Email Marketing Setup – Setting Up Your Email Marketing Using ConvertKit & Clickfunnels

Email Marketing Setup  – Setting Up Your Email Marketing Using ConvertKit & Clickfunnels

hey guys rachel ashley here and I am
going to show you how to set up your email marketing for your funnel so you
can collect leads and follow up with people and we’re going to be using
convertkit and click funnels so let’s get into it
let’s get it done I’m going to share my screen right here and we got a few steps
so step one you want to get a free 14-day trial with convertkit so I got a
link and it’s going to take you to the home page and be sure to click the free
trial’ option that’s on the homepage and then just get signed up with that okay
then you want to connect a domain what I mean by that is connect where your email
comes from so as you’re building your business you might have like different
offers and different domains and different niches kind of different
little businesses so each account you’ll want a convert account for it but let’s
just start with one so right here under email you’ll connect what email you want
the email sequences and your email blasts to come from so get that all set
up then we’re going to connect it to click funnels so what we are going to do
is make sure you have your click funnels account and if you don’t you can use my
link for a 14-day free trial of that so we will go to accounts
and integrations and then you add a new integration and
you’ll add convertkit and you’ll have to put your API in there and you grab the
API key right from your account info right here and then get that all in
super-easy so now you’re gonna make a new list or a new form so I’m going to
show you guys the back end of one of my accounts so when you’re in is just lands on the
forum page you can see some steps and we’re going to make an inform and I always click the forum button
forum is like a list and I always click this one and change your form name I would match
it to be the same name as your funnel so if your funnel is named whatever it’s
named you can also name your form that it’s like affiliate marketing for
entrepreneurs Academy we’re just gonna go they’ll call this one test we’re
gonna save it also I put on here turn off a double opt-in so that is when
people sign up your email list we don’t want them to have to check their email
to confirm that they signed up unless you want to what I wouldn’t do that so
go to settings and it’s then sent of email turn off video sent sense of email
save now we’re going to connect this form that we just made to your
clickfunnels so let’s go make sure it’s an opt-in
page if it’s an order page it won’t work order pages look for credit card
information it won’t help you with your email lead
generation maybe some of the other pages you can put an email opt-in but make
sure you’re using the opt-in page and with all your templates that you’re
gonna get in free funnels you never need to start anything from a blank screen
like you can always just start with the template so just go in there and we’re
going to click Settings integrations I already have it integrated but I’m going
to remove it to show you convertkit subscribe to form here’s my form oh and
click refresh list from API so it refreshes it puts it in or you won’t be able to see your new
form okay and then we save now we’re going to start a new sequence
so let’s go to convertkit sequences create a sequence and just name your
sequence the same as your funnel and the same thing as
your form name so it can all match up so we’re going to make this this is the
innocent email that they’re going to get I like it to be like immediate
publish it and write a welcome email I also like to add day one what they’re
gonna get 24 hours later put the link back to the Thank You page link so they
start engaging and what it is that you’re offering save just make sure you
have like today it’s the immediate email and the one for later you can add more
later we just want to start collecting leaves we don’t have to have everything
set up like all the emails some people let them hold up some people allow that
to hold them back like well I don’t have my email copy you just can keep adding
to it every day so now we got to connect the sequence to the forum so we got the
secant sequence let’s go back to forums you could do this in a different order I
just like this order of doing it you do it over and over again like you’ll get
really fast at it so I’ll go to settings let’s sequence settings we’re going to
make sure that they get in the right sequence if you already have people in
there you can add them but we don’t save and then continue to add a sequence
you’re ready to go you start collecting your leads they should go into your form
we’ll go back to sequences and keep adding sequences so for example I just
created this one the other day this form this sequence this funnel I’m adding a
new email today it’s just still on draft I’m getting good open rates this has 5
sons because I added this last night so people will start getting this all
something a note for your broadcast if you want to send an email blast to your
entire list I would consider excluding the people who are going who are
brand-new going through your sequence they’re going through a sequence in
their cold traffic they don’t know you they’re new to your audience they don’t
also need all your email blasts unless you want to like some something specific
to them so I’m going to send to all subscribers but I’m gonna send I’m gonna
exclude none to people who are subscribed to either the forum or well
not the forum because they’re not going to be in the sequence forever but I
don’t want people that are just going to this brand-new sequence to like it
Lombardo dwith like my email blasts not that I spam but still two emails in one
day from a brand new person could be too much so we don’t want to mess up the
process of your other funnels out of filter and did it refresh it didn’t oh it’s because no one’s in
that one let me choose something else subscribe to the sequence people in my
Academy so watches nine nine nine is gonna go down nine eight four I also
don’t want people who are in my subscribe to my speaking gig form this
one and I also want everyone that’s
after they subscribed after November first or something whatever forty two people
and then we can draft the email and we can send it immediately or we can
schedule it okay so that is that I know I went fast but you guys got to go fast
for this because you’re gonna have lots of funnels and lots of sequences lots of
forms lots of leaves lots of conversions if you guys have questions you know
where to find me on social media Rachel Esley comm in the Facebook group
affiliate marketing for entrepreneurs in my Academy YouTube like on the Internet
you can find me so let’s chat let’s collab and if you guys want that 14-day
free trial of convertkit and click funnels I got the links right here then
your convert kit will be $29 a month for under a thousand subscribers and that’s
good because with MailChimp even if you want to use MailChimp you have to pay to
do the sequences and that’s the whole point of setting these things up so we
can automate our email marketing and automate our engagement and follow up so
trust me I’m always looking for a good deal and convertkit is a good deal and
then your click funnels that will go to $97 a month unless you get the 297
version you can use the email software in click funnels but honestly the
convertkit integration is like really easy to ok I’ll talk to you guys soon


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  2. oh man i been up for 3 hours trying to work out why my clickfunnels opt in page wasnt sending my leads to convertkit, i did everything correct, api integration created form and sequence then did the automation, after every dam bug test still wouldn't capture the subscriber, after watching your video worked out it was the convert kits double optin that was the problem, turned it off and BANG captured the DAM LEAD!.. thanks Rachel!!!.. done millions of the pages this was a first to snag me, i usually use aweber … thanks heaps! from australia! dam 3am here lol back to work! back to the digital grind!

  3. Many thanks Rachel for such a good piece of work. I'm glad to have used your ConvertKit affiliate link. Keep up the good work!

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