[ENG] 첫 방콕 여행 ✈️ 신나는 VLOG in BANGKOK! 🇹🇭 (feat.태국 맛집 먹방)

[ENG] 첫 방콕 여행 ✈️ 신나는 VLOG in BANGKOK! 🇹🇭 (feat.태국 맛집 먹방)

Hello, everyone. We’re here at the airport on our way to Thailand. We’re off to Thailand. See you in Bangkok.
Bye! Bye~ I’m pumped. (Airport photoshoot.) I took plenty. Even more than most celebrities get. Yeah? (Looking for the Duty Free) I’m waiting here at the Duty Free. (You can use points to get coupons and order things online for even cheaper!)
I’m looking for the things I ordered online. (And why are we suddenly running?) Move, move, move, move. (To take a boarding pic.)
(We ran so we wouldn’t bother people behind us.) It doesn’t have the same feel at all. (Ran for nothing…) Okay, guys.
We’re headed out now. The moment I step onto Bangkok soil for the first time. #firstbangkokvacation #exciting #anticipating (Even though we arrived so late, a bunch of my Thai fans waiting for us at the airport to greet us.) (The weariness of the six hour flight melted away and I was so thankful.) (I won’t ever forget this and I’ll repay you all by making the best videos that I can. 🙂 (All I could do for them was take selfies together, so I tried to take as many as I could.) Tada~ Guys, we just got into our hotel room. We’ll be using it the three of us, so we grabbed a suite room. Let’s look around. This is the living room, and if you go this way… there’s a sofa. And a terrace here. This is where the rooms are. First, the bathroom. The first bathroom, and room. This is a room for two people. And next… this is the master bedroom. It’s really pretty and really big. It’s set up nicely. If you open this, there’s the en suite. Real nice. I’m super satisfied. This is the suite we’ll be staying in for the next five days. (Organizing our luggage…) I have a present ready to give to my hyung. Hyung! (He comes out as if he’s been waiting.)
I wanna introduce you. We studied together in America at the same time. Hello~ We’ve been friends since I was in high school. We happened to study in America around the same time. We tore America up. He took a lot of care of me back then, so I have a present here for him out of gratitude. -Tada~
-Oh, cool. (What’s with that reaction?) He totally tore up the stage. Wow. Totes. Amazing. (Is that the face of someone who likes his present?)
He works at a nice company, so I thought a tie from a nice designer would be a good present. Oh, thanks… Wow…beat, rhythm, soul… It’s Fendi. (His soul returned to his body.)
This is really nice, though.
Thank you so much. -It’s nice, right? Do you like it?
-It’s so pretty. Guys, so we took a six hour flight over here, took a cab all the way here and we’re dying. We finished organizing our stuff, so we’re going to sleep. That way we can wake up early tomorrow and get something to eat. Today, we’ll hit the sack.
Bye! The weather is wicked nice. Can’t say the same about our appearance. (We made a friend on the way to breakfast.) (My breakfast buddy who’s more interested in my camera than me…) Time to dig in. (Happiness.) Our second day in Bangkok. We’re going to head over to Sofitel and have a spa day and get massages. After that, we’re going to get some lunch.
(We ended up pushing our afternoon tea to the next day because our schedules didn’t line up 🙂 -Hi~
-Hi. The traffic was awful, so we’re about to ride the subway. I don’t think we’ll be able to make it to our massage appointments, so we got out of the taxi and we’re taking the subway. We’re here to get our massages. I changed into my robe. I don’t think I can record the massage, so I’ll stop it here and go get my massage. Okay, we just came to a hotel and got our massages. I’m super satisfied with mine. Or actually, it was kind of…just a worse version of the massages you can get around your house. But my friend said he’s super satisfied. I’m chillin’. I’m just kinda ehh about it. It just felt like a cat sharpening its claws on me. -I enjoyed mine.
-But maybe it’s just because it’s a hotel, but the atmosphere was nice. The mood was really nice. (The owner gave us toppoki on the house!) (If you want Korean food, come here! Not just for the service; it’s actually all amazing.) Lunchbox. That was good. (Riding on the back of a bike with my friend was the happiest moment for me. 🙂
(I could feel all of my stress melting away.) (We went swimming to help with our hangovers…) (Still a little tipsy…) (Fixing up my friend’s hair so he can take a selfie.) (Why’s he going backwards…?) (We found this place through a Naver blog, so there were a lot of Korean people.) Guys, we came out to eat. My friend told me about this place, so I grabbed a taxi over. (It’s a cafe and restaurant, so you can order some drinks too 🙂 Oh, that’s good. (Guys, the food here is crazy good. You have to come!) I’m gonna gain weight like this… (My friend rating the food.) So this is basically convenience store spaghetti. Some four dollar spaghetti. Okay, but this is a hotel. How bad could it be? (My review of the food.) I feel like the forgot the rest of the sauce. (It was the worst. Not even four dollar spaghetti, this is some two dollar spaghetti.) I’m headed to the airport to hop back over to Korea. It’s going to be early in the morning when I land. I can sleep for a bit, then I need to head out for a shoot. So I’m headed back first, and my friends are staying a couple more days. I really wanna come back to Thailand. It was just so nice. (There were fans waiting for me to send me off! Thank you so, so much ㅠ_ㅠ) I just got back to Korea, and I’m waiting for my car now. Guys, I just submitted my tax form. (If you exceed $600 USD on entry, you have to pay extra taxes!)
(Exemptions are one carton of cigarettes, a bottle of booze less than 1L, cologne under 60ml.) It’s chilly… It’s cold.


  1. At 0:39 your so cute especially when you squish your hat so the ears can move
    Also at 1:24 when you run I just die of how cute you are

  2. You look soo idol like. If I was there I would really thought you are an idol and have a picture with you😂💚

    Keep up the vlogs💛💛

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