Etsy Ranking Algorithm SEO Strategy: Marmalead Etsy SEO Tool Tutorial / Review

Etsy Ranking Algorithm SEO Strategy: Marmalead Etsy SEO Tool Tutorial / Review

what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel if you’re new to this channel please consider subscribing I do new
videos all the time on Etsy, e-commerce, and personal success. with that being
said in this video I would like to talk about the correct way in my opinion to
use marma lead I get a ton of questions about different aspects of Marmalade how
to use them and what you should focus on in this video I want to go over what the
most important things you should be doing within marma lead and how to act
upon them outside of marma lead so with that being said let’s jump right into it
the the two most important things that I want you guys to focus on is the search
and the comparison okay so we’re in search now and we’re gonna be like this
we’re gonna go you know Etsy slime the slime stuff it’s huge I don’t know why
it’s so popular but it is so we’re gonna use it as an example because it’s just
ridiculous I don’t know any other keywords that have metrics like these
and if you haven’t searched this in our Marmalade you’re in for a surprise when
it shows up here it goes right about now look at that 398 thousands searches per
month oh my god 3.1 million engagement from those searches that’s insane I
don’t know why people want this slime but that’s that we could talk about in a
some other some other story I don’t know do you like put Tide Pods in this and
then eat that – I don’t know kids eat Tide Pods you ever hear about that I
don’t know any I don’t maybe that has something to do with this who freaking
knows anyway so I want you to focus on slime not slime sorry I want you to
focus on the search I want you to focus on and if you have other methods within
Marmalade that you like to do that you are comfortable with that’s totally cool
too but if you kind of get distracted then keep paying attention don’t get
distracted if you get distracted within Marmalade then this is what i want you
to focus on that’s when you hear me say I want you to ok so popular tags I want
you to keep in mind this section is always pretty insightful ok we’re gonna
scroll down similar shopper searches as well
that and then it shows you the metrics right here on the side too so so that’s
really powerful as well sometimes that they’re bad in there too but since it’s
slime they’re all green so it’s just really working out for an example and
then you go down long tail are two alternatives most of the time they’re
not that great in here because they’re so most the time it’s not that marmalade
isn’t showing you good ones it’s that the the the long tail are alternatives
that are other people are searching just isn’t that is so unique that it’s not
that frequent if that makes sense so I want you to focus on the search the
three metrics on the top that’s like the juice right there this bubble you’ve
seen me do this in other videos too but this bubble is super important you can
grab stuff out of here okay and then you come over if you see stuff you like in
here you come over to comparison so like here’s slime we’re gonna go slime party
fluffy slime and slime shop we’re gonna we’re gonna look those up in comparison
because I don’t want to wait for it to search for each one here in the main
search thing so we’re gonna do a slime party fluffy slime and slime shop slime
part a fluffy slime why why I don’t understand fluffy slime why do people
buy it must be like ten-year-old girls and stuff actually I take that back
there’s probably grown grown adults buying the puppy slime I don’t know I
don’t care fluffy slime and then slime shop right
so the whole idea is that you grab them from the bubble and you bring them over
to comparison some of them are gonna be good
some of them are gonna be bad here’s slime party nobody’s come into your
slime party if you use that as a keyword fluffy slime if everyone wants the
fluffy slime I guess I don’t know why and look hey low competition Wow
so I just found an insanely good keyword because slime is already massive and
then if you make Fluffy’s if you make fluffy slime then if you you have very
low competition and you’re gonna you’re gonna make it big time you’re gonna
become a professional slime maker and make your entire family extremely proud
right anyway I’m just I’m just kidding I’m just kidding if you make slime I’m
just teasing you no because I really don’t understand it and that
that’s not important my my opinion is not important towards slime okay slime
shop that’s a big one – Wow cool okay scented slime and then there’s gonna be
some top tags down here and that’s this is a more simplified way to find those
those when you go to the bubble this is these top tags are from the bubble down
here these are from the bubble and they’re the top tags from the bubble so
you can either check it in here slime shop oh no that’s already in their
sentence line that’s what we’re doing scented slime why not you know if you’re
playing with slime and it’s fluffy I want it to smell purple I don’t know
what purple smells like you know grape like those markers that’s what I had
when I was a kid like those scented markers those were always fun and they
were non-toxic so you could sniff away I guess I don’t know scent it’s lime it’s
okay you know you could use it because there’s such low competition and it’s
not red and then another side note for staying focused here on marmalade is
that a lot of people ask me during our coaching calls Dave is this this
competition oh no the competition is so high well listen listen listen this is a
good thing okay do not worry about high competition if it’s red that’s fine that
is not a showstopper it’s it only is an even better thing if it is not red if
it’s orange or green like these key words over here like that okay now since
these two are green and this one is green and or orange then that’s even
better but it’s it’s still this tag with red and hi competition is still really
really good that I honest all of the tags I use like I’d say 90% of the tags
