Dumbest Drone Fail Videos

Dumbest Drone Fail Videos

– Today we unveil some dumb drone fails.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– Today is election day, so if you are… …a United States-ian and you haven’t
voted yet, go out and do your part right now. Not just to get a handy-dandy
sticker, although those are very cool. So you can have your
say in this election. And when you do get the sticker, put it
over your eye and Instagram it to us. Because that’s “eye voted.”
I don’t know. – Ugh.
– I’m working on something. – Okay. Keep trying, Link. (laughing)
– But they’ll do it! And you should do that, because next year
you don’t need to go to the polling stations at all, because you’re just gonna
mail your vote in on a drone. – It’s gonna bzzzz, bzzzz.
– Heard about that. Because drones are taking over, which
basically means there’s a lot of ameteur drone pilots out there. And sometimes
they capture some pretty incredible footage. And other times, they just embody
some pretty incredible fails, which we are gonna go through today. It’s time for
“You Might Groan When You’re Shown… – …These Drones Flown Dumbly.”
– Ho ho! I thought you were gonna… – …rhyme one more time.
– Nope, you gotta… – I did, though!
– …left turn! – (Rhett trying to talk)
– Left eye with the sticker. – Yep.
– (crew offscreen laughing) – Hit it, Rhett.
– It’s 2016, and that means if you’re… …having a wedding and you’re not getting
some drone footage of it, you might as… – …well not even get married!
– No-ho-ho! – What are you thinking?!
– You gotta get that aerial epic… – …stuff happening.
– Alisha and Clayton hired… …Davey to come film their wedding
in 2013, and he had an idea for an amazing, sweeping shot. Dramatic, sweeping
shot as they were in a lover’s embrace… – …holding hands, head-to-head.
– Mhm. Let’s see how that worked out. – (drone whirring)
– (Link) Where is everybody? – (Link) This is a rehearsal?
– (Rhett) It’s all setup for the shot. – (Link) Okay.
– (Rhett) This is for the wedding video. – (Rhett) Here we go. Here we go.
– (Link) Oh, kinda low. – (thump)
– (Rhett & Link laughing) (Rhett) Now, Link, what happened there
is that it made contact with them. – (Rhett) As you can see in the slow motion.
– (Link) And it bounced off of them. – Look, they didn’t more at all!
– Well, no. I don’t think that they… – …anticipated this happening.
– Well, they were… Even though it seemed so intentional
on the part of the drone pilot. – I know. (laughing)
– I can just see him going, like… – “Brrrrrrr! Hit the couple!”
– “I’ma get ’em.” – “It’s uphill from here.”
– We shouldn’t laugh about this… – …because, sadly, the groom died.
– Oh, wow. – Yeah. They had to call the wedding off.
– He looked fine. (laughing) Actually he just cut his
right cheek. He laughed it off and then he asked Davey to upload the
clip to YouTube, which he did, on his… – …channel, WeddingMan123!
– Woo! Sadly, he hasn’t uploaded anything
over there for over two years. The last video, which I checked out,
was “Aerial View of Garbage.” – That’s what he called it?
– Yeah! – And that’s what it was?
– I watched it 14 times in a row! – Whoa, man!
– You would not believe how… – …interesting aerial garbage is.
– Areal footage of non-aerial garbage. – If it’s flying a garbage…
– Oh, maybe I didn’t understand! – If it’s flying garbage…
– Maybe I just imagined it going everywhere. …I want in on that. All right, another
great use for drones is capturing wild animal footage. Or in some cases,
capturing footage of wild animals… – …that have been captured.
– Oh, yeah. In a zoo. Royal Burgers’ Zoo,
which I love a good royal burger. – Yeah, man. (laughing)
– At a zoo. (laughing) That’s the name of a zoo
in the Netherlands. I don’t wanna know what they make the
burgers out of. (laughing) I don’t wanna know,
but they’re priced to move. – (laughing)
– (laughing) They decided to get some… – …drone footage of their chimp exhibit.
– Of course they did! So let’s play that. Behold the unnatural
habitat of the chimpanzee. (Link) Oh, here they are. And shall we
get a closeup shot? Yes, yes, yes. – (Link) Here we go.
