Facebook LIVE Streaming Tutorial — 8 Facebook Live Tips

Facebook LIVE Streaming Tutorial — 8 Facebook Live Tips


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  2. If you are facebook live streaming, and you invite someone else on to live stream from their location at the same time, if your mic is plugged in, I find I can't hear the other person talking. What is your mic/audio monitoring set up for having two people live streaming at the same time with good audio?

  3. Great video! How do you add captions? Also how do you add little text boxes to your videos? Is there a way to practice videos?

  4. Great Video!! Great tips too !! Thank You. Question for you .. I did my Live feed and turned my phone around as you suggested. However when i view it on my biz pages its not the right way up ? Help Plz..

  5. What a great video! Thank you for this. I used it this morning when doing my live. These tweaks will really help me. I'm Tadris Parker on FB btw. Aug 20th live entitled "3 Steps to waking up early to get your workout done!

    ( You can see your tips in action)

  6. This is so useful and PERFECT timing for me! So many good tips. I've been stalling but I think I'm finally ready to tackle FB live 🙂

  7. Oh Sean. I tried so hard. I really did. I watched this video and made notes of all the things not to do. And I even wrote out all the things I wanted to be sure to say, including the CtoC! But my first Facebook Live was pretty much a 3-ring circus. The content was there… but everything else? Mercy. But I’m not giving up.

  8. We are doing our very first Fb live tomorrow morning. We are a non-profit that is doing a 4 hr conference and I’m wondering how to deal with it when we have our lunch break?? Do I simply split the broadcast into 2 separate videos? Otherwise all they’ll be looking at is a PPT projector screen that says LUNCH!!

  9. That was GREAT Sean, I totally bombed our first zoom stream into FB even though I did a test. Thanks much for this, just reminded me of what we already do with webinars.

  10. Sorry one more comment. In my experience and watching other people – it’s best to have the camera slightly above eye level so that you’re sitting up and looking up a little bit. If the camera is too low then everybody looks like Jabba the hut as they look down at the camera. Looking down to the camera in my opinion never makes anyone look good. Plus we better make sure that that nose is cleaned out. Just saying. Great video

  11. Great video 💙. But how can we change thumbnail. Do we need to download on Facebook pages to do so. As well as sharing the link

  12. Hello! Sir, thank you for sharing your very informative video and thank you so much for the tips on how to do a Facebook live it's a great video tip for those new in doing a live stream on FB page I had to learn a lot in your video

  13. I had no idea i could change the thumbnail on my FBL posts!!!! This one tip was worth watching the video. So many helpful tips. Thank you.

  14. First live tonight actually at 8 on Toronto time on FB. Super excited and a bit nervous but more so excited to crush it. Thanks for the tips and tricks, will implement ASAP!!!

  15. Yet another great and informative video. That's why I keep coming back here! I'm just putting my FB page together and hope to use the advice you have given. Love your "power tips" in the last half.

  16. Thank you so much for always putting out such amazing, useful content. I've already applied so much of what I've learnt from this channel to my business and it's upped my growth curve significantly in such a short amount of time. Doing my first live today. Let's do this! 💜😇👍

  17. Thanks so much for your tips, very helpful. My husband is a drag racer and the fans like see his races live. I was very impressed with the information you shared and will be using what I have learned at his next race.

  18. How did you connect your phone to your desktop? I want to do traditional art live-streams and my phone is the only camera I have available at the moment.

  19. How you doing I'm thinking about making me alive video of cooking oil barbecue and other stuff with my kids thank you for the tips Cajun land Church Point Louisiana

  20. If i have a 4 hour auto show event is there any reason not to be live for the majority of the full 4 hours?

  21. thank you, this is helpful; i will have my first facebook live experience soon about trainjegelukscompetenties.nl, the chief happiness officer!

  22. Dude, you struck all the right stings. Thanks! Going live on Facebook @PaperModelGuru in 1 hour, heading for Starbucks to set up my work station, going to make a T90 Tank model, LIVE 😊

  23. I've been VOLUNTOLD by my supervisor to host a FB Live session and I found your awesome video by chance. I feel like I'm an expert already and I haven't even started yet. This video rocks.

  24. Thank you again for a great video! I am doing facebook live videos almost everyday. I just learned so much yet I have to get back on the elliptical !! Thank you! Denise Chambers facebook: takeadeepbreathandsmile. Thank you for following me there. I have to learn to turn my camera sideways… I didn't know you could!!!

  25. hi, but what I need to do if I have idea show somthing on "FB live" but I scrared coz sombody can take my idea so how I can keep it save?

  26. I just realized I wasn’t subscribed. I guess that makes me Officially a new Subscriber! Thank you for creating this video!

  27. Thank you! I am excited to for my FB live later today. I'm really bad at them; and this has given me some confidence!!

  28. I would like to ask why my live only shows people coming on to watch me but when i ask to engage i don’t think they are and after over they have but I am not seeing all of them only once in a while and can’t find reason for it. I am going vertical not sure if that is why?

  29. Thank you for your tips. We are doing our first FB live for the funeral of our long time pastor who has family in another country. Any tips on a live stream from a distance? Like me from the back of the church.

  30. I am guilty of setting up at the start of a video.. I wont do that again. This info is all so valuable thank you so much.

  31. This is brilliant, thank you. We're just about to start streaming some live improv sessions with our music and theres some super valuable tips for us here, love it.

  32. Please I really need your help! I can’t see who viewed my facebook live when i was streaming 😭 i checked the insights, viewers is zero. But when i was streaming, there was a lot of viewers. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS

  33. This video was extremely informative! Well done! Not sure if you've mentioned this in comments already, but can you share any programs you know about to caption facebook live videos? Thank you!

