Fake Voicemail About Tea Party, Emails About Drinking at 18, Fear Mongering, More

Fake Voicemail About Tea Party, Emails About Drinking at 18, Fear Mongering, More

voicemails two one nine two david p i’ve got an
interesting voicemail related to the tea party let me play it for you d portable or p over a period logo proportional yan the caribbean fortunate orchestral report correctly yet agree that by the way that can’t be a real
voice right whoever is denies the skies and of course right there was a marina missing u wanna
noticed congradulations we’ve been agreeing with that i’ve been
saying the tea parties a flash in the pan i will be surprised if the tea party
has even mentioned right but so many random party creations
before if by twenty it by twenty twelve the tea party still being mentioned as
anything other than remember when the tea party was all the rage in twenty ten i will be
surprised yeah i think it will just be uh… to
quote george bush data point anti parties eggs one of many data
points that have been u_n_ dated us than over the years wrote the tea party rs who were in congress
now will be there just be integrated into the republican party because there
is no will to do the things they want to do although we did it get us to read the
constitution in the house will talk about that on the bonus show i agree with this gentleman i assume
that the gentleman i don’t know is what has been altered so significantly bulkhead the poll on our website what is the next obama conspiracy theory
david patten dot com vote will have results on monday obama’s father was in actually black obama health plan or knew about nine
eleven there’s a whole bunch of them tell us which one you think is most
likely emails david david packard dot com on the topic of the conservative fear
centers in people’s brains which we talked about within a cast their and
from that young turks the idea that conservatism is hardwired into the brain
is very bad news it means that that the only thing that
will save us from them is genocide obviously i don’t support that that’s it’s a crazy comment to make i don’t support that conservatives are
more prone to fear what about chloe www seven if pat in terms of the fell
out of his chair over there by conservatives really more prone to
fear what about global warming the fact is the bright has terrorism and the left of global warming but what they both have in common is
that they’re bogeyman currency to devaluation is going to make
the dollar worthless the world is falling apart if gays and lesbians can
get married you’re not going to have any food to eat
so you need to get food storage we’re going to be attacked by foreigners we’re
going to be attacked by liberals a fierce will run the world and ruin it guns will be taken away by liberals jobs will be given to immigrants you’ll
be forced to speak spanish letting liberals run the country will let us be attacked
with absolutely no retaliation the military will be ruined if don’t ask
don’t tell is repealed in taxes will be ninety percent but you’re right there is a global
warming on the left which by the way ninety-eight lens plus
i don’t think that into the same categories fear-mongering well but not do it because ninety eight
percent of scientists believe global warming is actually related to
man’s actions honor correct david doctrine dot com slash membership
for c_n_n_ bundchen the date intentional david had done dana dams


  1. 98% for man made global warming?? I'd love to see that backed up with some study or something! The more i research, the more questions are raised about the validity of the carbon emissions "cause".

  2. Time magazine -just- said this same thing in their person of the year copy. This was december 27th, so thats probably why this gentleman says what is said.

  3. I think the Tea Party will fade away but not by 2012. There are people in the Tea Party that are making a good living because the Tea Party exist and nothing motivates someone to keep something going like money. Plus the "gov'ment is meddling in my business" people out there think of the Tea Party as their sounding board. I give it 5-10 years before you stop seeing people walking around with tea bags stapled to their hats.

  4. Yes, global warming is man made, it's caused by chemtrails that are being sprayed on us by the collectivize criminal elite bankers with the intention to control humanity. And they tell us that we have to "go green" in order to "save the planet", when they're the ones causing the problem.

  5. @Metool2 Actually, my comment was just me being cheeky.
    I tend to agree with your "nurture vs nature" evaluation. However, it doesn't always pan out in the way your comment suggests. I was raised in a Calvinist/Catholic household, with responsibility and hard work emphasized, yet I'm a raving lefty, who is concerned about others' feelings.
    Perhaps the fact that the household was also homophobic and totally intolerant of the sissy-boy they were raising might have had something to do with it.

  6. @Metool2 I've misread sarcastic comments in the last week myself. Must remember to put an emoticon next to a joke.
    We are in total agreement that cooperation is important, no moreso than in politics. The right and left used to work together through the now apparently unknown concept of "compromise." Now, unfortunately, "compromise" seems to equal "defeat" to the masses.
    One can only hope that such madness will end.

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