– (Rhett) It looks so peaceful. – (Link) Oh! Watch out!
– (Rhett) Oh, okay. – (Link) That is Tushi.
– (Rhett) Is that supposed to happen? (Link) Tushi the chimp has a limb,
and look at her face! – (Rhett) A tool-user! (laughing)
– (Link) Look, she’s so happy… – …about it!
– (Rhett) Ahhh, yeah! – (Link) She’s got that opposable thumb.
– (Rhett) “Yeah, gotcha again!” Tushi Tushi go smooshie! Never fly your
$2,000 drone that close to anyone’s… …Tushi. That’s the lesson, Rhett. – (laughing)
– (laughing) I get it, because… – … his name was — It’s like a hiney.
– It’ll cut your tushy. Yeah, you don’t wanna get your drone
next to the hiney. In December of 2014, my favorite restaurant, TGI Fridays —
not actually my favorite restaurant — did a holiday promotion to get more people
into the restaurant. They thought it was a good idea to fly a drone with a mistletoe
hanging from it over the heads of patrons. – Now, I know what you’re thinking…
– Nothing… – “Nothing could go wrong.”
– (laughing) Yeah, nothing will go wrong. – This a great idea, right.
– And when it comes over, they kiss. – Yes.
– Okay, I get it. I get it. You get it! If you had’ve been there, you
would’ve known what to do. – It’s like a junior marketing idea.
– Let’s see it. – ♪ (drum beat and sleigh bells) ♪
– (Link) “Half of UK adults… – …never kissed under a mistletoe?”
– (Rhett) You see? See how this works? – (Link) Well, look at that.
– (Rhett) Oh, happy pilot. Yeah! (Link) She wasn’t actually piloting that
thing. She’s an actress. – (Link) They’re all actors.
– (Rhett) “Oh, but we’re actually… – …cousins. This is awkward.”
– (Link) Oh, nope. Denied! (Link) All right, okay.
Where’s the blood? (Rhett) Listen, I’ve been to TGI Fridays,
and the people there don’t look… – …like this.
– (Link) There we go. (Rhett) I mean, I’ve been to it a
number of times in Fuquay-Varina. Everybody’s making out in the Fridays
I go to. – Well, I’ve never seen…
– No mistletoe needed. – …people that looked like that.
– Uh… that was kind of anticlimactic. – No blood. No violence?
– Yeah, what’s gonna happen? Well, I’ll so you the blood in a second,
Link. It’s what they cut out of the commercial, because they actually cut
someone during the making of… – …this commercial.
– Of course. That was photographer, Georgine Benvenuto.
She was there taking pictures when, all of a sudden, the drone just came up
and smacked her right on the side of the face. And this is what ended up
happening to her face. – (Link) Well, she got nicked.
– (Rhett) Nowthat’s a pretty serious cut. (Rhett) And it’s pretty… well, she got
a little lip dot. (Rhett) A little lower lip dot.
So that’s nothing to shake a stick at. – Or throw a drone at.
– Well, she doesn’t have, like… – …a third nostril now.
– The Daily Mail was quoted as saying… …”The 10-inch drone became so entangled
in Ms. Benvenuto’s hair that she even feared she would lose an eye.
Because that’s how eyes work. – (Link) She’d keep ’em in the hair?
– If you get of the hair and pull… …hard enough, both of ’em just
(sucking noise)… – (Link) Go back!
– Yeah, I’ve seen it happen. – Do we have any footage of that?
– Unfortunately, I do not. – It’d be to gruesome to show anyway.
– Yeah, yeah. Speaking of gruesome, Rhett, I know
you’re a huge fan of sensual pop – …sensation, Enrique Iglesias.
– …Oh, yes I am! – I’m an Enrique-boy. I don’t, what…
– That’s what they’re called! – What do they call ’em?
– Right. You’re exactly right. – Yeah, that’s what I am. Yeah!
– He’s an Enrique-boy. So I don’t have to tell you what he
does at all of his concerts. – Psh, sings! (laughing)
– And… – Dances!
– And… Yeah, sings and dances. Love it!
Every bit of it. And he… Pulls down… – A drone. Right. You knew that.
