Digital Marketing Workshop with Matter Solutions

Digital Marketing Workshop with Matter Solutions

Hi I’m Ben from Matter Solutions and I’m
running the digital marketing workshop today we’re gonna cover SEO Google ads
social and we’re gonna put it all together a good website can make or
break a business also determine who who sticks with your website but also who
leaves it as well so that was really interesting I saw fire I joined at least
like a 10 or 20 market event I think this is the best one extremely useful I
never thought I tend the event I can learn so much from that Ben was really
helpful he was very open to find out questions from the participants and was
very enthusiastic when it came to answering them and he was entertaining
and engaging at the same time he will asked our feedback so he’s more like
interrupts teaching rather than he just speak by himself so I’d really like that
yeah I would absolutely recommend this workshop to anyone that has their own
website and so they can learn how to manage their business and their online

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  1. We host these regularly, so check out our website to see if we are hosting in your city!

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