Enhance Your Marketing: Online Marketing Consulting, Strategy & Coaching

Hi there. It’s Will Williamson here from the
JDR Group. Now if you’ve got a marketing team or you’re already doing some of your own marketing
in your business but you want to really get the most out of the resources that you’ve
got and you want to take your marketing on to the next level, what we at JDR are able
to do is to work together with you over a period of time to provide specialist strategy,
specialist training, specialist marketing, consulting and coaching to help you implement
the latest technology, so that we can work alongside you to really help enhance the marketing
that you’re already doing, help develop your team, help implement the latest technology
and the latest strategies because we offer a done-for-you service where our marketing
team that we have here in Darby are able to actually create blog articles for you, change
your website. We have designers on hand. We have writers
on hand. So we can actually do a lot of the marketing for you. But many businesses want
to be able to take control and do more of that marketing in-house for themselves and
if that’s you, then that is absolutely fantastic and is important to do as much as you can
in-house where that’s appropriate and where you’ve got the resources to be able to do
it. But marketing is changing at incredible speed.
There almost what seems like daily updates in Facebook, in Twitter, in Google, in YouTube,
in all of these different marketing channels that mean we have to change course. But also
as well as that, there are rapid advancements in the technology that’s available for salespeople
and for marketers. We can do things today with marketing that we just couldn’t have
dreamt about even just five years ago. So the technology is changing at a rapid,
rapid speed and it’s absolutely vital that you don’t get left behind and you’re able
to implement the latest tactics, the latest strategies and the latest technology so you
stay ahead of your competitors and you maximise the resources that you’ve already got. You
get the most out of your team. You get the most out of your time and you get the best
possible results for you and for your company. Now, if you’re open to the idea of having
us work alongside you, the first step is to simply get a free consultation. It’s a free
first appointment where we will come out. We will actually visit your premises. We will
spend a little bit of time with you and with your team and we will start to look at where
the gaps are, where the opportunities are and how we may be able to help – how we may
be able to work alongside with you. Now you can arrange that first free consultation
by simply clicking here, filling out a couple of details and one of our team will be in
touch as soon as possible to get that set up, get a date arranged and we can start that
ball rolling. Now one of the things that you may be – that
may be going through your mind is, Well, what on earth would make you qualified to help
us in our business? There are a few answers, right? So first of all, we’ve been around
for a long time. We’ve been marketing and working with businesses since 2004 and even
going back before that, we’ve been implementing marketing ideas, sales strategies with business
after business after business after business after business after business after business
after business. But we also – everything that we will work with you and with your team on,
we’ve already tried or implemented for ourselves. So we have seen what works and what hasn’t
worked in our own marketing as well as the marketing with our clients. So we’re not just
preaching. We’re actively out there doing it ourselves. So we know what works and what
results to expect and we know how to do it. As well as that, we’ve got professional accreditations
from Google, from HubSpot, from Infusionsoft and so on. You get my point. I believe that
we have the runs on the board and that we’re the right company that can help you. So once again, go ahead. Book that free first
consultation and it will be – if nothing else, that session will be of great value to you
and your business. Now, if you’re wondering, Do we help beyond just online marketing? and
then the answer is yes, we do. Our MD is a business coach, David Roberts, and he has
worked – over the past 11 years, he has worked with businesses in all kinds of different
industries and sectors to act as a mentor to the managing directors or sales directors
or marketing directors to really help them develop their leadership, develop the business,
develop the way that they manage their teams, their finances, as well as the sales and marketing
strategies. So what we do can go over and above marketing although digital marketing,
online marketing is our core strength. Now, another question we get asked is, Do
you believe in outbound marketing or do you work with any outbound marketing strategies?
and the answer to that is yes, we still work with many outbound marketing techniques in
our own business and we are an inbound marketing company. So given the choice between one or
the other, we would always go with inbound marketing first and foremost. But the ideal
world is where those two things are actively working together and they’re working in tandem
with each other and that outbound marketing is still very, very powerful. But it has changed
a great deal as buying behaviour has changed and as the technology has changed. So what kind of results could you expect from
working together with us on developing and marketing? Now, that depends on a number of
different things. It depends on your starting point. It depends on your goals and your ambitions
and your resources. It depends on the input that you put into it and the commitment that
you make to it because we will work together with you and we will recommend things and
you will need to act on those recommendations to see the benefit and to see the results.
But what you will get from us is accountability along the way. So there are no excuses and
you actually implement the things that we know and you know are going to grow and develop
your business. So once again, a free first consultation.
Just fill in a couple of details. We will get that set up. It’s your chance to just
spend a bit of time with either myself or David Roberts our MD or even both of us if
you’re really lucky and – but that process will really help you understand how you can
take your marketing from where you are now to the next level.

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