– A drone! Yeah, yeah. – Because you’ve been there.
– Yeah. Right. – He has a drone at all of his concerts.
– That’s my favorite part. Favorite part. And Enrique loves to grab the drone —
because it’s displaying on the screens, the video footage —
and get a closeup of himself. Oh, yeah. That’s my favorite part.
When he’s on the — he’s doing that… – …and then his face is up there.
– Yes, Rhett. – I’m like, “Oh, man. Look at that.”
– But in Tijuana, I think he made… …it clear that he has not been reading
the safety warnings on the drone. – Oh, I messed that show. So what happened?
– So here is an audience member’s footage. – I don’t go to Tijuana.
– (crowd cheering) (Link) Now, he’s doing jumping jacks,
but there’s the drone above his head. – (Link) You see, right there?
– (Rhett) Uh-huh. Here it is. – (Rhett) Just like it always is.
– (Link) And then he grabs the drone. – (Rhett) Uh-huh.
– (Link) And then the crowd’s going nuts. (Link) And then he twists around so he
can get a shot of him and the crowd. (Link) And then he pulls it in close, like
he’s gonna give it a kiss. (Rhett) Ohhh, yeah. I wish I was
that drone. (Link) And then he pulls it back out.
And then, you’re going in for another one, Enrique? Oh, yeah, you are.
Oh! Nope. It just… (stammering) It snapped his hand.
Snapped at his hand. (Rhett) Oh, poor baby.
What happened to him? (Link) It sliced and diced his hand.
now he’s sitting there trying to figure out what’s he gonna do.
And then he’s like, “Ah, I hurt my finger!” And then he’s like,
“Man, it’s bleeding a lot.” – Oh, poor Enrique.
– Yeah, and he goes backstage. – And they say…
– And he died? – No. Well, almost. They said…
– I think I would’ve heard about that. …”You could die at any moment.
Don’t come back out.” But instead, he takes his hand, as bloody
as it was… – Yeah, he does.
– …and then he hits himself on… – Ooh! Ooh!
– ..on the chest. And he makes a blood… – …smear in the shape of a heart.
– Oh, gosh! And he comes bak out on stage to his
loving fans and says, “I’m here for you!” That’s why we love you, Enrique.
That’s why we’re your boys. – Yes.
– That’s why we love you, because of… – …the heart on the shirt. Ooh.
– And he has eight fingers now. – Really? Mm.
– No. But do you still love him? – I didn’t mean to…
– Do I still love him? Of course! – …degrade it little bit.
– I’m still an Enrique-boy. – I still go on the forums.
– Last time I cut my finger was… …a few Christmases ago when I was
opening a Barbie doll. – Right.
– And I did not smear anything… …in the shape of a heart on my chest.
I just fainted into my father-in-law’s… – …arms.
– (laughing) Well, you know, it happens… – …to the best of us.
– No drone footage of that. A man who goes by gasturbine101
on YouTube took the parts of 54 drones… – This is an idea.
– …and made what he is calling… …The Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle
Multirotor Super Drone! – Or the… what for short?
– It’s the… sum-airr-vud-mds-duh. – (laughing) He did not name it…
– It’s an acronym. – …anything shorter. Okay.
– No. but let’s watch him fly it… – …because that’s the good part.
(Link) Man! (Link) He doesn’t have a head.
Okay, he’s under a… (Rhett) He’s protected his face with
an umbrella. – (Rhett) Now, look at this thing.
– (Link) Man! – (Rhett) Look at that.
– (Link) Whoa, there it goes! (Rhett) Look at that The Swarm Manned Aerial
Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone, Link! (Link) Dang! (stammering) – (Link) Whoever’s filming that’s afraid.
– (Rhett) Now, Link, would you believe… – (Link) And so am I.
– (Rhett) Would you believe me if… …you that he actually flew this thing
across the Atlantic? – Uh, no.
– Because by that I mean he flew it… …over a copy of the print magazine,
The Atlantic. – (laughing)
– (laughing) That’s as exciting as this… …thing gets. It can only hover. It can
only do that to about head-high. And when he gets above head-high,
you can see the people filming get… – …very nervous.
