Email Marketing Strategy | How to Make More Money Online with YouTube

Email Marketing Strategy | How to Make More Money Online with YouTube

hey if you want to make money online or start a business online with YouTube well there’s actually a big difference between the two and I’m going to tell you the most important piece right after this intro [Music] [Music] hey guys this is better kill passive Automation calm today I want to talk to you about something very important that was brought to my attention in the last couple days and there’s a really big difference between making money online with YouTube anybody can really do that in short term versus actually building a sustainable business on YouTube and I want to talk about the key difference gain that the difference comes down to one thing which is building a list okay YouTube is actually traffic we don’t control you can’t control who comes to your YouTube video that’s why sometimes you get maybe a couple hundred views sometimes you get a thousand views that a lot of times you don’t know the difference and don’t know why and it gets frustrating I want to basically hack some people online and see what they’re doing so you can see how they are actually building their list was just the most effective way again to make money online your number one asset is going to be your list an email list and why is that important well with an email list you can continue to offer people products and services that will benefit them and a YouTube video you can’t get one shot at that person right unless they come back and watch the video again but the average sales process someone needs to see something six seven eight nine times okay and so as you’re capturing their email what you can do is you are able to then continue to market them but guys this channel is all about helping you make money online passive income being the goal which means there’s a little rework required down the line talked about affiliate marketing passive income different products and systems that help you achieve that but first I wanted to give a shout out to Scott Anderson one of my last videos I talked about how to remove inactive friends on Facebook because that gonna reduce your reach a lot I had over 2,000 friends on my Facebook feed and only 500 ever engage with my content and so I basically bulk deleted 1,500 friends and Scott from start funnel saw that video he said very helpful tool thanks for sharing Ben and Scott actually just saw the video today talking about how to do affiliate marketing affiliate marketing on YouTube and this is what helped me kind of decide on this topic now I want to bring you to somebody his name’s Branson Taye okay he has a hundred thousand people on his YouTube channel and he’s talking about how to make twenty to forty dollars every five minutes and this is crazy right if you skip the ad I’m not gonna show you but he he’s how you showing me this product okay this invoke all these different things the locals yeah little cut he’s not even you can see in his comments he’s not even linking to it so basically what it tells me is whatever he’s trying to sell you is not the way that he’s actually making his money now what he’s doing is something even more important says the number one way to make money now no experience needed to click here okay I want to give you a little back it’s let’s take you behind the scenes legendary marketer okay this is one of the affiliate programs I work with it has a rank of all the people who are the top notch guys nathan lucas made over a million dollars in commissions he’s a diamond affiliate but bronze and silver if you’re between these two you’ve made excuse me silver and gold if we go down to branson hey he’s right here so he’s a gold affiliate which means he’s made at least ten thousand and up to ninety nine thousand so somewhere between that range and that’s how he’s making his money is through legendary marketer what are you doing let’s go back to this video if you click on this link what it does is takes you here it takes you to if you look up here this is click funnels okay click funnels if you don’t know it it’s a it’s a lead gen and a marketing software to help sell your products and acquire new customers we’ll talk about that in a second but almost there please complete this form below click the button to gain access so I put my name in I put my email yes give me access how to get 10 to 15 huge commissions every single month with predictability down to the dollar of the day so he actually just changed this I know because I’ve seen other videos and it looked a little different but he just changed this so this is what he’s trying to do he’s trying to get you interested click there put your email in ok and then what he does if you go on the process he sends you a video about legendary marketer but what he’s done is he has your email ok so if I like like if I go to my emails if I look at Branson what he did he’s emailing me every day right he’s following up so that’s what fifteen to twenty emails he sent to me because he was able to capture that he had one chance on this video to sell me right because the chances of me watching it again are slim to none but he’s had 20 attempts after that ok so that’s a really good example I’m gonna take you to another one sometimes let’s go back to this comment right here so Scott in his latest video he talked about how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube you start a channel you find a product you use it research you make a video about that and then you put a link ok but if you just do that you’re not able to if you send a link just to like let’s say you do get training out a