Exit Intent Pop-Ups In WordPress: How to Add Sumo Pop-Up FREE Plugin

Exit Intent Pop-Ups In WordPress: How to Add Sumo Pop-Up FREE Plugin

Exit intent pop-ups in WordPress are extremely
popular and for good reason. A successful exit intent opt-in form can help
grow your email list and turn leaving visitors into lifelong customers. But with so many exit intent solutions out
there, which WordPress plugin should I use? Hi, I am Robert from ThemeIsle.com and in
this video, you’re gonna see how to get up and running with an impressive opt-in form
builder. Sumo is a free WordPress plugin you can install
and activate right into your WordPress dashboard from the WordPress repository. Here’s the final effect that we’re aiming
for in this video. If you are working within a tight budget,
then you may well be looking for a free exit intent solution. Luckily, Sumo has a free app, called List
Builder 3, that will enable you to create beautiful exit intent pop-ups in WordPress. The first step is to create an account with
Sumo. This is quick, easy and free to do. Once you have registered with Sumo, click
on the link ‘Install Sumo’. This will take you to your WordPress website’s
dashboard. There, you’ll see the standard WordPress
plugin installation panel. Just click on ‘Install Now’, then ‘Activate’
to install the Sumo plugin on your website. Next, in your WordPress menu, select ‘Sumo’. Click on ‘Connect’ and enter your login
details. Once Sumo is installed on your WordPress website,
creating an exit intent pop-up is a very easy process. From your WordPress menu, select ‘Sumo>Dashboard’
and then click on ‘My Apps’. Sumo will now display your ‘Sumo Home’,
where you can access and manage your Sumo apps. Sumo offers a range of apps, but to set up
exit intent pop-ups, you only need to turn the ‘List Builder’ app to ‘On’. Once activated, click on the List Builder
icon to open the app. In the List Builder app, select ‘Create
New Form’. Sumo will now take you through the process
of creating exit intent pop-ups in six clear steps. Step one involves you selecting a goal for
your exit pop-up. There are four goals to choose from: Collect Emails
Add a Call to Action Get Social Shares
Collect Info with Custom Code For the purpose of this video, I have chosen
the first one; ‘Collect Emails’. Step two displays the different email capture
form types Sumo offers. To create an exit intent pop-up you will need
to select ‘Pop-up’. Here you can choose the design of your pop-up. Sumo offers a variety of designs and customization
options. You can change the size of the pop-up, alter
the image, add a background, edit the text, and much more. Importantly, you can also preview your exit
pop-up to check it will fit aesthetically with your website and branding. Here’s the one I’m experimenting with: ‘Visibility’ covers the display settings
for your pop-up. To take control over when and where your exit
intent pop-ups are displayed, select ‘Manual Mode’. Now click on the ‘User Leaves’ to turn
your pop-up into an exit intent pop-up. You can then choose how often your visitors
are shown a pop-up. For example, select to display an exit intent
pop-up to a visitor if they haven’t been shown one in the last 5 days. You can also add your own rules as to where
you want, or don’t want, your pop-up displayed. For example, you can select specific URLs
that you want to keep pop-up free. By setting these conditions, you can juggle
the delicate balance of lead generation and user experience. Step five allows you to create a personalized
email that subscribers will receive when they sign up to your mailing list. Simply select ‘Add New Email>Welcome Email’
and write your welcome email. Here, Sumo offers a couple of advanced features,
including redirecting visitors to a specific URL and automatically downloading a file after
a user subscribes. These options may be helpful if you have offered
a lead magnet, like an eBook, in exchange for an email address. The last step in the process of setting up
exit intent pop-ups with Sumo is only available for those who have upgraded to a Pro plan. Unfortunately, it is only possible to integrate
your popups with an email service if you are a premium Sumo user. If you use the free ‘Basic’ Sumo plan,
Sumo will notify you of new subscribers via ‘Notifications’ within your WordPress
dashboard. You can also download a spreadsheet of your
subscribers’ email addresses from within your Sumo account on the Sumo website. To display exit intent pop-ups on your WordPress
website, simply select ‘Make Live’ from the pop-up’s settings panel. Now, when visitors try to exit your website,
they will be shown an email capture pop-up. If you are looking to get the most out of
your opt-in forms, it is worth considering upgrading to Sumo Pro. Sumo offers a range of premium plans, that
provide email integration, A/B testing, conversion tracking, an extensive selection of templates,
and lots more. However, the free List Builder that Sumo offers is a great option for those just starting out.


  1. Thanks for watching this video! I appreciate you take time in this busy world to see our WordPress tutorials for beginner and advanced. Please like, share and subscribe then ask any question you may have about collecting emails into WordPress below.

  2. Hello. At the beginning of the video you said sumo is free. But actually it is paid for subscriptions pop up? I'm not sure I am understanding.

  3. Sounds like SUMO gets to leach a copy of all your email contacts.

    Is there an Exit Intent popup for WordPress that doesn't want to take a pound of flesh from you?

  4. Great video.

    There's actually another amazing FREE plugin for WordPress or for any other website (can generate a script) called Hello Bar.

    It is not like a typical WordPress plugin though. All of the configurations are done outside of WordPress on its own web-based dashboard. This is really amazing because it doesn't limit you to WordPress. You can also use it outside of WordPress (ie…click funnels, lead pages, on a standard HTML website etc)

    You just need to create the bar and then generate the script that you'll use on your website. If you are using WordPress, it does make the process easier.

    Best of all, its FREE. The FREE version is more than enough to get you results.

    Here's the link.


    It was created by the SEO giant, Neil Patel. It helps you turn visitors into paying customers. It is really an amazing tool that does so much more like exit intends, pop-ups, moduls, slides, extensive targeting options, etc.

    For example, when creating your first bar, it asks you what your goal is and tells you which style to chose to get the best results.

    The goals include:

    Promote a Sale/Discount
    Talk to your Visitors
    Grow Your Mailing List
    Get Facebook Likes
    Other (custom)

    You also have the ability to split test different bars. It also has an analytics section so you can see which bars are performing the best.

    I tried many others and this one is the best because Neil Patel knows everything about conversions.

    You will not be disappointed.


  5. You know what really is pain in the ass? It's how these people design a software then completely change the interface the next minute making it hard to find stuff. This tutorial is good but the only problem is the interface has completely changed and the list builder is pretty much non-existent when you click on APPS. They have removed it or moved it to I don't know where. This defeats all kinds of logic. What's even worse, after completely changing the interface these 'Sumo developers' do not put out a video showing how to use the new interface or where to find the things it moved around. They have even taken the download for email feature off and made it a paid feature. So what you see in this tutorial is different from what it is right now. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

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