Etsy SEO Strategy 2020 FAQ (Etsy Longtail Focus Keywords, Marmalead, Etsy SEO)

Etsy SEO Strategy 2020 FAQ (Etsy Longtail Focus Keywords, Marmalead, Etsy SEO)

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being said a lot of the FAQ questions today are based around SEO so stick
around to the end of the video you’ll learn a lot so let’s get started Regina
says what about the store what about a store in Germany where the store is sent
on German language and either ear anchor marmalade have data on German keywords
that’s a really good question so what you’re going to want to do is just
search in English and you would have to put your keywords in English then have
your Etsy shop on auto translate there’s a setting in the settings where you can
have at see auto translate it so it can reach other markets and I would
recommend putting it in English anyway because the majority of the market is in
the US so English speaking so if you want to reach a bigger crowd put your
lets you shop in English either way then with auto translate it will reach
german-speaking countries and I mean obviously Germany it will reach Germany
and it’ll reach other countries that don’t speak English as their native
language it’s a pretty good question alright so next question let’s see here
great information this is from Roberto great information that you just gave us
my question is I have a site that I just started about two months ago and a
couple days ago I redid all my description and title and tags so I will
I be ranked lower you mentioned a duplicate duplicate each listing and add
new SEO tags so does that mean I will have multiple sites of the same site so
yes you will be ranked over whenever you redo your title and your tags you’re
going to be rear ank t’ completely and if the if the listing hasn’t been doing
well previously I mean it probably isn’t since you’re redoing all the title and
tags anyway so if it hasn’t been doing well previously do not try to redo it
because Etsy has already ranked it has already you know cast its judgment upon
it Etsy has already looked at it and gone ok this sucks and you’re gonna be
on like the 10th page so by redoing those you already have that kind of go
against you along with your new title and tags I mean don’t get me wrong it is
possible to get higher in ranking when you redo title and tags if I personally
ever redo anything in an existing listing that is doing good or okay I
will do what I call a soft revision where it’s just I change like the last
two or three tags tops and I won’t change anything in the title that way
you know if there’s some tags in the last couple slots for tags that aren’t
bringing me any traffic you know when I check in the statistics
nothing is from those tags if those tech keywords are not showing up in your
statistics and you can change those so like the last two or three tags you can
do what I call a soft revision but other than that when you do everything over
you might as well say goodbye to those listings and that is exactly why I
recommend instead of redoing a listing you want to create a duplicate of that
listing and redo the SEO completely on that new listing because the new listing
gets a much better chance in the first you know short in the first period of
its life than an old listing that already got you know judged by ad C’s
algorithm so that’s a good question and it’s a very common thing a lot of people
always redo everything in their listings or in their tire shop and then they come
to me and ask why did my shop take a dive and this is exactly why so the next
question so what is a decent ROI so I can have an idea of how I am doing on
Etsy so ROI if anybody isn’t familiar with the term our return on investment
and this this varies for every single shop for every single listing and for
every single type of product honestly this is a this answer should be
educational for everybody I believe because with the way that’s the ads is
right now where it’s just like up in the air we don’t know if
they’re gonna change it change it or improve it in the future we don’t know
if it’s gonna continue to be you know pretty mediocre too bad what I would be
going for is any ROI that is positive you know it’s it’s you know a good ROI
is as you know as many times as you can duplicate your money as possible so like
100x would be insane right but most the time people are
seeing on Etsy you know just two three and four X on their money so if it’s a
product that let’s say is a very underserved niche and everybody on NC is
looking for it but there’s not much of it or whatever maybe then you’re gonna
have an higher ROI and you’re gonna be really happy but if you compare that ROI
to a seller that isn’t a very saturated niche then there are is gonna be much
lower so there’s this isn’t a blanket answer for every single seller what is a
decent ROI on Etsy as long as you’re making more than your money back as long
as you are profiting in the green then that is a decent ROI because the way
things are with NC ads right now is you know if you can make it work then
congratulations in the past with promoted listings and stuff like that I
would always try to shoot for a 3x ROI or you know three to 10x ROI you know
I’ve worked with sellers and myself have gotten up to 10x ROI on certain products
just because of the keyword choices because of the product choice etc but
like I said it’s gonna be different for every single shop for every single
listing and for every single product so rata 0 to 1 5 spring 0-8 it I hope that
answered your question because it can really really vary yeah thank you
next question let’s see here hey I just discovered your channel and I hope you
guys can see all this text I try to zoom in as much as I can
hey I just discovered your channel and all I can say is thank you for your
advices I have one question though does the note on marmalade matters for
example my listing are rated with beyond marmalade marmalade
yes it matters and no it doesn’t matter you should learn why marmalade grades
you if if it’s giving you a lie caddy then you should definitely look at why
it is giving you that D and improve that and and then remember that in the future
and learn those concepts you know you want to have a long description you want
to have positive sentiment in your description you want to have like a
fourth grade reading level so anybody can just scan right through it
etc but then after you learn those concepts and you know you’re doing every
single listing I I want you guys to stop looking at your listing grades because
I’ve worked with a lot of sellers that that that obsess over it but when you
when you really should be focusing on the search and your keywords etc I have
a lot of videos on my channel about how to use marmalade and how I use marmalade
for keyword research etc so please go ahead and search through my channel if
you want and also you can use my affiliate link in the description to get
marm lead and help support the channel you don’t pay a penny more and I get a
tiny tiny little Commission so thank you very much so no the the marmalade grades
don’t matter as long as you know what you’re doing and you can you know that
why they’re grading you that way learn those concepts and then move on and just
focus on your keyword research because you could have an a on marmalade and
have it be on like the tenth page because of your because of your shops
history or that listenings history etc or whatever it may be you can still have
a high grade that does not guarantee your sales but what does guarantee your
sales is proper SEO research good thumbnail etc okay beautiful question so
it’s all good looking for more popular tags but Etsy seems to really love long
tail phrases at the time of writing how do you balance long tail phrases which
aren’t normally so popular with searches that are more popular but aren’t long
tail so all you need to do to get you know yeah when you put like three or
four words into marmalade it just goes down nobody’s really searching that
so the solution to this problem is to think in
terms of adjectives and nouns okay so normally you know your green key words
and marmalade are going to be just two words one being an adjective one being a
noun so all you need to do is put another adjective or a nut to at up to
two to three adjectives in front of that initial two two-word phrase right let’s
say you have a green two-word phrase then you you know of like three or four
other green two-word phrases that are also adjectives and now you just take
the nouns off of those others and put the adjectives there in the title then
in the tags you put the noun in there with those adjectives so you’re not
wasting space and the tags right so if you’re like handmade soap babe I always
use this one handmade soap so if you were to put another adjective in front
of that it would be natural handmade soap then in the tags it would look like
this natural soap handmade soap that way you’re not wasting space and the tags
and you’re getting the most bang for your buck and you’re not wasting space
in the title so you’re utilizing space in both spots but also getting a
longtail phrase I hope that guys I hope that answer helps you guys because
that’s a very very common question that happens with NC sellers is how do we how
do we get these long tail phrases going and also research them in marmalade or
ear ank or whatever software you’re using very good question and also if
anybody watching this right now is needing coaching I have links in my
description where we can where you can book a call with me we go over your Etsy
shop I answer all of your questions and I give you actionable homework to move
forward so let’s go to the next question hi Dave and others with advice I’ve
watched several of your videos and have learned a lot about Etsy and SEO since
joining Etsy four months ago thank you for watching my channel
I rank identifies the most popular tags as read with competition at 50 100 plus
less use tags are yellow and bat and best lease traffic tags are green 20,000
or fewer do you recommend we try getting most of our product tags in the green
zone how useful is a green tag with a score less than a thousand for earring
competition with only four to six visitors a day to my shop I’m not
getting enough shop traffic so with whether you’re using a rank or marma
lead both of those software’s compare competition and the the thing is
is where there’s competition there’s money so don’t be afraid of these
competitive keywords these metrics are very important to know but that doesn’t
mean run away so on Marmalade when it gives you the red or an e rank when it
gives you the red for for competition do not run away there’s a lot of
competition in real estate period in any country but that’s where millionaires
are made that’s where billionaires are made right so you just need to choose
the right keywords of course and not be afraid if there’s a lot of competition
but you need to have a varied strategy so yes you could you need to have a few
listings that you’re just totally scoping in on keywords that have like
virtually no competition but at the same time if there’s not a lot of searches
and a lot of not a lot of competition on those listings you’re not you’re gonna
see that four to six visitor a day or are low visitors type traffic so you
need to mix in listings that have you know high competition because that’s
where a lot of people are selling because that’s where a lot of people are
buying so as you sell in those more competitive keyword areas of Etsy you’ll
gain traction and you’ll get more visibility and you’ll make more sales so
it doesn’t mean run away your strategy should not be one or the other for
competitive or non-competitive your strategy should be both because each
listing I always say each listing is like
Anette okay and Etsy is like a river of money with each listing you have you’re
putting your net in there and and if you can catch some gold or your mining for
gold it would catch or whatever you’re trying to catch money the moral is the
more listings you have with varied SEO the better chances of getting visitors
getting views and getting sales so I hope that answers your question I I
think I went through all of these yeah beautiful so that’s it for today guys
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emails thank you very much and have a beautiful day