I use have high competition red just like this that does not mean anything
let me tell you right now that if it is high competition like that first off
there’s like 50 percent of the the competition right here 50 percent of
this number they don’t know half as much as you do
straight up they’re just they’re just not as good as you and
and the other 20% or whatever percentage you want to talk about those people they
don’t have marmalade and then another percentage is they don’t know much about
Etsy they don’t have marmalade and their product is lame or something to that
degree so out of this high competition number if you’re if you’re working hard
and you’re smart and you work smart and hard chances are you’re gonna beat that
competition just just know the competition is there because there’s a
high demand and that number reflects so here if there’s a high competition and
low numbers here that just means all those people using those tags don’t have
marmalade and they’re running in the dark so that’s that what I wanted to say
about the high competition keywords so back over here to scented slime see how
it sits okay so thick slime and cheap slime see we’re looking for chips I
can’t imagine slime is that expensive already but some people want cheap slime
so what I do is like well I’m gonna just bring you back to speed here you go
search you go down to the bubble you check out top tags right above the
bubble pick a few bring them over to comparison then in comparison you can
find find even more through this then you can even if you’re like kind of
stuck or like okay I don’t know where to go from from here I’ve added all the
adjectives in front of in front of and behind slime that’s another side note I
want you to start thinking in terms of adjectives and nouns when it comes to
Etsy SEO it’s just a really powerful thing because like slime for example is
a massive keyword so what kind of adjectives could you throw in front of
that that will bring in some more traffic from other types of searches
okay so the next step is instead of like going back to the bubble and kind of
trying to figure out what you like come down here let’s let’s see
cheap cheap slime there it is whoa crunchy slime new world that’s a whole
new world I’m gonna go with crunchy slime you click on it and then it brings
you to the search that way you can kind of recreate that whole method that I
just did and you can kind of just refresh this whole new this whole new
group of keywords or audiences like I want you
to think about audiences rather than keywords okay look
crunchy slime man is killing it look look
green green green I don’t know slime man I don’t get it I’m starting a slime shop
you guys just kidding I’m not and and and if you see things like this another
thing is don’t get FOMO don’t get fear of missing out if you don’t make slime
don’t start making slime don’t don’t just run in every direction that you see
could be possible focus on what you like stay happy if you just jump on every
bandwagon then you’re gonna you’re not gonna be happy in life straight up trust
me I’ve done it so go down again we’re gonna go down to the bubble but this
time we’re going to look at something different like we’re not going to go to
the bubble this time I want you to look at similar shopper searches and go up a
little bit more to popular tags just a little bit more so what you can do is
thinking in terms of adjectives is I want you to go like just throw them out
there go crunchy cheap crunchy scented slime and then that way you don’t have
to repeat slime a billion times and go and be super spammy because we all know
you don’t want to repeat stuff over and over and over and over and over but if
it’s really relevant then you kind of have to sometimes so in this case if you
were a slime shop I I don’t even know what you would call slime other than
slime so I guess you’d have to go like crunchy cheap crunchy scented slime
fluffy foam clear slime slime shop with fluffy unicorn girlie pink slime you
know what I mean like so adjectives in front of it even if slime is being
repeated then in your tags you can put slime after those adjectives so you are
getting closer to a direct match that makes sense so moving on from this
method right here you’ve seen me do videos on that method before if not go
back and look at them I want to talk about tracking I want to talk about
popular I want to talk about and my listings so all of these things
are very useful but you don’t want to just get you don’t want it with my
listings here you don’t want to get sucked away you don’t want to obsess
over your listing grade I don’t even have my Etsy account connected to my
marmalade why because I used to get distracted yes the listing grade what I
want you to do with the listing grade you want to look at that and you want to
see why marmalade is grading you so right
why is marmalade grading you like that then learn that and realize that and and
keep that in the back of your mind but you can have an A+ grade on marmalade
and not sell anything it’s McCann a gray done marmalade does
not mean you’re gonna sell it it just means that you have your ducks in a row
it’s up to it’s up to the customer and Etsy’s algorithm to bring in the sales
right so learn why you get those grades and then if and then if you’re one of
those people that are obsessive about the grades I want you to forget about
the grades sure you can come back once in a while it’s not a useless metric I’m
not saying it at all it’s very very useful but don’t obsess over it in the
in the Facebook group I’m marmalade when I used to be active in there and stuff
like that I would see people fretting over it all the time and listen you’re
wasting your time obsessing over this one metric you need to go out there find
new keywords make some make some new listings and test some new stuff not
just hyper obsess on your listings because if you hyper obsess on your
listings you’re gonna revise them like a billion times and then because you
revise them a billion times they’re not even gonna rank anymore at C’s gonna be
like okay what is is this even you’re changing the name so often you’re
