E-mailmarketing: Top 3 Tips! | Frankwatching

E-mailmarketing: Top 3 Tips! | Frankwatching

hey guys thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe I’m skyping right now with your date from the time he is a very well-known email marketing expert Jordy thank you so much for taking some time to talk to me so we’re going to talk about three email marketing practical tips first of all you say it’s really important to have some sort of call of action how do you do that really well if i look at my inbox the the emails that actually stick with me are the ones that tell me what to do and you see that in love newsletters this goes wrong you’re looking at is like what do you want me to do right if you are sending an email you should definitely think about yeah what do I wanted this subscriber to do do I wanted them to go to my website don’t want them to download something buy something just think about how you’re going to achieve that one of the things that most important is to make it very obvious very apparent right in your face I want you to do this so you have a little trick that you do to test whether it’s obvious enough you have your email it’s totally finished it’s that trip you design it a nap and put in the content and everything now your squinch and you look at the screen and if you don’t know what the emails about or where the subscribers you have to click then you’re up for a fail thought it’d be super obvious with bright colors and nice yeah well that’s that’s the other thing with a call to action preferably that’s like a link or button where people should click if you use a button make sure that it stands out make it big yeah make a different color than the background okay sounds great so call to action number one the second one and you said you people need to and if you want to segment your your emails and this is something that has been on the list of email marketers like four years isn’t that easy yeah it’s like it keeps on ranking as number one thing we should be doing this year is what’s gonna happen is if you segment usually your email marketing gets more effective you’ll be earning more money and get higher ROI okay so how do you do that how do you what do you need in order to be able to segment your your emails so if you’re going to segment you better think about so how am I going to form these groups right and they’re basically two types of data you can use the first one is what i like to call digital DNA but it’s the profiles demographics of your recipient so for instance gender if you’re in a fashion if you have a fashion newsletter it’s pretty important to know you should i be offering women’s clothing men’s clothing right but next to that you have a different type of data which you can call your digital body language so that’s behavioral data data about what people actually doing so what do they do online while they go to your website maybe browse typing some searches maybe by certain stuff so all that data you can use to improve your future emails yes that makes a lot of sense so that’s there’s a great tips to two segments on to tip number three you say you have a great tip to give marketers some time or save time on sending out emails one of the first things is make sure you automate your data flow and what does that mean so if someone subscribes to your newsletter you want that to automatically go into your email system if you’re doing that by hand if you’re using an excel sheet make sure you get someone in there an IT savvy person and make sure that goes all emerging from now on so the second thing is make sure you use a template so that’s a pre-formatted newsletter design if you only have to fill in so you only have to fill in the content maybe images there are a lot of emails that you can send out automated okay yeah you’re just put in the email into the system and for instance when the recipient does something calling the event driven email for instance it’s their birthday or they download a white paper system will recognize that send an email automatically oh and another one is make sure you have an organization which is well trained and but that I mean that if you have a manager if you have director make sure that they sign off once right and for the rest let them do your let you do your job well you already I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me I’ve learned so much in just a couple minutes I talked to you where can people find you online monday yeah email Monday calm at gym rat or an email Monday for the Dutch viewers great well thank you so much and keep in touch ok thank you a penis


  1. Hi Maria 🙂
    Maybe just stick to the first book for now. In dutch though, you can find it on managementbook dot nl

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