  34. thank you so much for your video, I really appreciated the information and it helped me greatly as I struggled to get myself started. Grateful <3

  35. My o2 phone network is only 2 bars where I'm shooting from. Does that matter when doing Facebook Lives? Or is it about the wi-fi connection only? Is there any way of connecting wired? My wi-fi can be up sensitive.

  36. You have been saving my life every time I want to give up. For real. thanks for this helpful video! I’m going to do my first facebook live today!

  37. Hi! Brand new to live media here. I'm wanting to do a YouTube Live & publish a link or something on Facebook. Trying to keep business & my Facebook for friends separate, but letting friends know that I do, in fact, do business & they can come over & view what I'm doing (about to do).

  38. Make sure Facebook Live view is the right orientation. For some reason, Facebook flips your video, so any text you have in your live screen (say, on your t-shirt, or on a backdrop) is back to front.

  39. Sean's video here is by far the best value for solution seekers I have ever run across.

    I am a product video producer and have been involved in products that all or most would recognize as household names. Can't think of a single reason to click down on this one. Certainly this was meant to be a hi level How-To, not the exhaustive How To on his Facebook and YouTube live. So, anyone trying to add important tips he missed, yeah, he didn't remind us to mute our phone. I could come up with about twenty-five tips he missed without even using my office whiteboard. Hitting every tip or step was not the point of this video. What part of "..8 Facebook Live Tips" didn't they get?


    So, now I do here, what I do on all really good YouTube How-Tos, I critique. I AM a professional, please do not try this at home.

    AUDIO. His audio is a tad echoey, and as pro audio goes, it is a tad over-driven—some would say, "A tad? My ears are bleeding, man!" Yes, it's not sudio perfect. But, do you notice that not one word is missed because of technical issues? I think Saen runs his dialogues this way for a reason., and I'll compare his audio to the part in the video when he was suggesting that we video people consider running a captioning service on important or all videos. Audio that is set too hot on purpose for How-Tos or other videos where the dialogue is actually the most important part of the video. I do this and so do all of the best video people. A little room echo, and some audio even kind of dynamically flat (not many peaks and valleys in the volume level—is the price you pay for producing a video with the ultimately easy to understand dialogue that is as clear as Sean's video here.

    "I noticed that I never saw a microphone peaking out of his shirt. So, how did he get such great audio consistency?" Whether he actually DOES have a mic clipped to his shirt or not, or whether or not he's using a hanging boom mic just out of the camera view, is actually immaterial. He could be using an onboard mic that is mounted to the recording device for this video, which is my best guess, but it could still be a peanut clipped to his shirt somewhere, or a boom mic. Notice how close he is sitting to the recording camera. Anyone can produce his clear audio dialogue if you do exactly what he did here with this video. Keep your face close enough to the camera mic and speak loudly enough that people walking by outside can probably hear everything you are saying, and your video will also be easy to understand. Now, if that's all you did, without paying attention to anything else, you could easily end up without a couple of issues that are counter productive to clear dialogue audio. Your room might be such that it produces too much room echo and not the minimal amount of Sean's video. Maybe he has some egg crates over his head and on the walls in front of him and to each side, as well as a blanket on the floor and in his lap. I don't know. But the real magic is testing. Test, test, test. I don't think that this is Sean's first video. Do you? Also, the quality of the mic is rather important. I'm not talking dollar wise, I'm talking finished results. I use a $1,200 Neumann broadcast mic. Because I can. I bought it many years ago (over a decade) because I was producing videos for more than just the web. I did NOT go out and find an expensive mic in order to produce web videos. My mic is a total overkill and here's why. The Internet and the devices that serve media for the Internet are the great equalizers for audio. The technical path that our audio tracks travel from our raw recordings all the way to the Internet browsers that serve them up to our various type of viewers, whether mobile, laptop, or even the megatron playing at some Chicago trade show compresses and remixes the frequencies to a paper flat wave. Now, there are ways to end up with better technical sound waves at the other end, but you and I can't afford a lot of the gear and the bandwidth involved and it would be a waste of resources anyway.

    VIDEO. Never saw the picture bounce—not one time. When you are testing your video before shooting for real, look for camera bounce. The little tripod that Sean picked up is really a great little vibration absorber, but the best things are what he may be using that have nothing to do with cameras gear. If you can, setup in a room with concrete floors and don't use the cheapest and lightest weight table or desk you have. Think heavy. If the desk you are using is hard to lift, you headed the right direction.

    And, that's it. Why nothing about lighting? Why nothing about background noise, hums, machines? Why nothing about that outside shot he has where cars and people might drive by, etc, etc. Because we're not talking about formal White House in D.C. video production here. This isn't CNN and you and I aren't CNN either. Sean mentioned some really great points about over thinking and over polishing stuff. It's really all about the content. As far as technical stuff goes, its more about avoiding distraction than producing technically perfect videos.

    Thanks, Sean. Kudos, and I just subscribed.

  40. home brewer, beer reviewer looking to increse my veiwers/subs ect was refered this vid, interesting watch cheers from australia

  41. I do FB Live. I would love for you to take a look at my show and give me your opinion. On FB I’m Pamela Marshall or my biz page is WELLnessRadioTV. I look forward to hearing from you. Email is [email protected]

  42. I cant figure out how to add person to my facebook live! ON SCREEN. Everything is old and I would like to add this option!

  43. This was a good video. Being that I don't have many subscribers, I'm not sure I would have many people interested or engaging. What do you say?

  44. Hey hey. Thanks for the tips and tricks. You mentioned in your video that you are thinking of making something about subtitles. Did you ever get around to it ?

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