Email Marketing: How to Go from 0 to 100,000 Subscribers

Email Marketing: How to Go from 0 to 100,000 Subscribers

– Let me see if this describes you. You’ve got an incredible
product or service but you’re struggling to
build your subscriber list by tens of thousands, if
not hundreds of thousands, you’re not getting
enough people opting in, you may have a lead magnet of some kind, it could be a webinar,
a free PDF, a report or even a free consultation and even when people actually
opt in to your email list or subscriber list or messenger list even, they may opt in but
they’re not necessarily buying on the back end. Well, in this free three part series, I’m gonna step you through some of the top and hard earned lessons
from building an email list of over 100,000 and counting. So grab a pen and paper because
I’m gonna dive straight in. The number one reason
that I see people failing to build a huge email list is that first of all they
don’t set the objective on building a large list. They’re just trying to get
through to the end of the week, get enough leads and make enough money to pay all of the bills. The first thing that you
must have is a grand vision because having a grand vision means that you work back from there and you map out a strategy that allows that vision to
come up to full fruition. Now, many of you are thinking, hey, Ben, I don’t even have
1000 email subscribers, how the hell can I set a vision and a goal for generating 100,000 especially when I don’t have a budget? Well, the first thing that
I’m gonna tell you straight up is never let an excuse of zero budget stop you from having a goal such as that? When I first started out
a number of years ago, I had zero budget to play around with. That was in fact an incredible benefit and I’m very grateful
for having that lesson because it taught me
to innovate and create and be resourceful when
I had a lack of money when I was first developing my business. By having no budget, it means that you do
have to be more creative. By being more creative, it means that you typically stand out more than some of your competitors that have huge budgets in the marketplace but they’ve become lazy because they’re relying on that cashflow that just funds the marketing campaigns and if a marketing campaign
doesn’t work for them, it’s not necessarily a big deal but when it’s a big deal for an individual that doesn’t really have the
funds to play around with, it means that you fine tune
every little cog in the machine until you get your outcome and that will put you in really
good standing for the future because when you set that up from day one or even right now, you might
be rebooting your business but when you set it up initially, it means that any kinda advertising spend that you have in the business, you’ll get a greater return on investment and that’s where you take the revenue from those initial sales and funnel it back in to
future advertising campaigns and that could be 20% of the income that’s coming back into the business, back into marketing so you can grow and that’s how I’ve
personally grown my business without having a budget
to play around with. If you’re sitting there thinking, hey, I’ve got really cool
products and services but I got no money to market this, use that as your reason to grow
a strong and solid business and not as an excuse to give up and never ever look at
any of your competitors and say hey, they’ve got money, I don’t, they’ve got a huge list, I don’t, how the hell am I gonna make this work? You will make it work if
you have a large target. So I want you to set
that target right now, maybe 100,000 and maybe
more but set a damn target that you can aspire to reach. The second reason that
people really struggle with building a huge list is that they fail to jump the shark. Now, if you’ve ever heard
of that term before, it’s a term used in TV. Jumping the shark is where a TV series, the ratings may be dropping so all of a sudden they
put a plot twist in there that gets everyone talking about the show, it goes viral and all of a
sudden the show turns around and it’s rebooted. Are you any of Game of Throne fans? Then please let us know
in the comments below. You will remember the Red Wedding and if you don’t know
what the Red Wedding is then Google it because
there was a huge twist in the plot line that I know for me got me absolutely sucked into the series. So what has this got to do with your lead generation strategy or put simply, is your lead magnet or opt in or the way that
you try and drive people to opt in to your email list, is it imaginative, is it
capturing people’s attention or is it like everybody else’s? In the past year, social media
has changed significantly which meant the lead generation strategies that we employed over a year ago don’t necessarily work
like they did back then and here’s one of the reasons why. Everyone’s offering the
same type of lead magnets. There’s nothing imaginative about them. I remember several years back when I was kickstarting my public speaking and consulting career I decided to give away one
of my first books for free. You can probably imagine that spending tens of thousands of hours
creating a book and selling it then a year later going,
hey, you know what, I think I’m gonna give it away for free to build my email list, you can imagine that that
was pretty nerve-racking or as my dad used to say, if
it doesn’t make you nervous, it’s simply not worthwhile doing. I did decide to give it away for free and it generated over 100,000 downloads within the first year
which launched my career and I’ll forever be grateful for that. Back then, no one else was
giving away free books. Yeah, there were some free PDFs but there weren’t that many
people in the industry. So when you go out and make
a major statement like that and jump the shark, you
will have that first move or advantage which means
generating leads for your business will be really cost
effective and really cheap. So what I want you to think about now is the current lead magnets
that you have in your business that are driving the leads
in that you hope to convert whether it be a newsletter, a free PDF, a quiz which we’re running a
lot lately which is smashing it or even messenger marketing campaigns and building up that list
with some kinda opt in offer. Have a look at your lead magnet right now. Is it really inspiring? Do people wanna opt in for it? Because if people aren’t opting in for it then there’s something wrong
with that particular hook and with that particular offer and I want you to take a look at it and compare it against
others in your industry. Does it really stand out or could you jump the shark in some way that will make you stand out
from everyone in your industry and may seem totally crazy to everyone and to even you right now but it’s gonna boost the
profile of your business and yet people opting in like crazy. You need to do this especially
if you have zero budget when it comes to building
a list and converting it. Before I dive into the next
point, do you wanna test how good your list
