Email Warm Up Explained

Email Warm Up Explained

To have your email reach an inbox is actually a little trickier than you might think. No matter how innocent your email is, there’s still a risk it gets caught in spam filters. Why is that? Let’s go to the moment where you press send. Now, in short, there are three ways your email could take: Whitelisted means that the sender’s IP and email addresses, yours in this case, are already familiar with the recipients and the email can enter the inbox. Greylisted happens if your IP or email adress is unknown to the recipients and the email is temporarily rejected to reach the inbox Lastly, there’s blacklisted, which means that your email is treated like spam and will not ever see the light of an inbox. and will not ever see the light of an inbox. This could happen for a number of reasons, one of them being that you send an email to lots and lots of contacts that have never receieved an email from your before. So the actual question here is: how do we avoid the grey – and blacklists? The problem? We cannot send many emails to many new contacts that have receieved an email from you before, at once. Instead, we solve this by gradually increasing the number of emails we send. Also known as: Email Warm Up. We do this warm up by taking the new contacts you have, divide them into different lists and then do the sendout over a period of days. Let’s say that you have a campaign of 12 000 new contacts. We could then divide those contacts into three different sendouts with 4000 emails per day. In all, it would then take three days before all your new contacts receive the email. So sure, there is a possible delay to your emails but the risk of you getting grey – or blacklisted is way lower and it optimizes your future sendouts. So a few things to remember here: 1. The warm up is only needed for your new contacts that have never received an email from your IP or email address before. 2. A new contact only needs to be warmed up once. 3. This doesn’t mean that you can never do a large sendout. Just start off with a few emails at a time when you have many new contacts. Last but not least, eMarketeer’s warm up feature does this whole process automatically for you. Gradually increase the number of emails to new contacts In order to avoid the grey – and blacklists and to optimize your future email campaigns, gradually increase the number of emails to new contacts and keep them warm.


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