Email Marketing | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Email Marketing | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Email marketing goes under
the umbrella of inbound marketing. Email is the workhorse of marketing. However, you need to learn how
to use it right, and well, so you can actually add
value to your users. Otherwise, you’re just
another spam in the inbox. Now there are a ton of platforms out
there that can help you manage your email marketing. Most have some basic free features, so, you can consider email marketing
as a free marketing channel. You can break email
into two main purposes. Both engagement and acquisition. Email can be use as a way
to keep people engaged. Whether it’s about a new
feature announcement or continue engaging in your product. On the other hand, emails also used by
many e-commerce sites to drive sales in acquire new customers. So what’s important in an email? Well first,
you need to establish a goal and you need to develop the right
messaging for your audience. Now based on your knowledge of
your audience, and how you’re positioning yourself, you should know
the tone of voice for your company. You should use the same tone of voice in
your social posts, your blog posts, and in your emails. And just like in the rest of marketing,
you should be testing your message and adapting to what works best for
your audience. With email marketing and
the different messaging platforms, you’re going to want to make sure
you’re tracking some important things. Like opens, clicks, unsubscribes and
click through rates. Now, depending on the metric your
optimizing for, which is, of course, determined by your goal, you’ll test
different components of the email. For example, if your goal is
to increase the open rate. Then you’re going to want to test your
subject line to get more people to actually open that email. If your overall goal for
your email is to increase sales, then the subject line
isn’t going to be enough. The body of the email is going to have
to drive those sales, so using a clear call to action and those hooks that
really attract your customers.

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