Findaway Voices Review | Is This Audiobook Publishing Business Worth It?

Findaway Voices Review | Is This Audiobook Publishing Business Worth It?


  1. Have you published any audiobooks yet? If not, why? What's holding you back?
    I want to help you out and get you on the right path, so let me know your candid thoughts.
    For more details about audiobook publishing via ACX, watch this:

  2. Hii bro, I need one help so if u know please guide me
    1.As i formated some formula based books to publish in kindle version but there are some errors.
    2.So i decided to make it JPEG format by converting it and then i inserted as one by one image to each page.
    3.The issuse was in preview section in kindle its not fitting to the kindle reader size its getting aligh to left and seems smaller in size.


  3. Great video. I've been with Findaway since Feb and you pretty well nailed it. I had a full series recorded and distributed. Very satisfied with my narrator. And this was my first time publishing audiobooks so I have nothing else to compare it to.

    A couple of things:

    1. You mentioned that there's no notification of the audiobooks becoming available in various stores. That's exactly right. They don't even seem to followup to check and see that they do appear in the store. And since they don't have links to the audiobooks in the stores, you have to manually search them all. I went out and searched for my audiobooks in the various stores and found some that never made it (I have Voices Plus). I had to do this work and notify Findaway so it could be fixed.

    2. Customer Service response times range from acceptable to nothing but crickets. When you're trying to get something done because of a publishing schedule it's frustrating to not hear back from your inquiry. This happened several times where I waited a couple of days, then re-sent the inquiry. Waited until it had been a week from the first inquiry and re-sent again. I've waited up to a couple of weeks. I mentioned that I'd was waiting one time to a friend who had a line to the owner. The response I got was to email the customer service email address. You know, the one that wasn't answering my emails. Not helpful.
    I have two email addresses for them and no phone numbers. The last time I ran into the "no response" issue, I emailed both addresses and very clearly detailed how unhappy I was at the unprofessional service. None of my other emails were stern, but I'd had enough. It did get a response, though.

    3. A really great thing was being selected for a Chirp deal. It's like a Bookbub for audiobooks. While the results weren't as large as a Bookbub, I think it'll get better as they keep building their list.

    Will I use Findaway again? It depends. I expect to publish another series next year and I'll make the determination of where I publish at that time. But if I keep getting ghosted by Findaway Customer Service, I'll probably look elsewhere.

  4. Apologies if I’ve missed it somewhere, or if I just haven’t yet found the particular video that addresses this. I do hate to be the guy who plays ten questions when you’re already working as hard as you are to produce so many videos, but is it possible to publish an ebook, and possibly hard copies through KDP, and take the audiobook rights straight to Findaway Voices directly, or would it be necessary to first release an audiobook version through APX? Once again, I apologize if I’ve merely overlooked information you’ve already stated, but in my attempts to make publication as soon as possible, I felt this to be one of my more prudent concerns, hence my desire to address it straightaway. As always, thank you for the massively helpful information you and your videos have been providing me with.

  5. Findaway Voices just announced they've added nine new distribution channels. They now distribute to 43 places world wide. I just LOVE that they get into libraries. People who don't speak English as their first language are hungry for English audio books. I've interviewed Will Dages head of Findaway recently asking him questions how authors work with Findaway Voices. I don't think it's appropriate to post a link here but if you search for my name and hit the blog tag you should be able to find it. I just published the blog two days ago. Keep up the great work Dale. Blair Seibert

  6. Dale, i saw many of your videos about alternative platforms where to publish in but you never mention about how much DEMAND there is on these alternative platforms (as for example findaway voices) comparing to the huge clients demand who is stick in AUDIBLE or Amazon Kdp..because if demand is still low (comparing to audible and amazon) is not worth it jumping into such alternative platforms.
    Would be nice to hear your opinion about it and please dont tell me that " well it depends""…:=) Thanks a lot

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