Fastest Way To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2019 (Step By Step)

Fastest Way To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2019 (Step By Step)

what’s up everyone Attan here and in
today’s video I’m going to show you the fastest way to start with affiliate
marketing for beginners in 2019. All you have to do is stay with me but if you’re
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every time I upload a new video alright so I feel it marketing
definitely one of the best ways to make money online and also one of the easiest
and fastest if you do it the right way so this is a perfect guide to get you
started actually to make a few extra bucks as an affiliate marketer although
my number one recommendation on how to build a long-term business with this
method is in my link in the description below here but we’ll save that for the
end for now let’s get started with having a look at the affiliate marketing
and how to get started as a beginner the fastest way to start to make some money
with this so first off if you’re totally new you do know that affiliate marketing
you earn a commission by selling someone else’s product ok so I’m going to show
you actually two networks one is with physical products and one with digital
products so with that being said let’s get started okay first we are going to
click bank comm which is the most popular I would say regarding digital
products they have probably well over 10,000 products here Ecore says they do
have membership courses they do have ebooks tutorials videos memberships and
you can learn anything that you can think of actually if you just have a
look at here basically first you need to sign up as an affiliate and then you go
to the marketplace and this is how it looks when you arrive at the marketplace
you can see as I do have betting systems business investing computers green
products health and food nurse software sports travel so I mean
there is so many things to promote inside here I’m going to stick with
health and fitness it is one of the most popular niches here so when I click that
this is how it looks when I arrive ok we have ordered me like 10 products here
and it is sorted by a popularity when I arrive here so if I open this one you
can see you reckon sorted by average dollars per sale you can see the initial
sale average rebuild total and rebuild yes as I said and we have last one the
gravity the gravity is something that is clickbank’s own matrix and they have the
higher the gravity just to give you a quick idea here it means that definitely
product sells and will make you money ok well there is more competition a few
people always recommend that go for a low gravity I say go for high gravity
because we know that the product sells if you go too low for the gravity the
product might not sell so if I saw did it by gravity as I did here you see that
we have the red detox a very popular product flat belly fix fat decimator we
have what else is there the 2 week diet has been very popular from the four week
it’s the same team the results of one week diet for now I think so it’s very
popular you know people always want to lose weight and especially this time
around this year when I’m recording this video so I’m going to focus on the red
tea actually so we can have a look at the sales page but I know it is a video
sales letter so just to give you a quick idea here you need to play this and
there’s no need to do that right now but make sure to have a look at it because
the more you know about the product the better you can pre-sell it ok we want to
go to the affiliate page actually here so if I go here and open
in a new tab so you can see here you get seventy five two hundred percent
Commission’s converts with cold and warm traffic and this is something that
definitely interests us because we want to have it converted with cold traffic
you can actually make up to two hundred dollars per sale it’s all depends on the
upsells so you just need to read through here and they want you to click here to
get started I have already signed in so this is how it looks after you have
opted in you can see here that they do have tons of information here that we
can learn about this product you can actually even create a link shortener
creating a shortened link but I’m going to show you another way actually to do
this regarding the product so we can start to have a look at that for example
what is this all about okay as I said we do need to prepare
ourselves so the better we know about the product the better prepared we are
to sell it I would actually go to have a look at the banners because keep in mind
that all the promo material here they have spent thousands of dollars on this
so they know what converts are not and I like to have a look at the banners
because I can swipe some copy ideas here I mean look at this is it true you can
drink red tea and lose weight overnight so you can use this actually with your
own twister okay when you’re promoting can you really drink red tea and lose
weight here’s proof click here to check it out okay keep in mind what I said
here you want you don’t want to reveal too much in your pre selling because
that is then you go into deeper about selling and we don’t want that as I said
they have spent thousands of dollars in creating video sales letter promotion
material so they know what converts best let them do the selling okay you just
need to warm up the crowd there to get to that link okay that is what we want
when they arrived sales page let the video sales letter do
the selling so keep that in mind so that is why you want to have good headlines
here you can use in your promotion so look at this drink red tea and lose
weight overnight with a question question marks always draws the
attention curiosity this is something else we can also lose I know someone
that lost with a secret new fat melting tea 41 pounds in two weeks don’t believe
me click the link to see it ok something
like that I’m just playing around here so I’m just trying to be creative and
here you have another one if you’re a woman and watch this for example I lost
41 pounds overnight blah blah blah if you’re interested have a look at this ok
I think you get the point so definitely a 1 good way to have a
look at the banners and we also want to have a look yet all the material as I
said in this they’re receiving free ebooks but this can take a little while
a little bit longer and this is actually the method that I prefer to promote I
want you to get a free ebook in exchange for the email address and after that I
can sell you something else again and again and again but as I said we focus
now on the fastest way to get started to make some quick money here that’s what
we’re interested in so we are actually want to have the link and you just hit
promote here with my nickname here and what I want to do is to track let’s say
YouTube one ok we generate the hope link so when I see a sale I know that it has
generated sale from where I pasted that link but this is an ugly link so we want
to shorten it and I use bitly you just go to bitly calm it’s free to sign up
and all you need to do is actually create a new link you paste that long
link creates hand you already ok you can actually customize it type something
like red tea detox but I yes a lot of people have already done it
so you can’t grab it so I will be satisfied with this one so just type in
read the T YouTube one or something like that so I know where it came from
and you hit the safe so it has been edited now I copy the link if you want
we can open it in a new tab and test to see that it works oh yes it works
perfect so now I need to promote that link and there is a lot of ways but I
think actually one of the most one of the fastest way would be actually to