building strategies are? If so, jump over to That’s I’ve got a free diagnostic
tool to help you out. The third reason that you’re
struggling to build a list of subscribers that they
can buy your products and services is pretty
simple, it’s your opt-in page. Where are you driving prospects to go when it comes to opting
in for that lead magnet? Is it a landing page or
is it a general website? I will always advise to set
up individual landing pages that are free from all of the
other navigational elements that the rest of your website has. It’s a standalone page
that has one core message, one core hook and one core problem that you hope to solve when
a prospect actually opts in. So when it comes to that
particular opt-in page which I’m gonna cover in more
detail in the upcoming videos, when it comes to that
page, take a look at it. Does that page clearly outline
the one specific problem that your prospects need
help with right this second? One of the best things that you can do is to survey your email list and ask them what are
the top three problems that you’re having right now
in relation to x, y or z? Take that feedback and
assess that feedback. If you get 20 or 30 answers, you’re gonna find that there are gonna be some specific patterns
that start to unfold and some very specific keywords that your target market
is using consistently. So make sure that those keywords are reflected on your opt-in page so it immediately grabs their attention and draws them in and makes
them wanna opt in immediately. Focus in on this core page especially if people aren’t
currently opting in to your list but you are getting people to visit it and finally, the last reason why people really struggle to
build a huge subscriber list and this one’s pretty simple,
you don’t know your numbers. At the very start, when I
started out growing my list, I really had no idea what
numbers I needed to focus in on at that particular time. So I’m gonna tell you
what they are right now and you need to write them down because these are the numbers
that you need to be looking at every single day to ensure
that people are opting in as well as obviously
converting on the back end so you can scale your campaigns up and the first one what
percentage of people who visit your opt-in page are actually opting in and
taking some kind of action? If you’re not getting at
least 20% opt-in rates then you’re going to really
struggle to scale campaigns especially any kind of paid advertising that you might be doing. For the past 12 months,
we’ve been using lead quizzes to drive our opt-in rates through the roof and in some instances, we’re actually getting
an opt-in rate up to 70% but the lowest opt-in rate
that we’re achieving right now off of paid advertising is 50%. So you can imagine that when you achieve that kind of opt-in rate, it’s very easy to scale your campaigns as well as grow your
revenue really quickly. The second thing is what
percentage of people are actually purchasing off the back end? Now, that’s obviously a vital
number that you need to know. So they’ve opted in. Are they actually buying? So what percentage off of that back end? Is it 2%, is it 3%, what is it? There are a couple of numbers
that we need to hone in on and the third number that you need to know is what is the lifetime
value of a customer for you? So we look at it in how much
does an individual customer spend over the course of 12 months because the initial
purchase that they may make whether it be $100. Let’s just say that as an example. If that initial purchase is $100 but we know that over
the course of the year that they’ve spent $1000 then
it means that we can really budget our advertising campaigns and work out how much we
can afford to spend upfront to acquire a new customer. Once you know that number, it’s very easy to then structure your
advertising campaigns in a way that grows the
business really quickly because you have a baseline
for what you’re working with and like me, when I started out, I’m sure if you’re starting out right now or you’re getting used to
all of this information and knowledge then you won’t have any idea what those baseline numbers are. So where you need to focus in on right now is jumping the shark, making sure that it’s a creative opt-in that stands out from everyone
else in your industry as well as optimizing
the percentage of people that are opting in to your lead
magnet as well as converted because if you double the number of people opting in to your lead magnet, it can very quickly more than double the sales and the profits and then if you double
the number of people that are purchasing
after they’ve opted in, once again, you can see where I’m going, it’s very easy to grow your
business really quickly and those few things
once you hone in on them, they’re actually simple little tweaks that you can make in the business but it will really mean the difference between whether your lead
magnet and subscriber base grows or your business fails because as you probably have
already worked out right now, you can’t have sales
unless you have leads. Say it with me. You can’t have sales
unless you have leads. You’re not generating
leads on a daily basis or your target number of leads
on a daily or weekly basis then your business isn’t gonna
grow how you want it to grow. Having a strong lead generation campaign is the thing that will
really stabilize cashflow in your business. Otherwise, cashflow will be
like a rollercoaster ride. Some days it’s great and
you’re at the top of the world but the next day you’re
gonna have that anxiety is when is this thing gonna bottom out and if you have that constant anxiety happening in the background and if your stress levels
are through the roof then it’s not only gonna
cause your anxiety. It’s gonna make you constantly worry every single night before you go to bed. I remember what it was like but your cashflow is never
ever gonna be consistent and you’re never gonna
have that strong grounding that will help you grow the business from. If you wanna know if your
list building strategy is set to generate over
100,000 leads and more and convert them into paying customers, head over to
to take the quick quiz to immediately and yes,
I mean immediately, in less than 60 seconds, identify holes in your
list building strategy. I hope you found this tip super useful and be sure to tune in to the next video in this three part series
coming up very shortly. Leave us a comment below. Hit Like, Subscribe and of course Share and I’ll catch you next time. Take care. (calm music)


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  2. I have an essentially nonexistent email list, and haven't been as focused on growing it because of GDPR. It seems like GDPR just whittles away at your potential customers by giving them the choice to opt in for only non-promotional emails. I've mostly been focusing on growing my FB following. I wish I could find some solid info about setting up GDPR properly and effectively in Mailchimp. What is your opinion about GDPR for those of us who don't already have tons of subs?

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