1. Once a dog gets a taste of human blood it needs to be put to sleep! Grateful for the good samaritan – May God bless him and I pray the mailman recovers 🙏🏼🤲🏼🙏🏼

  2. Dog owners should be held liable. If your dog bites someone it should be put down and the owner should be sent to jail! I guarantee tragedies like this would stop

  3. PRESS ALL CHARGES that dog was getting ready to attack the old lady.. smh. Pit bulls are useless in society and not needed they’re used trophy “pets” to boost egos of owners. These dogs are NOT PETS they are weapons and just because they’re trained to be good natured doesn’t mean they still won’t kill or attack. Pit bull owners are as bottom of the barrel as pit bulls themselves.

  4. Detroit is supposed to be one of the toughest cities in the country…and nobody in the entire neighborhood had a gun?HUH?

  5. Im sorry but if you choose to own one of these types of dogs you should be 💯 % responsible for whatever happens. you should have to hold insurance that covers ALL legal damages to the fullest. The breeding of these dogs needs to become extremely expensive in order to control the reproduction of these breeds.

  6. The bright side is that it’s had its shots and vaccinations? How about the fact that the mailman didn’t die from being mauled to death? Stupid f*ckers care more about these gotdamn animals then their fellow human beings.

  7. Sick DEMONIC owner as low iq as her giant head short fugly glorified baby killer! Bull she needs prison time the creature needs to be burned!!

  8. That dog needs to be put down Next time it could be a child.The dogs brain has flipped and there are too many dogs in rescue being put down through no fault of their own.

  9. the owner didn't sound the least bit remorseful. and animal control didn't immediately put the dog down and instead needed 10 days to figure out what to do with it? really?
    I hope they eventually determined to euthanize it.

  10. Sorry I carry and have a Cutco hunting knife that could cut a deer rib cage.I am a hunter! I also have a Saint Bernard and Mastiff. I also had to stop a Rottweiler attacking a young boy who ended up in the hospital for a long time… good job!

  11. I think that the song Should die,an the people that own should go to jail for awhile,an pay for what it did. Then see how funny it is then. HA HA HA.

  12. Animals are animals owner should always think it will harm people anytime…Luckily our kids are not around that street..

  13. I don't mean this in a bad way but it's a African American neighborhood and nobody had a gun!!! That dog needed to be put out on the spot!!!

  14. She have no remorse what's so ever…I hope they put that dog down and give her and her careless nephew a nice healthy fine are jail time cause why didn't he come get the dog he open door and let him get out… somebody needs to pay ….that could've been someone's child …smh😕

  15. One thing the owner should’ve done. Is put a muslin on the dog’s mouth. So the dog don’t attack anybody not even the mailman. Because I don’t like seeing people harming animals. I am a animal lover. But if your dog is vicious and maybe doesn’t like people. Then put a muslin on the dogs mouth😳😳😳😳

  16. Decide What To Do After 10 Days???????? I can help out now with that decision: Euthanasia because this dog is not Pet Material and it can and will attack again at Anytime if allowed to live. Thank You.

  17. Animals lover's.animal's dog in human community.human can love animal's but not in this way putting them in homes with human like fellow humans.we need a laws on does who has dogs.

  18. Nonsense person ,
    One person bring the back dog legs and move.round ,the other one take wooden stick and enter their mouth ,

  19. I heard that a hard hit to the nose and the dog would of released. Its a lot they could of did but sum people dont know and go into panic mold. Thank God postal worker is recovering because it could of been fatal.

  20. Why aren't these breed being ban?? Obvious most ppl can't control these dog if something like this happens.. everytime I see a skinny girl walking her pitbull make me afraid for my life..just saying

  21. 10 days _ you all are pretty nice to those animals there in Detroit . Here in Florida that dog would have been shot and within the first 10 seconds

  22. Are they stupid or what you're going to keep the animal for 10 days you already seen what it does to people kill this stupid thing! That's what you get when you have a city run by demoncrats. Stupidity run rampant everywhere they don't even know that they should put the dog down immediately. Bunch of clowns who ran their City into the ground!

  23. At least the dog has all it's shots & vaccinations???🤚🏽NAH THE PLUS SIDE IS EARLY RETIREMENT, FULL BENEFITS WITH PAY FOR THE REST OF THAT MANS LIFE! #LookAtGOD #WontHEDoIt? #YesHEWill! 💯😂🙌🏽👏🏽

  24. Here in So. Florida the Mail Carriers carry some kind of repelent spray. Everybody down here owns a dog, and the dogs all go crazy when the mail man shows up.

  25. Dog was only doing what was natural and defending its turf !! Give it a bone and let it go back home to its owner !!

  26. Nice vaccination propaganda at the end losers … also that is a trans gender deceiver reporter …

  27. I didn't see no white folks helping brother out ..day ain't gonna help a black man cause day racist

  28. That dog should've been put to sleep IMMEDIATELY and the owner should've went to jail IMMEDIATELY!This is why I don't like dogs especially pit bulls…Pit Bulls should be BANNED IN THE USA!

  29. Another stupid female owner situation that they're good dogs she deserves a go to jail..there killing machines .i hope the dog eats her up next…

  30. very dog that bites should be put down, period. no excuses. it used to be that way, when I was young if a dog bit a human it was put down. i dont know what has happened now that these dangerous pit bulls are being foisted on our society. dogs with a history of attacks and still nothing is done by either owner or the authorities. i dont get it.

  31. So if a dog is hard to fend off in an attack without needing a bunch of other people,… I don’t see why anyone would house a pit

  32. When a Dog attacks… Remember you are bigger…. Do not run. Face it and keep slowly backing away while looking for anything you can use… Your belt is often overlooked. But when swung hard enough the buckle can deter a smaller dog… Wrap your non dominate arm with your shirt and let the dog bite that as you work on its eyes, shove your index finger into its ear as hard as you can, try to stomp its paws.

  33. Stick that broom stick up the dogs butt and it will stop, you have to be more violent than the Pitbull to get its attention, they do not feel pain while attacking..

  34. That's so unfortunate. NOT ALL PIT BULLS ARE LIKE THIS SOCIALIZE YOUR PUT BULLS PEOPLE!!!! ANY AND I MEAN ANY DOG COULD HAVE DONE THIS. BREED PLAYS LITTLE ROLE HERE. The owner is at fault for failing to socialize a dog that MUST be socialized to EVERYTHING if you dont understand that then do not get a pit bull. My pits are the sweetest wimps ever.

  35. Now we sit back and watch the Pitbull Cultists do backflips trying to defend the dogs. "But- but- but chihuahuas bite people more often!"

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