– Yeah. And it only lasts for 10 minutes. So if
you have a social situation where you just to sorta drift up to about head height
for about 10 minutes… – “Hello, everybody!”
– …I mean, it could be a party… – …that you’re not enjoying.
– “I look like Woody Allen.” “Hey, here I go!” It’s tough to get
that thing in the door. I will say that. Maybe an outdoor party, or a concert.
Take it to that. – Yeah, take it to the Enrique.
– That’s what the The Swarm Manned… … Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone
is for. – May I present to you Zwier Spanjer?
– Yes. – That’s a person’s name.
– Yeah. [Heard about him.] He was flying his $800 DJI Phantom 2
Quadcopter on a sunny day, and then subsequently uploaded the video, entitling
it “My First Day with My Drone.” – Mhm.
– Let’s watch it. (Link) Okay, now, this thing is pretty
high up there, but it’s losing battery power, which means it’s gonna come down
slowly with the remaining power it has. And if you look right in the middle of the
screen, you see a bunch of people… – …standing on that street.
– (Rhett) Uh-huh. (Link) Now, there’s one guy who’s
wearing a green jacket, who’s starting to move now, and he’s got a white
controller. That’s the drone controller. He’s the pilot. Keep an eye on him.
They know this thing’s coming down. There’s another guy running, but
look at the guy in the green jacket. (Rhett) I think they’re starting to
panic at this point. (Link) You think maybe the drone’s going
for that big ditch. (Rhett laughing) Yeah, I think it’s
heading for the water. (Rhett) It’s heading for the water,
and he knows it! (Lnk) He’s like, “Lemme get over this
fence very gingerly!” (Rhett) He’s not moving very quickly,
though. He’s just like… – …”Ah, surely it’s gonna come to me.”
– (Link) His friends are watching. (Rhett) “Surely this thin is not gonna
go in the water.” – (Link) “Come to me, drone.” Oh no.
– (Rhett) “There’s no way it’s going in… – …Oh, it’s going in the water.”
– (Link) Decision time. Yes! Sit down! – (Link) Yes, leave the — get in there!
– (Rhett) “I’m going in the water.” – (Link) “Oh, it’s cold! Ooh, it’s cold!”
– (Rhett) Look at this. Look at this. – (Link) Can he do it?
– (Rhett) Look, look, look! – (Link) Can he make it! Yes!
– (Rhett) Oh! – (Link) He gets it! Woo!
– (Rhett) Did he get it? – (Rhett) Did he save it? Did he save it?
– (Link) He saved it! And he passes… – …it off to his friend. Woo!
– (Rhett) I didn’t need that. – That was as exciting as Enrique!
– Ohhhh! – Woo!
– That was great. Actually, the pond… …was full of acid, and the dude lost
his lower half. – Oh, yeah.
– Which is the sad side of the story. – But the drone is totally saved.
– But the drone survived! Way to go, Zwier! He kept his legs.
It was just water. – Okay. Congratulations, Zwier.
– Woo! And congratulations to you, and thank
you for liking, commenting… – …and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. – I’m [Lingie].
– And I’m Albin. – And we’re from New York.
– And we’re about to get married… – …South Korea.
– (both) And now it’s time to spin… …The Wheel of Mythicality,
– You should watch Good Mythical… …Crew this Saturday, because the crew
actually tested a bunch of drones — all budget drones under $100 — and
determined the best one, and we’re gonna… – …be playing with that in just a second!
Click through to Good Mythical… – …More as we make tea using a drone.
– Oh. Never been done before. (Rhett) “Overly-confident conversation
about Pythagorean Theorem.” – (vague British accent) Hullo, Martin.
– (similar accent) Hi, Stewart. – Well, here we are again to discuss…
– Have you heard of the new… – …the maters of import.
– …the new theorem that… hmm. – The Pie theorem?
– (high voice crack) Yes. – Yes. Yes.
– From Phythagorum. I love Phythagorum pie. Its theorem
is that it’s amazingly tasty. Well, he put… He thought he was making
an apple one. – Of course he was.
– And he made a pineapple pie. I thought he was making a
Thagoream pie. I don’t know what that part is. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


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