Fire Your Real Estate Agent If They Are Not Doing This

Fire Your Real Estate Agent If They Are Not Doing This

– My reputation alone
is what sells houses. I don’t need anything else. – I’m gonna make a very
bold statement here. If your real estate agent isn’t doing this for your home listing, then I think it’s time that you need to fire them. It’s Take a Tip Tuesday. (light techno music) Hi, my name is Kristina Smallhorn, Your Real Estate Whisperer, providing you the best real estate tips with a dash of humor. Be sure to subscribe now so you don’t miss my most beneficial but humorous tips. This week I want to talk to you about how the real estate
market has shifted. Many long-time real estate agents have been using the same marketing plans to sell homes. And they do work but there is this one thing that they’re missing. And if they’re not doing
this for your home, I suggest you may want to fire them. – All my listings are in the Sunday paper. All of them. Did I get it out? – Long gone are the days
of putting your home in a home magazine or
in the Sunday newspaper to publish for an open house. If you want to know about open houses and why they don’t sell your home, go ahead and click the video right here. These were ways that
things used to get sold in like the ’80s and ’90s, but now that we’ve moved into
the more technology world, you gotta find different
ways to sell your house. – Oh, we hire a professional photographer if the house is over $250,000. Anything under that, as long
as the house is priced right, it doesn’t matter. – Nothing burns my butt more than anything than to open up the MLS and see a house have crappy pictures put up. There’s no excuse for any house. Doesn’t matter if it’s a $40,000 house or a billion dollar house. You deserve to have professional pictures taken of your house. If your listing agent
is unwilling to do that, I suggest you find another listing agent. But I still don’t think
that’s the number one reason why you should fire a real estate agent. There’s still one more reason. I think there’s a big fireable offense. – I don’t have the
time, money, or patience to learn another social media site. All this stuff is just hogwash anyway. Technology shmechshmology. – Since the demographic of people that are actually reading the newspaper has shrunk considerably, many people have turned to social media. There are some social media sites that work a lot better than others, but a lot of real estate agents are unwilling to adapt to these
ways of selling your home. There’s places like Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. All these ways are a great
way to advertise your home, but there’s one thing that
they’re not doing on these sites to get your home sold faster. There is another way to market
your home on these sites, but not just really flashy pictures. – Now, we have adopted blogging. We do blog for all the houses too. So yeah, that works to
sell a house, blogging. – Real estate agents
that implement blogging for your home listing is an excellent way that they can utilize
things like Google and Bing and other search engines, but there’s one thing that
a lot of these bloggers aren’t doing for your home listing that they need to be adding. Many of them are
forgetting this one thing. – Yeah, we create a video for the house. We take the pictures that
we got from the photographer and then we make a video out of it. – Did you know that 70
percent of home buyers actually watch home video tours? If your real estate agent is providing this kind of home video tour, this is not a home video tour. This is a way for you to
be pacified as a seller, thinking that you got
yourself a good quality video. These are done with very
inexpensive, cheap apps. Most of the time they’re free. And it’s just pictures moving around. And I think it’s a real big
insult to the buyers themselves to think that this is a quality
video for your home listing. 95 percent of viewers will actually understand the message of a video much more than they will
if it was actually written. Only 10 percent retain the information that’s given in a written form. So if your real estate agent actually makes a beautiful video that gives an accurate tour of your home, a full walk-through,
through the front yard, through the foyer,
through the living room, all the way through your home, so they can get a proper
feel of the house. You want the home buyers to feel like they’re walking through the home. There’s also ways you
can use virtual tours. This, again, gives a home
buyer a better feeling of walking through the home. If your real estate agent is unwilling to do these kinds of things, it is time for you to find
a new real estate agent. – Look, I’ve been using
the same marketing plan for the last 30 years and
it’s worked fantastic. I don’t know what your problem is. – If you love your listing
agent, I totally understand. But if they’re not using video in the way to make it optimized for sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, then you’re leaving a lot of buyers to go buy the house down the street. If you’d like some more information about buying and selling your home, you can always visit my website at If you want to know about some
mistakes home sellers make, I made a playlist over here. And if you don’t want to
miss any of my important tips when selling your home, go
ahead and subscribe here and hit that notification bell. My name is Kristina Smallhorn, Your Real Estate Whisperer
for Ascension Parish. And I tell you all this
because YOU matter.


  1. Is your real estate agent providing what was mentioned in the video in their marketing plan for your home?

  2. The more personal and the more inviting the better it looks. Unlike Tiffany's method as well
    Top 5 (#4) BOOM

  3. πŸ”₯πŸ’₯The one thing that I really enjoyed when we were buying a house were the 360 video or VR tours. Not too many listings had that and I am sure that this house we bought was just pictures on the MLS database. I remember when I first started watching your Sunday walk through I was like, man lets help Kristina sell this house and talk about it with her, now that I know almost everyone I have kind of been slacking in that department talking about other things with the people in the chat. So many awesome people in the YREWCREW! I'm going to be remember for next time! My realtor had no video and was interested in talking to me further about YouTube but he hasn't yet and its been all winter. I think what your doing here is so unique and the fact that potential buyers can join the community and almost feel like family here is something that no other realtor is offering in the entire world! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Keep them tips coming YREW!!! I never listed a property for sale but my property manager does all that you noted for a 1 bdrm condo rental that I have. Had it rented out pronto!!

  5. Nice one Kristina…A great tip on this one. Here in Japan from what I have seen, they do not use video much to display homes. It is so backwards here….. From my experience it is still sit down with agent, look over photos and floor plans and go visit the property…. Thanks for the awesome TATT!

  6. Great points. I love the videos of the homes. Def makes me want to go see the home in person more. Good stuff to keep in mind when I decide to sell. Always love the comedy in these too. πŸ™‚

  7. Great points. And those percentages, wow. Notes taken πŸ˜‰ (Love this character πŸ˜†)

  8. Good job by you educating the masses. This is what youtube needs more of. Plus, it shows off why people should list with you over other realtors. SMRT, Very smrt. You are luck to know EDDIE!!!

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