.

  3. LOVE your channel and the advice we get from watching your videos…and THIS is a great way to start the year off right! Thanks!

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