FBI received hacked email suggesting Clinton cover-up effort

FBI received hacked email suggesting Clinton cover-up effort


  1. It looks like HRC, is going to get away with it. HRC, this woman has no shame!!!!!!!!, These people will never see justice, bc if you lock up one you will have to lock up many.
    The damage is already done, the FBI IS ruined.

  2. If anyone else did 1/10th of the things Hiltery has done in her lifetime, they'd be in tossed in a dark, windowless cell and they'd throw away the key. Enough of the talk already. We weren't born yesterday. Put both Clintons in a stockade and let the American public tar and feather them.

  3. I almost don't like finding out about this since it seems like there are going to be no consequences. It makes me worried for our future.

  4. What about when Bush was in office and had that "serial child molester" on his team number 3 to be excite and he was convicted more than once but Bush didn't care because he was doing it to we need to take are children and this country back from these sick OWS.

  5. How is it the biggest liars and most corrupt people in the US avoid all charges and jail time. You and I would never see the light of day again..Clinton and her coup are ruining our government making us look weak as a country. These people don’t represent me in any way and have no respect from me… someone needs to press charges and set an example of what happens when you betray the people and our government. Please….both parties come together and make some real decisions and get things done and stop making us look weak to all the other counties.
    We are the greatest and strongest country…..start acting like it…

  6. Absolutely NOTHING will be done……. Same old song and dance…. "Investigate", "Investigate", "Investigate", ….. do it until the "Heat" dies down and the people don't care anymore…… or until the statute of limitations runs out…….. 100 years of this "rinse & repeat"……

  7. Wow, I am going Crazy. Left/ Right!!! Right/ Left!!! I went down through the comments quitely Reading. And not Commenting. I was amazed at what has happened to us!! First time I did this. Now, We each have a party we support. We each have things we want done and put in place to help our Families do Better. For us to thrive. We have our own ideas and opinions and value Based views on Who is going to fix our Country and all the issues that need delt with. And we each think we are sure we are right in who we choose, In What Party, we Pick with their Policies.. And that is what it is about!!! But, I have been seeing something that I wasn't aware of until I looked for it.. we have forgotten​ Civility. With our interactions!!! We don't Agree with them so therefore that person is stupid, their view don't Count. We really don't take the Time to be human beings with each other. We don't agree I shut you down tear you down and move on. That is how alot of us mature smart adults and young adults act..I wonder what would happen if we took the time to say you may not change my mind but, I have a question? I would like to calmly talk about. The Canidate your supporting how are they going to Improve your Life. What Policies​ will help you if put in place? And really try to see where their policy will be helpful in there lives! And calmly acknowledge you can see Where that Policy will help them because I clearly see we are dismissing what people value in their lives.and if the conversation is real and civil let them know what Policies help your family. What is valuable to you. You are not trying to change hearts and minds. Your only only trying to connect as people. I will probably tell them Good Luck on their Canidate.. we are not Tribal and I am going to stop the Division I leave behind..it is what we have Done to our self's. Yes I want the people held accountable and brought out in the spot light! As far as the rest of it. When I go in that voter booth I will vote and that is all I can do. Getting mad at everyone that don't agree with me ain't helping my Canidate get elected.. only us walking in there and physically voting. Because who am to tell someone else their wrong with who their backing when I know nothing about their Life or them by one or a few comments they put under a post. And how do I know they may have battled with others over who their supporting. And their worked up while leaving Comments. I pray we start to take responsibility for our own actions and stop tearing down each other. I support Trump but, I am also a Independant!! I pray others Wake up to this. Negativity takes a real toll on People.. we are the only ones that can change it. 🇺🇸🙋😎

  8. Where are the indictments? All this talking means nothing to justice. Seems all these heads do is talk. Additionally, far more than just the beaurocrats that hit the news are involved, otherwise groups like Judicial Watch wouldn't have to keep initiating lawsuits to get records when these entrenched swampies still refuse to comply with FOIA requests. The bureaucracy is a leg of government that is usually hidden and protected, but is rife with cancerous swampiness and seriously needs to be cleaned out.

  9. Hillary Clinton is just one of many hard core criminals that are destroying America just like the leftist whores that are currently destroying Europe !

  10. The whole situation is pukable… Democrats have gone completely rouge.. Oust them ASAP.. Straight to the Gallows… I really, really hate this "Party" system in Government.. It's really a Mob vs Mob ..

  11. Thanks God has gave Donald Trump as a presidency, so Hillary and the Democratic Party will be sold this country to Mexico and China.

  12. Prison won't do in Hillary and Obama cases, they must be put in front of a firing squad or Publicly Hung ! No telling how many died because of their Greed and Lies !

  13. Imagine the corruption and evil we would be living under if Hillary had won. This must be fixed and never be allowed to happen again! Lock Hillary up and Obama and Comey and Clapper and anyone else who was involved. These politicians are just puppets. They are being controlled by powerful ones on the top. Those are the ones that must be stopped. The globalists.

  14. I hope you all like hell you lying cocksucker defending lie as truth all of you unbelievable pricks people and government and think you confused but you going to get what you wish for . And not even a devil to worship there you idiots how you manage to hey do just plan stupid it's unbelievable dumbass runs deep in people I see o well have fun you guess idiots say you scared if you scared what you waiting for chickshit bitchs

  15. The elitist that work in all branches of government should be open to the people who pay their salaries no questions ask. And held accoutable.