pink monkey and how great pink monkey is and they click the link um that’s an affiliate link and they go buy pink monkey stuff great but what they don’t buy so I have a friend here named Jackie so Jackie stroll she’s a really good job about this Kay she’s the one who taught me about the Facebook tool called friend filter where you can remove your friends that aren’t active what she does is she has this whole video she talks about it and then she says hey hey check it out here and you click on app and what this is it is actually this is a quick funnel again what it is it’s hey do you want a 10x your Facebook reach with a simple tool get your front to content front of a lot of people now what she’s doing is she’s making you put your email in write if you put your email in learn more she’s gonna take you to this friend filter but now she has your email she can continue to email you that’s what she’s doing here she’s been needling me Jackie stroll right okay now the wrong way to do it or the least effective way is what I did on my video like if you look at this one I said if you want to try a friend filter click this late okay there’s the link but all it does is go to friend filter with my affiliate but if they don’t buy it I never have a chance to sell it to them again so guys if you’re doing youtube and you want to be now let me follow that up with this in all of my emails usually my top link is this one my number one recommendation to learn how to make a full time income online you click on that and it does take you to click funnels right life-changing video will show you how to start your online business today without starting from scratch yes give me instant access okay so again I am capturing an email where I continue to market to those people continue to teach them of products continue to try to entice them into purchasing now click funnels is the way you do it if you guys aren’t from the click funnels if you are on YouTube I see a lot of people who are on YouTube who are trying to do affiliate marketing but they’re not doing it the most effective way because they they are not building a list russell brunson you know interestingly enough from click funnels that if you are not building your list every day you’re not building a business so he reaches out with people like he collaborated with Tony Robbins he’s like there’s no way in the world that could have collaborated with Tony Robbins if I didn’t have a list but I was able to call Tony he said if I just call up Tony and said hey Tony I’m a big fan can we work together Tony what is it click right but he’s like Tony I have an email list of 500,000 entrepreneurs who love to learn from you can we collaborate and Tony is like you bet so as you were gathering your list you were not only increasing the chances of you making money those people and being able to remarket to them and continue to build a relationship with them so they can trust you and they’ll want to buy from you you were also making it easier for other people who you do business with to want to work with you because you have an asset that they want a piece of the pie and you talked to Russell talked about a like Facebook how they bought out Instagram is like they didn’t need to buy out history and they could it design their own Instagram but what they were buying was the list all the people who all the contact information for the people on Instagram right so if you guys are on YouTube and if you do not have clickfunnels I will put in the link to my video you can click here for a 14-day free trial that clickfunnels what clickfunnels does again it allows you to capture an email and to then move them along a sales process after you capture the email you can move on to a page we explain a little bit more about the product and then send them on to whatever offer you have but I wanted to make that really clear just do this quick video if you guys would do me a favor please smash the like button if you found this valuable subscribe to my channel and hit that doll notification I’m gonna be trying to put up videos three to five times a week as much as I can to share everything I’m learning but this is probably one of the most critical things that you can learn if you want to build a business that’s sustainable and that continues to grow and the most important indicator according to russell brunson every day is its how many people joined your email us email us today okay let me just show this real quick one of my companies I have I actually get a notification every day and it tells me how many people signed up for my email list yeah so like the other day I had six people okay six people signed up the goal is to get that higher to get it to 15 to 20 to 30 to 40 to 100 to the thousand okay guys leave a comment below what is the most effective way for you that you’ve been able to your list or if you have questions about your list maybe leave them below but I’d like to know is it your blog is it YouTube what is the number one tool that you have in being able to develop and increase your list and we will talk to you guys on a future video thanks for stopping by


  1. What is your #1 method of building your email list?
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  2. GREAT VIDEO BEN! Thanks for the SHOUTOUT and Highlighting my video. YOU ARE RIGHT! BUILDING A LIST is very important. I need to be better about doing this! 🙂

  3. It’s all about getting that email list! It’s amazing how it’s still one of the best ways to reach people. A well structured click funnel is the way to go. We’ve been organizing ourselves to get this working on our end.

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