Exactly How Much I Make On YouTube

Exactly How Much I Make On YouTube

what’s going on everybody so in today’s
video I’m gonna be showing you exactly how much I make from YouTube how much
YouTube hates me every single day every single week every single month so I’m
gonna show you a screenshot of that income report just a few seconds here
but not only that I’m going to be giving you ten different monetization
strategies so that you can grow your channel build your brand and start to
make money around your passions or hobbies or topics of interests so here
we go here is the income report and a couple things to know so that I have a
very small channel as of right now and I just recently got monetized but there’s
a few pretty interesting things and as you can see I’m not making you know
thousands and millions of dollars every single day or anything crazy like that
my income right now is that about seven or eight dollars per day which I am
beyond thrilled with I mean to me it’s like you know when you first start
making money from YouTube channel it feels like a million dollars and a
couple things to note about it when I first got monetized I was making about
two or three dollars every single day which I was very happy with but
obviously two or three dollars every single day that’s not a ton of money
however I made a couple changes which I’ll talk about in this video that
caused my income to double to four dollars a day or you know four or five
bucks per day which again doesn’t sound like that much money but you know when
you start at two and all of a sudden you’re at four or five it can be pretty
exciting not only that but recently it’s gone up even more to the point where now
I’m at seven or eight dollars a day and so it’s basically doubled several times
already and I expect it to actually go up quite significantly based on some of
these factors and strategies than they’re talked about in the video so
let’s get into it okay so tip number one is to make at
least ten minute videos and the reason for that is you can put in mid rural ads
and now nobody wants to watch a video that just has tons and tons of ads which
I think if you make a ten minute video you can I think theoretically place as
many ads as you want but I like to do an ad you know maybe
one out of every like six or seven minutes or so and that makes me cause my
revenue to double putting in ads in the ten minutes because if you don’t have
ten minute videos you can only place an ad in the beginning of your videos so
you never want a video that just rambles on and on so try to make it interesting
try to give value maybe have cool facts or make it entertaining
whatever your style is but try to do at least 10 minute videos and that’s not
too difficult to do you know when you’re first getting started maybe that seems
like a lot but after you do a few videos 10 minutes should it be too difficult
tip number two is to study as many different youtubers that are crushing it
as possible you know you should only model people
that are doing well and it doesn’t have to be people within your own niche so
I’ve been kind of like the real estate investing personal finance marketing
realm so I look at Grant Cardone I look at Graham Stefon meet Kevin those types
of people but I’m also gonna look in other niches I’ll look at mr. beast
videos I was just at a conference I was looking at like these farm videos I mean
you can really learn something from every single niche every single industry
so if you have 30 minutes maybe an hour you should literally just browse around
to some of the top channels in completely unrelated industries and I
can guarantee you you can learn at least like one or two things from those videos
that you can then implement into your own videos and get more subscribers and
make more money on YouTube tip number three is to go to conferences take
courses try to get mentoring so one of the biggest difference is that that
caused me from just like messing around on YouTube to actually take in this as
like a full-time business and actually making money on YouTube and potentially
making you know tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on YouTube it’s
taking courses and going to seminars I’ve taken several on YouTube programs
which have made my content you know more focused more refined and of course my
content is like far from perfect the way it is but you’ll learn a lot of
strategies that you would never just learn if you were just messing around
and just you know going on your own you know thoughts and opinions and just
putting out random videos you almost never want to do that so conferences are
great because you can also like collaborate with people you can learn
from them and you can just get more inspiration and you know when you’re
around I was just at a conference and I was around guys that had you know 510
million followers and when you’re around those types of people it really you know
it makes you step your game up and it kind of like expands your horizons and
you always learn a thing or two like you’re never gonna go to a conference or
take a course even if it’s like the worst conference of course you’re always
gonna learn at least one thing so just just keep that in mind have no don’t say
your expectations too high but as long as you get one thing out of it you
channel can improve and you can make more money tip number three is to make
different styles of videos so I’m doing this style of video where I’m just kind
of sitting in my desk in my home office and recording this you can also do like
walkthrough videos you can do interview videos or maybe you’re interviewing one
of the top people in your niche there’s so many different styles of videos out
there you know you can just google you know YouTube ideas for a small business
or YouTube ideas for a so-and-so channel and you can get so many different types
of videos like I’ve done walkthrough videos I’ve done interview videos I’ve
done review videos I’ve done videos where I’m just sitting like this and
talking to you so there’s lots of different styles and you should test
them all because you never know which one is going to do the best my review
videos tend to do pretty well but then I’ll have some interview videos that do
well in other different styles of videos so you always want to be testing
different styles and always remember to test what’s already been proven to work
so it’s similar to the last concept you know follow what works find someone
else’s video that’s done really well and then maybe adapt that to your own niche
you don’t want to be the pioneer as they call it where you’re just you know off
doing your own thing the pioneers get arrows in their back so try not to be
the pioneer too often the next tip is to do a series of videos so one of the
biggest concepts for making money on YouTube is to keep your topic related
and I admit I’ve had some trouble with that I just got my YouTube channel
audited and they said you know you don’t like travel videos on here you have like
a boxing video you have all these different types of videos on here you
need to be more focused on real estate personal finance marketing and get rid
of all this other drug so I’ve tried to make my video it’s just you know more
about making money and real estate and everything like that so try to do a
