1. I feel like they should teach these tips in school – you learn so much about writing but when it comes to writing a simple email you can get really stumped! Going to use your last tip and label my attachments from now on… I never even thought of doing that but it sounds so much more efficient!

  2. Totally love the tip about naming attachments to reflect what’s inside. That always impresses me when someone sends a bunch of email attachments in an email and I can easily determine what’s what!

  3. Loved this video. I definitely use the "add the email address last" now after also personally experiencing sending an unfinished email accidentally. Also love having emails come in with a clear and relevant subject line.

  4. Thank you for the tips Adriana! I am trying to find professional bloggers in my state, and I will try this tips out👍

  5. Yes! I love your tip about attachments. It always makes me wonder what I'm opening when it's named some random numbers and letters. Great tips!

  6. I LOVE tip number 3. I learned that the hard way too 😂

    Also you’re right about the phone too. We forget that actually calling people is an option!

  7. Omg I these tips! I did all the mistakes you mentioned. I wish I had your channel when I started working in the corporate world.

  8. DON'T USE ALL CAPS. 😉 I'm loving that Google is now "nudging" when you don't give/get a response in a certain time frame.

  9. I appreciate the tip about putting in the email addresses last. YUP. Made this mistake once…thank goodness it wasn't a big deal…but let me tell you, I'm SUPER careful not to be in a tough spot going forward. ALL these tips are VIP!

  10. I like that you spent time on the subject line because I don't open emails that I don't know or don't look urgent. Great vid!

  11. If you are emailing overseas, don't use exclamation points. We use it as being excited. They think you are yelling at them. Learned this while living overseas!

  12. Really great tips. One thing I learned over the years is that the higher up the individual was in the company, the quicker we needed to be to get to the point. If I was sending something to the CEO or other CXO, I had to get to the point in 1 sentence, absolutely no more than 2 sentences or it would never be read.

  13. OMG some of the emails I get blow my mind. This is something I try to teach every new employee or intern and it is honestly a God given skill. I don't know how some people don't read their own emails and say hummmmm

  14. Using bold and anything to get attention works best. We also like the subject line idea. Gary Vee always says to put the entire email in the subject line if you want someone to read it. Never tired it but it could work 🙂 Not for every day but interesting idea for when you need it.

  15. So on point about the subject line!

  16. Wow! really nice one video
    Love for you for making a good video also waiting for next one video,Carry on dear

  17. Oh I loved that! Thanks for sharing. ❤❤❤Here is a new friend and support, 💓💓💓hope you support me 😊😘❤❤❤ Full watch and Bell 😘 can't wait to see more😍 BIG LIKE

  18. Great video about emails, it's part of my workshop of how to write your CV and prepare for interview. Thanks a lot keep going

  19. Thanks Adriana
    Great video.

    Although I found most of what you said pretty obvious, it's actually amazing that so many people at CEO level or there abouts simply don't have a clue. Don't get me started on bad English/grammar where these same people are concerned.
    That said, I picked up a couple of really useful tips that I hadn't even considered.
    Thanks again.

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