focus on YouTube now before you run and say okay I’m scared about show myself in
the camera okay I will show you actually solutions to that first you don’t have
to be in the front of the camera you can just do a screenshot on this video like
I do you can actually make a few slides and just do a presentation about the red
tea detox show some proof and so on and of course you will have a call to action
at the end and tell them that click the link below to find out more
okay so as I said earlier do not reveal too much let the sales page do the
selling you just need to warm up the crowd there and have them to click the
link if you don’t want to use your own voice well fine you can just go to like
Fiverr just type video creation and I’m not logged in here now
so that’s why it shows up you can see here I will do a video creation and
video submission for 5 bucks okay so you can start with 5 bucks to having a video
there or something really simple if you want to have a professional voice over
you can pay another five bucks so there you have it regarding that I don’t want
to be shown on camera or something like that but if you do you will build more
trust so keep that in mind of course you just have to talk normal like I do here
so nothing fancy there okay so you do that and of course you get your link in
the description below and what you do is you need to actually
let’s see if I open YouTube here in a new tab
let me see red talks the red tea detox I’m sorry detox review okay now you
probably find a lot of people here but you do need to find your own twist and
the longer this one is the title here the easier it will help you to get
ranked then you will need of course to do some tags they’re talking about red
tea and so on but basically you need to do that here I can tell you for sure
that this is a Fiverr gig and others lady I should have seen an ER around
she probably have some kind of review here okay welcome to my red team detox
review red tea detox is a newly launched program by list1 Miller that makes you
aware of how you can lose weight by just relying on a simple tea okay so look at
this exactly what I was talking about perfect example so we have twenty six
thousand views and here is the link okay buy the red tea detox guide using this
special discounted link here blah blah blah okay so when I click here I will be
redirected to red tea detox and I can guarantee you yes there is a affiliate
link at the top really simple okay so you see they do have some kind of
promotion here but you can do the same you can actually go to Fiverr and if you
just type YouTube promotion not going to go into data here because it will take
us too long and you can actually I will do fast organic YouTube promotion
eighteen dollars 32 and so on so you can start with something very small don’t
overdo it and expect to get thousands of years overnight okay this video has been
up for a for a while I mean yeah it’s a year almost now so but still this is
free passive traffic okay I did a video yesterday where I shared actually my
free traffic sources and the first I revealed was a YouTube so you see now
this is a perfect example in case they had here that you don’t need to be in
front of the camera if you don’t want to this guy actually hired this person to
leave a review for this product so there you have it and of course you can use
other sources you can go to blogger if you prefer to write if you’re a writer
go to blogger calm it’s free it’s a you get a blogger blog directly with your
Gmail account ur we have twitter we have Pinterest’s and we have
which also ranks very good so if you’re good at writing run write a few blog
posts about losing weight and so on and you have to wait for them to get ranked
but it will take you a little longer I think definitely the fastest way would
be what I showed you in the first place here and even faster is actually grab
this link go to Facebook even your own profile hey guys hey girls perfect here
I lost weight or something this works click here to find out ok don’t sound
too spammy because then your friends might not like it but you can also go
into weight loss groups if you have a look at that video with a free traffic
sources you see exactly how I did that method you go into groups weight loss
groups you do a good post and then you tell them if you’re interested please
leave your comment below here in the comment section type in for something
and then you drop them a private message so that will activate them a little bit
more also and you won’t sound so spammy ok by just posting the link in there so
that is a perfect method also definitely the fastest way to get started with
affiliate marketing alright we’re going to leave the digital products for now
and let’s go with the physical products which is Amazon Amazon as I said have
millions of products probably to promote and what is cool also with Amazon is
that you can get commissions for products that you don’t even promote
because if I arrived to the sites with this product
for example and I buy something else then the Commission’s go to that link
okay for if you have promoted here so let’s say if I promote this product and
you buy something else I get a commission for that too that is really
nice with the Amazon so this could be a perfect example okay this is the Joby
Gorillapod and you can use it in YouTube and say like yeah I use this when I
create my videos and it works outstanding click here to see it on
Amazon or something like that click here to see it so what you do here is when
you arrive at this page you of course you need to create an account first and
login as an affiliate there is something called the site stripe here so we can
grab the link from texts from image so basically we’re getting that link we are
satisfied with a text link you can have image of course text class image what
will be satisfied with it so if I just open a new tab here and I type there you
go so now whenever someone purchase through that link you will get the
Commission do not buy a through your own link I repeat do not buy through your
own link because that will get your band as an affiliate there so that is works
pretty similar and you can do tons of variations here to promote this of
course as I said no matter if it is on YouTube YouTube is definitely what you
need to do here is be as specific as possible just to give you a quick idea
body groomer for example okay so let’s say that we want to promote this one
what you need to do is actually when you do a video copy this and let’s open
YouTube in a new tab be as specific as possible okay so let’s do a review here
so you won’t have so much competition there is not so much people okay so
you’re talking about specific product and the same goes here
what you can do is actually create a few slides take the pictures they’re from
them and talk about the product a little bit the goods the bads the pros the cons
and so on and click the link below for the best price okay no more and use that
Amazon link okay so I think I covered everything actually and much more there
you have it regarding the fastest way to start with affiliate marketing for
beginners in 2019 keep in mind if you want to build a long-term business with
this method you want to have a look at the link in my description below for my
number one recommendation to make a full time income online I’m all about email
list building and I have my twist on how you can work it with that so if you’re
interested make sure to click the link below in the description alright if you
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find another video recommendation on how to make money online alright that’s it
for today thanks a lot for watching and see you soon you


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