1. bowling shoes… that victim still had his humour about it, obviously putting the word out though. I'm surprised no one has racked my deliveries at my door. 🤔

  2. At Amazon, as a driver, you are responsible for every box that is lost no matter what the situation is. I know it should not be.

  3. y does this kind of people wana acting they rich but those motherf*** sealing shit from people who work hard to get it for there family

  4. WTF is wrong with these porch pirates? Didn't their parents give them enough Christmas presents when they were kids, and now they are trying to make up for it? It's not worth going to jail for an old pair of bowling shoes….lol

  5. Thieves are possessed by demons and controlled by Satan. Satan can possess humans to commit evil deeds and say evil things. In the Bible, Jesus cast out 1,000 demons from a man possessed. God created Hell for Satan and his demons. Satan hates everybody and wants to take everyone to Hell and torment them forever. Thousands ARE in Hell already. Thousands more are going. Thousands don't believe in Hell. They will when they get there. Demons are waiting to torment them forever. ALL because they rejected Jesus and are evil. God created Heaven for all of us and wants to take everyone to Heaven. God is LOVE. God so loved the world, he gave his only son Jesus to die for our sins that whosoever believes in him will never die but have everlasting life in Heaven. Jesus is the Truth, the life and the way. The ONLY way to Heaven. If you know the Truth, it will set you free from the bondage of Satan. Satan kills steals and destroys. Satan is a Liar and Deceiver. Satan is filthy and nasty. Jesus defeated Satan at the Cross. Repent and receive Jesus as your Savior. Make the right choice. I Did. Don't let Satan control you and take you to Hell and torment you forever. Jesus is Lord whether you believe it or not.

  6. Pool boy. I have a message for you the cops are on the way dumbass. I recommend get cameras for your neighborhood. 👍🏻

  7. They steal because when they get caught the sentences are not enough to stop them…
    Make the first sentence 10 years and the second 20 years.. even for minors
    Then lets see how many keep stealing.

  8. When convicted..
    They should confiscate the vehicle used and crush it so no other theif can get a cheap vehicle from police impounds

  9. Oh but he had all of the proper supplies in his hands and he was polite. And he rang the bell! Omg, the ppl that posted this video and are agreeing with it are horrible, judgemental people!

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