Email Marketing for Small Business | More Sales

Email Marketing for Small Business | More Sales

– Hey, guys, if you are
building an email list but not generating business from it, then you need to grab a
pen and paper right now and watch this video, and do take notes with the pen and paper. Don’t just hold them. – (chuckles) Whether you have
a list of less than 100 people or whether you have a
email list the size of… – Big one. – A big one (laughs)
we’re going to talk about the strategies that work
to convert more people on your email list into leads and sales. – Let’s do this. – [Pete] Whoop.
(explosion booms) – We’ve got a tonne to
say on email marketing. Previously on our channel
we’ve talked about things like what to say in your emails, how
to increase your open rates, the overarching email marketing strategy, so go check out this link
for more on this topic. – And in this video, we wanna talk about how to actually generate
sales from email marketing, because it’s not as
complicated as you think and this can work for
really small lists too. But, before we get into
actual tactics, firstly, we just wanna tackle mindset
towards email marketing. Now don’t skip ahead, don’t skip ahead, because this part is important. Firstly, we want you to start
thinking of your email list as actual people. – When business owners come to us and they say, “I only have
20 emails on my list”, or, “I have less than a
100 emails on my list”, we say, “Whoa, whoa,
whoa, hang on. Hang on. “You don’t have 20 emails on your list, “you have 20 people (magical
flourish) on your list.” These are people, real people! These are 20 people that have actually opted in for something and have given you their
personal information, and said, “Hey, keep in touch.” These are real people. If you were to turn up
at a networking event and go and talk to 20
people whenever you want, that’s awesome. You’re not complaining that there’s only 20 people in the room, so don’t complain that
there’s only 20 people on your email list. In fact, what would 20 extra
customers look like this month? That’d be pretty awesome.
(8-bit level up celebration) – Okay, so once you’ve realised that these are actual people, secondly, we wanna make sure that they’re
actually thinking of you as an actual person, too. In our opinion, emails should
always be sent from a person, even if it is an email
newsletter for a brand. But we want you to think on a deeper level than just that, too. How do you make sure that
your subscribers know that you actually care about them? Now, what we see a lot of
are people sending emails that include loads of personal
stories about themselves, and they’re doing this to maybe humanise their brand a little bit. However, in our opinion,
this isn’t necessarily the best thing to do, or
at least not all the time, because, to be honest, if people, especially if they are new to your list, they don’t care all that much about you. They care about what’s in it for them. So, instead, try to tell
their personal story. Here’s what we mean: when we write our emails,
we think about moments or problems that our subscribers may have found themselves in, and we use that as the basis of the email rather than a personal
story about ourselves. – When you start to receive emails back that say things like, “Oh my God, “I have felt like you wrote
this email just to me”, that’s when you know you’ve cracked it. Once we’ve got that mindset
shift down for email marketing, let’s talk about now how
we can actually start to generate new leads and
sales from email marketing. – So, thirdly, we want you
to start segmenting your list based on clicks, and this is the most important
metric in our opinion. It’s one thing to
subscribe to a newsletter, it’s another thing to open an email, it’s another thing completely
to actually click. (click) Personally, we use ConvertKit, and every single email that we send, we have a really easy automation set up that just says, “Tag all
clicks in email as clickers.” This is just a really simple catch all or subset of our list of everyone who has previously clicked on something. And it’s just step one in learning who is more engaged in
your list than others, and if you haven’t done this already, you can actually go back and do this retrospectively, as well. You can also build subsets of people based on what they click. For example, if you are
watching this video right now because you clicked on
our link from our email, then we know that you’re
interested in email marketing or getting better at
doing email marketing. But just doing this isn’t enough. Clickers are great, but
it’s just a starting point. We don’t class them as warm
prospects or hot prospects yet. – And this is the fourth step, to build that warm list of prospects. We can find one prospects in two ways. Firstly, people that
have specifically clicked on a link to find out more
about how they can buy from us, and, two, are people that click regularly on pretty much everything
that we do and send out there, and they’re just eating