series around a certain topic if you’re the in the gardening niche do a bunch of
gardening videos don’t do a gardening video and then a travel video and then a
who-knows-what video keep it very relate as related as possible and the reason
for that is that if a new viewer comes across your channel or one of your
videos and they like your video chances are they might want to watch the entire
series of videos but if you have a video on gardening and they went on travel and
then went on boxing the most completely unrelated topics you’re the
this is gonna be very scattered they’re gonna go to someone else’s channel
whereas if you had a hundred different videos on gardening they probably love
your channel they’d probably be your number one fan number one subscriber
they buy your merchandise they subscribe they tell your friends and share your
videos so try to have it all around a certain topic okay the next tip is all
about driving traffic to your channel so if your videos are not keeping a lot of
views and it’s hard it can be difficult when you’re first getting started to
have your videos get views a lot of times you might put a video out I’ve had
it happen to me numerous times and I’m only get like 15 or 20 views after like
several weeks of having published it on YouTube well a good way around that is
to run paid ads to your videos so on ad on Google AdWords you can run YouTube
ads where it’s just pay-per-click essentially where you can pay a very
inexpensive amount to get your video out there and get it in front of people and
have more people essentially come into your funnel so YouTube advertising is
very inexpensive and you can you know for a hundred bucks per month you could
probably run thousands and thousands of people to your videos into your channel
and that could be one way to grow it you know you’re kind of forcing it to grow
but when you’re getting started it can be a great way to gain some traction
okay the next tip and this is more of just like kind of a general thing to
know when you’re making YouTube videos if you’re in the real estate investing
niche the personal finance business marketing niche you’re gonna make
significantly more per view than those that are make like print videos or
comedy videos or like travel Vee logs and things like that for example my
brother made a video we went to like Florida and his video is like the number
one ranked like Florida Keys video like look up Florida Keys travel videos and
you’ll probably see a video of us I’m in it I don’t make the best guest
appearance but I am in it but anyways that video does very well it gets like
tens of thousands of views however because it’s in the travel niche
it just doesn’t there aren’t as many people as many advertisers that pay
money to be there so if you’re in the real estate investing marketing personal
finance niches you’re gonna get paid significantly more for another quick
example by channel you know I have a friend that gets maybe like twice or
maybe five times as many views as I do but because he’s in a different niche we
basically make the same amount every single month so if you want to
make money huh be in the real estate niche okay the next tip is all about
additional streams of income so YouTube ad revenue is amazing I love it
however you know they could change it up at any time they can change their
algorithm up at any time so you can’t always depend on YouTube ad revenue that
being said a lot of other youtubers what they’ll do is they’ll have different
products and different services that they’ll offer
so an example of this is you can put like affiliate links in there for maybe
affiliate products or even just being affiliate on Amazon where maybe you
review a different product and you put an Amazon affiliate link and someone
could purchase that and then you would make a small Commission off of that
additionally if you’re selling an online course you can have your course link in
there a lot of youtubers do that and if you build a big enough following there’s
gonna be a lot of people no matter what topic you’re in people will purchase
your course if you add enough value and tell people to subscribe to it or check
it out so you can always put your course
affiliate links and then last thing there’s merchandise so a great thing
about YouTube is once you hit I think it’s ten thousand subscribers which
granted is a lot of subscribers you can start selling your own merchandise
basically in the youtube link at the bottom so people can see it and that’s
actually something I want to do it you know a certain point uh-huh so if you
want some cutoff shirts and some coffee mugs
definitely check out my channel a few months and who knows maybe I’ll be at
10,000 subscribers but the whole point of this is you shouldn’t just depend on
YouTube ad revenue you should try to incorporate additional streams of income
and ideally eventually build out an email list with these people and maybe
direct them to your website where you offer you know a free download in
exchange for their email address because that’s going to be the most dependable
form of income if you can get them on a list email them weekly or monthly and
sell them different products and affiliate products and different things
like that that can help them in their business or whatever your topic is about
okay so to wrap this video up what is the potential with all this YouTube
income so right now I’m only making you know seven or eight bucks a day which
isn’t a lot but to me it seems like a lot I just got monetized recently and
it’s basically ten bucks we’ll round up that I wouldn’t have had before and over
the course of a week you know over the course of a month that’s like two
hundred two hundred fifty dollars every single month a couple thousand bucks per
year you know it starts to add up but not only that I’m going to be putting
out a lot more videos on be much more strategic and the potential
with YouTube ad revenue is really limitless there’s some guys in my niche
that are making over a hundred thousand every single month just from ad revenue
alone not even including the courses they sell the merchandise additional
upsells and affiliate links and things like that so there’s really limitless
potential no matter what industry what niche you’re in I think if you’re really
focused and you make the 10 minute videos you add a lot of value and you
model what a lot of the top youtubers are doing and you can start to make not
only ad revenue but a full-time income a six-figure income just from YouTube
alone so my goal is to keep you updated with these income reports so my next
goal for these type of videos is once I hit $100 every single day on YouTube I’m
gonna make another YouTube video similar to this one and it’s probably going to
be you know better lighting maybe a better camera that are set up you’re
gonna see some improvements but that’s the great thing about YouTube you just
get started you can start to make money and you can build on that and really
build a solid foundation so thanks for watching this video and if you have any
questions or comments about making money on YouTube definitely drop them in the
comment section below and I will definitely respond to you and thanks
again for watching please like please share please subscribe and I’ll see you
on the next one alright bye


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