Fashion Police feat. Parul Gulati, Khushbu Baid & Tithi Raaj | Girliyapa

Fashion Police feat. Parul Gulati, Khushbu Baid & Tithi Raaj | Girliyapa

Hello! Can you hear me? – Hello.
– Target is moving. – But I’m speaking loudly.
– Target is moving. Okay. So now can you hear me? Left. Right. – Charlie. Charlie.
– Okay wait. I’m coming out. Oh, my God!
Target is wearing sandal over socks. – Hello?
– Target move. – Hello?
– Move, move. – Can you hear me?
– Target Who are you all? I’ve not done anything. Why you were running
away from us? Obviously. She’s running
away from good fashion sense. You’re insulting me. She’s just describing you. Do you know any one of them? Mom? What is she doing here? – What did you guys do with my mom?
– Relax. She’s just rolling her eyes at
your terrible fashion sense. I don’t agree at all.
This is wrong. My mom used to always pull my cheeks
and say that my boy is looking so cute. Cute boy? Clearly. – Look! I can…
– I don’t understand… …you’re not at all scared of police. – You’re meeting a guy. Exchanging stuff.
– Actually… … And wearing the same
dress for three days. Impose thread section 504. Madam, can you keep
your hands on your brow? Okay, since you’re doing
it don’t make it thin. Shouldn’t I brush it off? I wear the same dress because that
is the only one which fits me. – Then wear stripes. You’ll look thin.
– Says who? Okay. What about this? Decide first, whether you
want to look good or no? Well, it’s not just about
looking good from outside, – but inner beauty is important as well.
– Thank you. I was talking about
branded bras and panties. Look, let me go. My style is different.
I love wearing comfortable clothes. That’s because you wear one
size bigger than your normal size. Yes. No. This man is saving the
world by wearing small… -…and you want comfort.
– Please. No. And yes we’ve your recording too. Hello, Anjali?
What are you wearing at Rohan’s party? I’ll wear jeans and top. – But the theme is LBD.
– What’s LBD? Okay leave. I hope you’re wearing heels. I don’t have heels. I’ve slippers we
can put some stiching effect on it. I’ve applied oil in my hair.
Let’s go like this. You idiot. Calm down. Calm down. Anjali, try to wear good clothes. Clothes convey where
you belong to. I come from model town. I can say it by myself. Why you want to know
from my clothes? Wha… What’s this? Makeover jail. She applied so much makeup as
if she’s going to kill a batman. Anyway, not everyone has a fashion
sense like vogue it’s infact vague. Look! Mind your language. Okay? We don’t talk with people
who wear flip flops. Blue. Black. Blue. Black. I brought this red stole
from Lalbaug of Lalganj. – By putting it in red and making it red.
Chunari, Chunari.Threads are coming out.
You can’t wear this. When these thread gets hinged
to a watch of any handsome guy, that is when you find a match. So you think that fashion is about utility. – No. Your fashion is about your identity.
– My, what? I know people like
you very well. You’re someone who says that
‘she dresses up for herself.’ You’re someone who thinks primer is
only applied before paint on the walls. Girls like you who leaves home, walks a
little and comes back with oily skin. You’re definitely going
to get a makeover jail. Bikini wax, black head removal.
And much more. If you want to learn fashion sense
then you should learn from the gay guys. Oh, look! He lives in the closet that’s
why he has great fashion sense. You should learn from him. I agree that you girls are very stylish. But a common man is stressed, depressed. He’s not always well dressed. Your emotional baggage
must be a designer, right? You set your hair with one hand.
Your nail polish gets dry with a blow. Even more the tears will
start dripping slowly. If you apply water proof
kajal then it might start dripping, And if not
then you’ll tolerate. – Exactly.
– But I’m not that girl. And if you think it’s a
crime then put me in jail. Hi. I’m Sneha. Anjali’s best friend. I’m representing her case. Look, I don’t know how to twirl
words like a bun in the hair. Let’s have a straight talk. There’s no point in
taking this to the court. You’re going to spoil your denim and
also she’ll have a t-shirt fade. Why don’t we deal with each other? It’s full fifty. In the next three party,
please wear heels and go. Yes, she’ll wear it. Next week she has her own sister’s wedding.
She can’t cry. – Makeup will be spoiled.
– Exactly. – She’ll not cry.
– Improve yourself. Remember one thing, Cindrella also had
her luck in a pair of shoes. – Sarojini.
– What?


  1. Now I'm literally scared 😝😝.. anytime Fashion Police may come and arrest me🀣🀣… and trust me mujhe phaansi se kam saza ni hogi 😝

  2. Always Excited Whenever I see new video from girliyapa
    Yar concepts Kahan se laate ho aise khatarnak wale😁😁
    #mood refreshing 😘

  3. Lal gunj ke Lal bagh se Lal chunariya lai. Lal rang me daal daal k Lal Lal rangvai. Chunari chunari πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  4. I saw this video in the morning…and that sarojini thing was hitting my laughing bones again and again so I couldn’t resist myself to come here back and comment seriously that was hillariousπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Yaar apki haar video ekk dam jhakash hoti hai and your acting is superb πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€
    Umid karti hun aap aur bhi ese videos manae 😍
    Love u guys
    Comment acchi lagi hoto jarrur like karna agar aap inke real fan hoπŸ˜†

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  7. Inner beauty is more important than clothes. We boys dont care even if a girl wears same cloth for 2-3 days, we really dont mind.

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  9. I need that fashion police but they will also give up on me 🀣🀣🀣 my fashion sense is not bad but i like being comfortable plus i m heavy and i literally can't wear anything i want😐and this life sucks

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  12. Fashion Police is pulling the waxing stripes in the wrong direction…..
    Btw Amazing guys❀

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