  16. Throw Hillary butt in jail and stop playing with her because she still taken in money from donations and it needs to be stop Mr. AG Barr. Bring her down to the ground !!ASAP!!

  17. Nothing is going to happen. At this point Fox is just covering this crap for views. The Clintons are untouchable and the United States knows this.

  18. If everything was Russian Collusion for her loss than why isn’t Hillary Running again? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. Many thanks to all the dedicated investigators who are uncovering the scourge of trump and his cronies. He will soon be gone either impeached or imprisoned.

  20. Too many fall guys/girls in front of those that deserves jail time.

    Sad to say it but I feel TDS is so strong no one will do what needs to be done.

  21. Just to let you guys know , this is why our country is a JOKE. Want to prove that no one is above the law? Then arrest the untouchable.

  22. “In June of 1775, the Continental Congress created a unified army out of the revolutionary forces encamped around Boston and New York … The Continental Army suffered a bitter winter of Valley Forge, found glory across the waters of the Delaware, and seized victory from Cornwallis of Yorktown. Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports , it did everything it had to do, and at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it had nothing but victory.”


  23. All of this is create! But when are we going to see indictments or some responsibility?
    Or this is just for power and distraction ?
    We need people indicted

  24. Did you miss this MOAB set off over the Obama era gang of 1000? Boom after boom – it's starting to sound like Bagdad on the night of shock and awe.
    Significantly better fireworks than yesterday's!

  25. Can you imagine the way the media would be reacting if all the Democrats had instead been Republicans and a Republican administration?!!


  27. History is calling for us to correct the legacy of the Crooked Clinton’s in its steps, soon.
    They used and perverted the Law, and The Presidency to warp Washington into their Cash Machine .
    With no limit on extravagant resources provided by Govt agencies they had control over ( almost all ) .
    Abusing our Republic with their cheap Medicine Show .

  28. If hilly goes down, they are ALL going down. Probable slow things down a bit more replacing them with patriotic people.

  29. Could you imagine the skeletons that could be found in Hillary's closet with a 25 million dollar investigation?

  30. And STILL no action taken, but I guess it makes them look good to continually point out what we already know. To say BINGO now we have proof. Are we supposed to say thank you for justifying our suspensions? To point this all out, to say they now have proof and then to take no action is just another slap in the face of the American people. How many years will they now be given to come up with more excuses and coverups. Without immediate action, this isn’t justice to American citizens, it is a heads up to them.

  31. My question is why did hillary get away with the fix, and why hasnt anybody put comey under investigation. This is pure corruption

  32. i have probs that i am being shown links that i have no interest in and all my hannity tucker bcp links have disappeared. anyone else got this

  33. You had 2 years to bring charges against Hillary well you are past the statute of limitations so get off it she not going to be charged.

  34. Yada yada yada! Where we're these 'know it alls" 7 years ago, when this anti-American behavior was so apparent that my dog knew what was going on?

  35. If all these investigations are not done, finished and charges filed against the appropriate people, by August 20 2019 the clock is being run out!
    If our vaunted intelligence law enforcement agencies can't figure out who did what in these circumstances our country is in deep trouble!

  36. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, sent to Pat Cipollone, the White House counsel, saying that Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, has used WhatsApp, an unofficial encrypted messaging service, to communicate with foreign contacts about official White House business.

    Mr. Cummings also said that Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter, did not preserve some emails that were sent to her private account, as she claimed in the past, contradicting her own previous claims and possibly violating federal records laws.
    Jared and Ivanka should be locked up also. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  37. Imunity!!!!!!! Imunity !!!!! Imunity !!!! Imunity!!! Synonymous!!!!!! With fbi !!!!!cia!!!!!!!! Obamanation!!! Hillery!!!!!. Crew!!!! Retarts!!!! B4. B4. B4. Investygation !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sickos!!!!!!! Usa folks. !!! Tired!!!!!

  38. This all BS, they won't be held accountable, its just gonna fall into the past and disappear into history and nobody will know anything until they're all dead…the Deep State Globalists are protected by powerful people. America was founded for the people, but since then its turned into a Globalism machine. Nobody is going to jail, we'll read about this in books 20 years from now. They keep dragging this out, stretching it out until we forget or don't care to hear it anymore.

  39. How long are you guys going to keep capitalizing on this dribble while life goes on as usual for any and all perpetrators while inconsequential people are prosecuted?

  40. Somewhere Al Capone is laughing.
    He was a national hero compared to her or Bill Clinton.Anybody who doesnt think shes a crooked sob
    Is in serrous denial.

  41. How many laws can someone break and not be convicted?? What kinda of law system is going on here.. oh ya.. the influential one and all laws are NOT equal to ALL!! Lock Her UP!!

  42. Swamp. Jail. Left or Right. I don't care who gets caught up, the purge will add only strength to the country I thought myself serving for 30 years.

  43. And still, NOTHING is likely to happen because they protect their our against us, The People and our GREAT PRESIDENT, Donald Trump.

  44. They keep talking about Clinton meanwhile the only people that have gone to jail are from the Trump Administration

  45. I am tired of all the talk and promises…wake me up when the indictments happen, otherwise just shut up.

  46. Queen of the swamp gets away scott free… when does the public finally put their feet down? You guys are paying these crook's salaries!

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