Email Marketing Automation In GetResponse 2019 [Email Marketing Ep.6]

Email Marketing Automation In GetResponse 2019 [Email Marketing Ep.6]

welcome to the sixth and final episode
of my email marketing series in this one we’ll be setting up our email automation
in the email marketing software get response I’ll show you how you can build
an email automatically if you’ve watched the whole email marketing series all up
until this episode that’s awesome but if this is the first time you’ve watched
one of my videos I want to welcome you to my channel my name is Simon and on
this channel you’ll get the best tutorials tips and tools you need to
create a successful online business so consider subscribing for more videos
just like this one and I will also leave a list of all the tools and services I’m
using down below in the description so you can check them out at any point of
this video to build our email automation system we’re going to be using the email
marketing software get response if you already have an account with get
response great if you don’t there’s a link down in the description that you
can use to get a 30-day free trial so you can pause this video and get an
account and once you’re done we’re ready to jump into my computer and get started
ok I’m now back inside of the get response dashboard and to set up our
automation email workflow we’re going to go to the automation button up top here
where we’ve also already set up our automation email which is the first one
that we’ll be sending out which is the welcome email so what we’re going to do
now is go to manage workflows and then click on create workflow if you’re doing
this for the first time there might be some windows popping up to kind of give
you a tutorial about everything you can go through that or you can just click it
away and watch this one I’m gonna explain everything to you right now so
here you also have a different templates that you can use but for now we’re just
going to build it from scratch so we’re going to click on start now here you
also have some different pop-up windows some tutorials it’s probably worth
reading this so if you go through it the first time you can start reading this
but for now we can we give our workflow and names or
for me for example it would be affiliate marketing workflow something like that
and then we have to start with with a block so and what we’re going to start
with is subscribers so enter your name up top here and then click on
subscribers or subscribes nice so also and there would be an interactive
tutorial when you first do this if you want to turn this off just go to the
interactive tutorial button here and then switch this to off all right so
this is your workflow area where you build your workflow and on the right
side you have different blocks every block has a different feature so what we
have now is the the first one subscribed by any to any list via any method and
what we want to do now is we want all the people who sign up on our landing
page to our list that we’ve made we want them in this block so the way we do that
is we click on this block and then we go to select the list
click on specific then choose the list that we have created which is for me
they get response tutorial one click on that and then we have to select a method
if you have multiple landing pages and you want to divide them up then you can
choose the method here you can choose the lining page go to landing page and
then choose the one that you’ve created for example we’ve named ours example in
this tutorial so I would choose this one but if you only have one landing page
you can just leave this out and it will still work because everybody who’s
getting on that list will end up in this block here alright so what we do now is
everybody who’s landing in this block we want to send them our welcome email so
we go to the right side here and go to send message then what we do is we just
drag the send message block in our workflow
area here and then we’re gonna come we’re gonna connect these two so now
everybody who is here who ends up here this message will be sent to them
immediately so now we have to choose the message that we want to be to want to
send so now we go to the right side again we click on the clock and go to
the right side and then choose drafts because the message that we’ve created
is now in the drafts then choose the message so we only have one created the
welcome message so we choose this and then it asks you to or tells you that we
need to change it into an automation message so just click apply and now the
message is in there so now it’s already done so that if somebody enters their
email address on your landing page and they confirm that they want to be signed
up for your email list they will get this message immediately if you don’t
want to send it immediately you can enter a wait block in between these two
blocks the wait block is down it’s down here but I want to send it immediately
so I’m just gonna leave it like this but what I actually want to do is I want to
send a couple of more emails after they have signed up so after they’ve gotten
the welcome email I want to send another email a day later so what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna take the wait block down here and I’m gonna drag it into the my
area and again I’m gonna just connect it if you want to have them wait two days
then just change this to two you can also change the hours or whatever you
want but for me I’m just gonna leave it to one like for example if I have a
product I want to I want to promote then I’m gonna have a email series like five
emails or something and then on the last two I will promote that product so we
there wait one day and then I will send them another email so I’ll drag in the
message connect it and then I have to choose again what kind of message
I want to send them and of course you have to to mate to craft you have to
write that message first so you have to go in your automation messages and then
create that message because right now we only have one message a welcome message
but if you want to make more you can just go to to this button here and open
this in a new tab by holding down the command button on Mac I don’t know how
it works in Windows but I’m sure that’s that’s the way you can do this and you
have two tabs open and you can switch between these two tabs and then here go
again to automation and to automation messages here now we have the welcome s
that we’ve created in the draft section the status is draft and now we’ve used
this message you see that it’s in use so we have it twice and you can also filter
it here so if you want to only see the messages that are in use just take the
in use and you will only see the one message if you want to make more like
for a second email just create grah draft and write another email that you
can insert in your workflow so let’s go back to our workflow and actually build
this out so that we have our our email sequence set up so let’s say I want to
after this email is sent I want to have them wait another day and then and then
send another email and then they should wait another day and then I’m gonna send
another email so like this okay so now let’s say with this email
this is like a promotion or it’s linked in its to my website or whatever and I
