Doubled My Instagram Following in One Year to 75K | Instagram Marketing Expert Emelina Spinelli

Doubled My Instagram Following in One Year to 75K | Instagram Marketing Expert Emelina Spinelli

My name is Emelina Spinelli. I’m an Instagram Consultant, Creative Marketing Director & Entrepreneur. Welcome to my channel! Think of me as your marketing mentor. If you ever wanted to build a brand online and make money doing it, then this is going to be a great channel for you. This is where I’ll be teaching you Instagram marketing tutorials personal branding hacks and I’ll be teaching you the specifics on how to run an online business as an expert. I wanted to start a Youtube channel because I can only take a few clients at a time monthly and I want to help more of you so this is the way that I can do that. I’m going to show you the concrete marketing steps and a little bit of manifesting magic so that you can do this too. I’m really excited to share the highs and the lows with you and everything in between so that you can learn from my experience so that you can build your business to the next level. Obviously, I’m an Instagram consultant. You can find me on Instagram (@ecspinelli) I would love to talk with you guys more one on one in my comments so come check me out over there [Instagram]. I’ve grown my Instagram following from scratch from zero to over 72,000 followers this has given me an amazing opportunity to work with great brands like Adobe Credit Karma Pepsi Fox Broadcasting and so many more. My social media expertise has also been featured in publications such as The New York Times Entrepreneur Magazine Social Media Today and so many more. If you’re looking to grow an Instagram following and brand online I have an amazing free training on my website where I’ll show you how to build your following from zero to 12,000 followers in less than a year and it is so much more doable than you think. Pop over to my website [] and enroll for free. You’re not going to want to miss a moment of the tutorials that I’m about to send out and epic wisdom drops. Please make sure that you subscribe to my channel hit the bell for notifications and Iook forward to sharing so many more amazing videos with you! Subscribe! Find me on Instagram @ecspinelli


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  2. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! FINALLY some actionable real-world advice on how to grow my IG without all of the "hipster" BS vibes! Looking forward to more of your videos and can't wait to implement what you teach !!!

  3. Fantastic. Experienced goosebumps throughout!! Waiting with bated breath for next videos :))

  4. My degree is in marketing. I just know I’m going to love this! ❤️ 🤓Can’t wait for more already. 😊

  5. I found you on google while was looking for the new algorithm ig has now i've ended up here. keep up the positive vibe and don't get older. i already follow you on ig, so check mine also, maybe you'ld like to follow me too 🙂 @gocmenerd

  6. Love this and excited to be following along and learning from you! Yay for your Instagram hashtag guide too! @FortuitousFoodies on IG!

  7. Emelina! This video is amazing! I’m looking forward to following along, watching all your videos and putting your advice to use!

  8. Hi Emelia…Elijah here and my Instagram handle is @elijahshodeinde. Looking forward to more updates from you

  9. Excited to learn! Along with Instagram growth, I’ll look forward to following your YouTube journey, as I’m hoping to start my own channel soon too. Instagram is @jaimie_tucker

  10. Hey Emelina! So excited for your new venture and definitely so stoked to learn Insta tips from you. PS – loved the lofi music vibe in the beginning 😁 just hit the bell for notifications ❤️❤️ We’re already insta buddies @consciousefflorescence ❤️

  11. Thanks for this! I’m wanting to learn more about using hashtags effectively! Looking forward to learning more. I’m on IG at @jainniejenkins 😉🙌

  12. I’m Struggling with trying to find my niche and stand out in the makeup world. I do reviews and I’m just myself but I’m working on making videos and I need a direction…looking forward to learning more cause you seem like a wicked cool chick and I’m psyched to have some help and insight! 🦄💕🦄

  13. I teach people everything I learn about Instagram Marketing and I'm very excited about learning more from you. On Instagram I am @TheDigitalTinker

  14. Hi Emelina! Fellow social media consultant here. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with here on YouTube. Congrats on taking the YouTube channel plunge!

    Find me on Instagram at @nvkait 🙂

  15. Love your energy! I look forward to more videos from you to learn how to grow my Instagram page @voshawnnicole

  16. Looking forward to learning more! I have a Masters in PR and started a branding business in Jan. So I’m soaking everything in!! @supa.dupah.chris

  17. I have a health & wellness brand and I’m struggling to engage followers to sell products. With the Amazon $100 gift card I will buy some books to help continue my marketing/instagram knowledge and grow my brand influence!

  18. : for a click away type comment, and one more entry :D. Check out my business tips highlights, I think your audience may like them. xoxo

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