it all up (munching). – Now, this is the key
with email marketing. We need to find out who
is a potential prospect and follow up with them. There is no point in having
a small list or a huge list if we don’t know who to follow up with. A lot of that can be done by automation, but why not take it a step further? Fifthly, why don’t you start
researching your warm leads? – Let’s go back to that
networking metaphor. If you met someone at a networking event and they followed up after with an email and it said, “Hey, I’d be interested “in learning more about working with you”, what would you do? Would you send them a generic,
blanket email response that you’d send to everybody? Probably not. You would go and Google
them, you’d check them out, you’d look at their website, you’d find out a little
bit more about them, and then send a personal
reply back to them. Granted, this is easier for B to B but if they are a warm prospect, then start to get to know
them a little bit better. Check out their websites,
check out their Facebook, their LinkedIn. Have they been interacting
with you on Instagram? Check them out. – But even if you’re
selling something cheap, or maybe you’re just getting going, doing this research in
your potential customers is really, really valuable. – Once you’ve done that, the sixth step is to be
able to start conversations with these warm prospect. – And the best way to
do this, we’ve found, is not
– (gasps) with one to many messaging. Instead, send personalised emails. And there’s different
ways that you can do this. We regularly pick a subscriber to our list that’s really engaged, and just send them a personalised email to see if we can help them out. Well, maybe even shoot them
a quick personalised video just for them to thank
them for being engaged, and see if we can solve
any specific problems that they may be having. – The benefit of doing this is threefold. Firstly, it’s great research
for our future YouTube videos and Atomic Trainings
to find out what people are actually struggling with. (magical jangling) Two, it builds trust, and if they are actually wanting to buy, then there’s no better way
than showing that we care by sending them a personalised message. (magical jangling) And, number three, it feels really good to help people out, and sometimes when we reach out we really hit it at a really
crucial time for people, and it’s great that we can be there and help them out of a jam. – (magical jangling)
Another way is maybe being a bit more forward with it. If you know someone is really, really hot because they’ve checked
out your sales page like a million times every single time that you send an email, then why not shoot them a quick video or drop them a personalised email just to invite them to hop on the phone and talk about your products or services? Sometimes somebody is ready to buy but they just want to
speak to somebody first for like five minutes just to find out if it is right for them. The crux is, people over-complicate and under-personalize email marketing with fancy funnels that
are based on guess work. And people under-complicate
email marketing thinking that just sending useful stuff with a sales email every now
and then is gonna hit the mark. – Instead, start treating
your email marketing like discussions with real people. Real people. Because, well, they are real.
– (chuckles) – Work out who is more
engaged on your email list and try to have a real
discussions with real people! And this is how you’re gonna start to get sales with your email marketing. – If you wanna go more in depth with this and start to actually move away from just creating brand awareness, to actually generating
sales from your emails and your content and your social, then you definitely need to check out our free online workshop. – [Pete] It’s called Sales Unleashed and it takes you step by step
– [Andrew] (chuckles) on how to create a strategy
that actually works to get your leads and sales. – What’s it called? – Unleashed.
– (chuckles) – We put the link to that
below (pencil scratching) in the description, so go check
it out, go get registered, and it’s gonna blow you away. – If you’ve got any
questions about this video then please do ask them
in the comments too, and subscribe whilst you’re down there. I’ve been Andrew. – I’ve been Pete. – See you next time, guys. – Bye! (happy synth music)


  1. Would love to know your thoughts everyone! Did this change the way you look at email? Also, if you want some more training on how to go from brand awareness to selling on social, watch this: 🙂

  2. You cracked me up Pete when your voice turned all high pitched haha anywayyyy I would like to know what arr good free lead magnets gifts to entice my audience to sign up on my list…forgot to add I haven started my list yet! Thanks!

  3. Great video Guys! I really like the mindset shift – you don't have emails on your list, you have PEOPLE on your list. I have never heard it put that way. Genuis!

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