only want to I want to kind of segment it so that people who actually click on
the link they they will get another email compared to the ones who don’t
click on a link so what I can do is I go to the right side and I can choose link
clicked I drag this one to the workflow area and connected like this and now I
want to send actually let’s say everybody who’s clicked a message they
will wait another day connect it and everybody who didn’t click any link they
will wait three days so dragging the weight one day and then change this to
three so now everybody who has clicked waits one day everybody who hasn’t like
wait three days cool so now everybody who has clicked will get another let’s
say promotion message and everybody who didn’t click will also get a message but
the message will be different it will be maybe some more value emails maybe some
more emails to warm them up for your promotion or something until you pitch
your your your offer again so this is a cool way to kind of segment the people
going through your workflow and you can actually build this out to eternity
so the powerful thing is that if somebody signs up for an email list you
will just get here and after this every everything will happen automatically and
you can send hundreds of emails and that you’ve prepared in advance and like you
to evaluate email value email value email and then you send it like a
promotional email and then you again send valuable emails and stuff like that
so I hope you see how powerful this can be and you have a lot more options here
you can move move people around like you can say if
if this math if this link hasn’t been clicked then you wanna you want to move
them to a different list like move to list and then you add here another list
or you can you can add a tag you can tag them something like I don’t know not
interested or something and then you kind of know what people who your
subscribers are and what kind of emails they want from you as beginner you
probably will not go too crazy with this and you actually shouldn’t because yeah
it can be a little bit get a little bit complicated fast but right now I want to
show you a workflow that I currently have for one of my businesses so I kind
of got an idea how it can look like so now we’re actually in my real gut
response account that I’ve had for a while and here’s a workflow that I’ve
built it’s it’s like nothing special actually but it’s kind of to show you
how it can look like so I give away an e-book and that I’ve wrote about how to
get your first 10k followers on Instagram so I know everybody who
downloads this ebook is interested in growing on Instagram so with the first
with a welcome message I said just send them the e-book and then I already
segmented so that everybody who clicks the link will go further in the workflow
and everybody who doesn’t click the link that didn’t take a look at the e-book so
they didn’t download the e-book what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna let them wait two
days and then I’m gonna send another email sending them my ebook again so I
don’t know I’m gonna send something like I don’t
know if what got delivered or something or maybe you forgot to check it out or
something like that so get a second chance that they download your ebook and
then they go back to the same workflow and after two days they will get a email
where I sent them a video about the growth service that I’m offering and I
explain everything works so maybe if somebody is
interested here I will already make a sale for my gross growth service for
Instagram and here the same again if somebody doesn’t open the message then I
will wait two days and then I will send the same email again but with a
different title so I know they haven’t seen the email because they haven’t
opened it so I can just use the same email I don’t have the time to take the
time to write another email but I use a different title so maybe the first title
didn’t work the first subject line so maybe the second subject line works and
then they go back into this workflow and here it it segments people who have
clicked on a link and people who haven’t clicked on a link actually here I should
do some more messages some more value emails and then maybe promote my growth
service again but I haven’t done that actually what I’ve done is I’ve sent
everybody to my second sequence which is just my YouTube videos that makes sense
if you you wanna grow an Instagram so here I have my series about how to make
money on Instagram so the first one is five ways to make money on Instagram
then they wait one day and then they get the message about a method that I’m
explaining here and so on and then I basically send them to the emails where
I explain which tools they’re gonna use to make that method work so and all
these these videos have affiliate links under in the description so that if they
decide to to go to to use these tools that I’m using I will get a commission
and what I can actually do also is like promote Instagram course here I actually
haven’t built this out to the full to the full scale right now but there’s a
lot of you lot what you can do you can really prepare hundreds of emails and I
also have a different entry points so these are my jarv settings that people
can download and they will get to the same to the same
eventually and then I will send them all to my newsletter once they have all gone
through this workflow where I will just send them broadcast messages like when I
upload a new video I will send them a message but I will only send them
through this through this newsletter list so that all people who are in this
workflow they will not be disturbed by some random email getting in between or
something so I hope you kind of understand how powerful this can be if
you if you build it out right and you have a thousand more possibilities than
what I’ve shown you just now but this is a beginner tutorial so
to go more in detail would be too much and this is just to show you how how
something like this can look and that concludes my 6 episode email marketing
series I want to thank you if you watch it all the way through until this point
I’ve had a lot of fun putting this stuff together for you guys and if you enjoyed
this kind of training let me know by giving it a thumbs up and let me know in
the comments section what I could do better in my next series also if you’re
interested in building a passive income online you can download my ebook where I
explain how you can build a passive income using affiliate marketing in
seven steps it reveals how affiliate marketers make over ten thousand dollars
in passive income online and how you can get started today for free anyway I wish
you a wonderful day and I’ll see you in the next video


  1. Hi Simon, have you got any ideas where to actually get email lists? I need contacts 🙂 I love the tutorials thank you very much

  2. Thx for the video, I liked that it was straight to the point, and you followed up with an example of your own setup. Keep up the good work.

  3. Simon,
    Many thanks, great video. Pls consider, I need to urgently talk to you to clarify a couple of things on this Video. My number is +14074460644 in case you don’t want to share your number.


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