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  2. Listening to this video I feel like a dummy lol I am so out of touch with all these terms and what they mean ie marmalead and algorithms Etc … and Etsy doesn't make it easy with all of their pie charts and awful invoicing system. Maybe I'm just doomed 😩

  3. Thank you Dave. Does renew a listing and changing keywords and copy one have the same impact for SEO? I have listing that didn’t sold and are now not active. Should I renew and change keywords or still copy the list and change? Thanks

  4. For Etsy Translation, you may also double-check on Google photos to avoid crazy translation. It could happen to major brands, especially in Japanese. Sometimes, it is quite funny. Aesop just did a hilarious french translation. It may be a good buzz…but not always:)

  5. Technology360::- It's a great video and way of your explanation about things is too good, it is so helpful for beginners also

  6. Oh cool! thanks for answering! I cannot change it to english as a main language, it doesn’t allow it. I can only add other languages and hope it translates automatically to those. I do get sales from abroad so I guess it is working but the SEO not enough optimized. I will hustle further. Have a nice weekend!

  7. I was interested in your idea of duplicating listings and starting fresh, rather than revising with new keywords etc, but what about losing the product links (from Etsy customer likes/Pinterest etc), purchase/viewed data, and visible reviews for those products? Id love if you could speak on that a bit more.

  8. I have a question about some listings of mine that I let get inactive. It’s because I sold about the listing about 45 to 100 times over the course of a year and then they stopped selling and also stopped getting as many views. Should I renew any of these with changes or copy them and start fresh. I know you answered this question someone pretty well for a while but then stopped.

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