I Think emails are weird along with the etiquette that goes with it. I mean, it’s not like texting or instant messaging. You know like “ayy bb wanna go out 2nite” “mm i have too much homework :(” “Whatever, I never loved you anyway” “well, I’m pregnant” there is no limit to how informal you could be but when people use email as a medium to contact me I Feel the need to have more Discretion because that’s how I see emails Electronic mail, and you wouldn’t put LOL’s and emoticons in mail Lmao, here’s your cheque. I’m Canadian, so I spell it that way for $1,200 🙂 # makeitrain on one hand. I feel the need to sound professional Especially if it’s business related, but on the other I don’t want to sound boring and uninterested in the topic So when you eliminate text lingo and emoticons you’re left with a default english language or whatever you speak and proper your punctuation but if you’re like me I like to Express emotion into my words especially if it’s not in person or on the phone because I hate when people Misconstrue The tone of my messages, so for me when I write an email. What ends up happening is something like this Hey Dom, I’m just wondering if you’re free this week to set up a conference meeting with everyone. thanks! You can do this hey yeah whoops Hello, Christine. No that sounds like I’m welcoming her to my lair HELLO CHRISTINE!. Nope Heyyyyyyyyy Well she used an exclamation mark I guess I will too Hey! Good good. That’s good Yeah, I’m free that no no no no. I just used an exclamation. I I don’t want to sound like I’m too loud Yes, I am free. No. I sound like I just escaped prison with a vengeance Yeah, I’m free. Just let me know what time just let me know what time Just let me know what time!!!! Hey Christine a day within this fortnight fits within my schedule See you soon Best wishes to you and your loved ones most sincerely Domics *whispers* It’s perfect.


  1. Oh my gosh I can’t believe you spelled fortnite wrong!

    (Don’t get wooooshed please, I beg you)

  2. When i write E-Mails, i always write them formally and very proffessional… at least as good as i can.

    But the thing is, when i once startet writing something, the texts will extends to such lengths, that they could've been a novel. Especially when i greet my friends via a text message, and i do not greet them normally with a "hi" or a "hey", they can turn in to poets about the bonds of friendship that hath been forged over decades of struggle in this eternal hell that ye other beings on this planet that art capable to speaketh, name "Life"… or doest thou not think so?

    Yes this was just an example of how it can turn out and yes this whole comment is an example of everything that i have written there.

  3. For every single 8 year old fortnight means 2 weeks so take your fortnite battle royal and watch like ninja or myth or something I don’t care

  4. You dumb ass 11 years olds are saying OHhHh FoRtNIte!!!! When it says fortNIGHT. A fortnight is a period of expression of 2 weeks. For example, my birthday is in a fortnight. Oh yeah and also fuck Fortnite.

  5. Hello 2019 peeps hows your day doing great? Hope you enjoy this recommendation on YouTube, and also i'm pregnant

  6. Fortnight Definition: Two Weeks.
    Fortnite Definition: A Well-known video game.
    Coming from a nine year old.

  7. This exactly how I struggle writing an email when I want to send a complain to developers of a game
    I don't want to sound rude and also I don't want to sound calm and not caring.

  8. Well YT says it's 6 years ago… And actually I looked at the upload date and… wtf, it's e x a c t l y 6 years ago lol


  10. Soooo the moral of this video … Is to send Domic a Lot of e-mails!! You know so he can practise sending them back to people! 🤣❤

  11. Dominic faintly smiles as he lays on his final resting spot, not regretting a single thing about his life nor his email…

  12. Literally my class in Y7 2017:

    Teacher: Okay class your homework is due in a fortnight


    Me: Grow up…

  13. So, I'm ashamed to say that the picture of the dictionary took me a moment to figure out, lol. I saw the Ford logo before anything else, then looked up to what I thought was a Ram. My brain wanted to continue with the theme of car brands (Dodge Ram). So I read the dictionary as "Ram-Ford Dictionary", lol! Had to pause and rethink that…what are the popular dictionaries? "Webster, Ox…ford…oh. Oh. Well…this is embarrassing."

  14. I send emails frequently with my job now and I too at first struggled with this. I'm used to instant-messaging friends so I wasn't sure what was proper. Usually, I get group emails so I wait to see how others respond before chiming in. Sometimes, it's an email about a protocol change so I just write back, per the instructions "I understand".

    We recently did a poll though on where our team wanted management to buy us lunch (they offered it to us, this wasn't us demanding it of them, lol!). Things got a little silly in the thread so that was more light-hearted.

    I guess alongside the subject matter of the email, knowing who you're writing to makes a major difference as well. My supervisors are nice and chill so I can use an occasional "lol" with them because some might do so with me. I've become comfortable sending emails now and I think I've also developed a good balance between how to be professional and friendly. Exclamation points are good but really, go for a "warm tone" by using words like "great", "nice", "appreciate", "thank you", etc. Exclamation points can have the backfiring effect of making you sound either too hyped up or upset so unless you actually are one of those, refrain from using them. Again though, I may use them only with my close contacts at work because we've formed that connection.

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