changing everything so often we’re not even going to show it anymore last page
for you buddy so that’s what I have to say about listing grades now storm storm
on the other hand storm you can you can find some cool stuff with slime right
boom look at all those wow that’s that’s how you find some new stuff right there
this the storm brings you stuff from the cloud brings you stuff from
top searches all those types of metrics and it puts it right here then you can
you know put it in your bucket I want butter slime gross cheap slime on
cheap butter slime I want cheap butter clear slime want cloud cheap butter
clear slime crunch I wanted to be crunchy I want to be in a fishbowl I
want to be foam foam slime free SH I want it to have free shipping too
because remember I’m cheap I want cheap butter slime that has free shipping in a
fishbowl okay area 51 I don’t know why that’s there but okay okay so you get
the point storm can bring you some good stuff it
can bring you some bad stuff and if it brings you bad stuff that just means the
keyword that you put in there isn’t so hot isn’t so great even if you put a
good one in there though all of the relative ones aren’t so great and that
means that it doesn’t have a wide scope and a wide what range to kind of expand
into and find more adjectives for if that makes sense
I want to move on from storm now so tracking tracking is good I got some
really old ones in here from when I used to make necklaces myself
we don’t sell necklaces anymore I stopped making them but here’s a bunch
of ones I’ve been tracking for like a year and you can track it and you know
you’ll see every every single keyword will go up during Christmas I’ll tell
you that right now and and then if it’s like a very popular thing you’ll see it
just do this type of stuff you’ll see it you know go up and down and up and down
and up and down that’s not a surprise and same with this type of stuff so
that’s tracking you can keep track of stuff and that’s useful for maybe like
trends and things like that like slime if you started tracking slime maybe like
two years ago then you’d have some really interesting graphs to look at
right here you would see it go jumping way up way down I don’t even know why
slime is so popular we’ll find out in another another episode if I don’t know
so that’s tracking it’s it’s useful but don’t obsess over it popular is another
one that you don’t want to obsess over because look Harry Potter
if you sell Harry Potter stuff you be super super careful Harry Potter is
always on this list by the way I’m really surprised I’m still seeing this
so Harry Potter is super popular always but again you got to be really really
careful with the copyright infringement because Harry is gonna come after you
and hit you with that Leviosa right I don’t I forgot that’s like the
levitating spill I don’t know I forgot he’s gonna hit Voldemort is gonna come
after you too if you if you tag Harry Potter too many times because he wants
to find Harry Potter so if you tag Harry Potter Voldemort’s gonna find you he who
not be named will mess you up in your playboy photo and your slime and your
enamel pin an animal pin is on there a lot too if you if you make him enamel
pins and you’re in for it so these are just for trends this is just for trends
this is and it has the little key here and if it moves up or down in the spots
in terms of like popularity and this is something that like so for example this
is useful for if you make bridesmaids gifts I mean those are always popular
they’re gonna become popular during the summer for weddings and stuff or you
know if you make Christmas decorations or something that can be called a
Christmas decoration or something that can be called a bridesmaids gift so come
summertime if any of your products could be called a bridesmaids gift you know
what to do you make a few less listings with the bridesmaids gifts and then over
here again Pokemon don’t sell anything with pokemons logo on it and you’re
gonna have a bad time and if you get three strikes you’re out on Etsy maybe
two I don’t know but they messing around anymore and all the copyright
infringement stuff is not gonna fly I see it way too often and it chuckles it
makes me chuckle so and then another really popular one is history I’m not
gonna show it right now I’ve showed it before in other videos but I’m not gonna
show you all all the keywords that I’ve ever searched always because there’s
really good ones in there and then my lists that’s another one that you can
create you can create oh this one’s for vegan this one’s for gifts for her or
whatever you can you can what I call audiences
so this is where you create your audiences right create a new
keyword list write slime right I’m going to create a slime list and then you can
add it add stuff in there you can add it there all that blah blah blah and then
it’ll tell you the metric so then when you want to create a listing within that
audience you can come back to the list but if you are familiar izing yourself
with these keywords you’ll kind of have your list in your head but this is
useful for if you have like so many categories and so many audiences that
you need to keep track of it and then once again you can filter it out by
engagement searches competition and stuff like that very very useful on the
list thing but the main objective of of coming into Marmalade and finding good
stuff is search comparison the the word bubble and finding new keywords and
adjectives okay so in the description of this video you can click my link it’s an
affiliate link I get a really really tiny little Commission so don’t think
I’m trying to get rich by making these videos I get a tiny little Commission if
you click the link and if you like the content that I made today so please
click that link and get Marmalade if you want to and until next time please watch
my next video I’ll have it at the end of this video come up as a little card
click that thing click the link in the description have a beautiful day and I’m
wishing you success


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