Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners | What is Digital Marketing | Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners | What is Digital Marketing | Benefits of Digital Marketing

Hello everyone welcome to my youtube
channel marketing stud. So in this video I’ll be talking about digital marketing
basics. So without wasting any more time let’s see the agenda of the video. So I
will start off by explaining what is digital marketing, then we will see the
various traditional marketing techniques all right. Further we’ll see why do we do
digital marketing with a real estate use case as well and lastly we will see the
various benefits of digital marketing cool ok? So let’s start the video then, so
what exactly is digital marketing guys you must have been hearing this term
lately quite often. Every industry and every sector is looking at digital
marketing expert, there is a plethora of opportunities in this field but what
exactly this digital marketing so digital marketing is a term made up of
two words digital and marketing correct so let’s understand what is marketing
first and then we’ll see what is digital marketing ok so to understand marketing
let’s see how a typical business works so any business works in three steps
which I have named C PS where C means create T means tell and S means sell so
the first step is create where the company creates a product or a service
ok so once the product is ready what does the company do company tell people
about the product write about the specification pricing availability and
features so this is what exactly the tell is step in CTS the second step and
what happens after that sales right so this is a CTS model of any business the
company creates a product tell it to people and make sales
now this tell step in CTS model is marketing so marketing is just a way to
pass information to people now what is digital marketing when you pass
information through Internet it becomes digital marketing if there is do
Internet it is just marketing understood now let’s see how companies used to do
marketing before Internet and what are the other ways of
marketing if not digital so the first source is television do I
need to tell you guys how companies do marketing on television we have been
seen ads during the shows on television since childhood no matter what you are
watching on TV big news sports music movies tele soups you will see acts in
between every time next sources newspaper this is a major channel of
marketing where it started with ads on a small space in the corner to a full page
now and this is how your reaction is when you see first few pages filled with
ads isn’t it third is radio if you are a radio listener you will accept it there
are more ads on radio than music there are acts before music in between music
and after music it is full of ads next source is billboard so if you are living
in a city you must would have seen billboard on the traffic signal with a
big banner of a car a bike mobile phone or a television show it is a major
source of driving awareness among people about a certain product so this is
generally placed where huge traffic passes so that the company can get more
sales okay next source is brochure so if you would have visited any travel agency
or to take admission in a college or any agency for that matter you would have
got a brochure for sure about the details so this is comparatively less
costly than any other source of marketing so these five sources are
generally the major sources of traditional marketing now let’s see why
do we do digital marketing so to understand this let’s understand it with
a case so I have taken a real estate case suppose a construction company
named House of Hiranandani construct an apartment named Club Meadows okay now if
you remember few minutes back I explained the three business steps so
the first step of construction is completed and now the company wants to
tell people about the apartment club Meadows so to do this the company
chooses Billboard has the source who is spread awareness and information about
the apartment as you can see I found this billboard on the traffic signal few
days back so I thought to incorporate this case in the video now you tell me
who all will be seeing this ad of the apartment on the traffic signal so I
have categorized the people in six category and further highlighted with
red and green so there will be children seeing the ad elderly people lower class
people lower middle class upper middle class and upper class right now out of
all these the first three won’t be interested in the ad correct and among
the rest three there must be a lot of people already having their own living
space so do you think this way of marketing would be as effective as the
one where instead of showing the apartment ad to everyone show it to only
those who are living in that locality have age range of 35 to 55 and also
earning well and also to those people who are searching for the ad on the
Internet in that locality now you tell me where the conversation would be hired
of course through the second way right and that’s why digital marketing is
gaining its prominence now you would have understood why do be to digital
marketing let’s see some of the benefits of digital marketing so the first one is
intense targeting I believe this is the best
advantage of digital marketing you can easily target only those who might be
interested in your product rather than showing it to everyone next is
cost-effective so if you are targeting only to the interested buyer rather than
showing it to everyone of course you will be saving a lot of money right next
is measurable when you market your product on the Internet you can measure
the success right from the moment you start the campaigning and that is a
bliss because through other sources of marketing you have to wait for a long
time to get the data and the data is also not that correct because you cannot
measure the correct sales through the ad you played on television alright next is
improved conversion rate now if you are targeting only to those who might be
interested in your product then definitely the conversion would be
higher isn’t it the next benefit is higher ROI ROI is
return on investment so this is directly related to the previous benefit if the
conversion rate is higher the return on investment will also be high next is
real time result as I told you you can measure the result at any instance
getting your real time result is definitely a big advantage of digital
marketing next benefit is quick adapt to your strategy so when you market your
product on the internet and you see the performance of AD is not up to the
expectation you can immediately change your strategy to achieve the goal but
this cannot be done in traditional way of marketing the last benefit is time
saving so if you are targeting to the right audience measuring the result
often and getting high return on the investment you will definitely save a
lot of time so these are few top benefits of digital marketing and that
brings to the end of this session but before you leave here is a question for
you out of all the benefits what do you think is the best benefit of digital
marketing or the advantages okay comment down your answer in the comment
section and I will read everyone’s answer and reply to you all also
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video thank you


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