Free Content vs. Paid Content (Giving TOO MUCH away?)

Free Content vs. Paid Content (Giving TOO MUCH away?)

What is up everyone. Welcome back to my channel. Now, if you’re a content creator or a business
owner who just so happens to create content, I have a feeling when it comes to showing
up on social media, you’ve probably wondered the following things. Am I giving too much away and if I give all
this stuff away for free, then who will actually pay for my services and my products? Trust me, I’ve been there. That’s why in today’s video I’m really going
to break down the key differences between free content and paid content. So if you want to have a peace of mind on
this topic and you don’t want to stress anymore on whether or not you’re doing the right thing,
then keep on watching. Now when it comes to being a content creator,
especially a content creator who just so happens to sell products or services, the line between
giving away too much and giving away not enough is really blurred because on one hand you
do want to give away really great free content in order to build know, like and trust with
your audience. But on the other hand, you’re running a business
and not necessarily a charity. You don’t want to be giving free handouts
to every single person to the point where you’re not even running a business anymore
and making a profit. With that being said, here’s one thing that
I want you to know and that is the more generous you are with your content, the more leads
you’ll actually attract back into your business. Yes, you heard me right? I am telling you to give it all away. Even for me, I grew my youtube channel from
zero to 85,000 subscribers in less than a year because I give a lot of generous content
away and even my own subscribers and viewers would agree with me and because I give away
some of my best tips. I’ve even had some of my videos go viral,
but why exactly do I do this? Why am I willing to give away some of my best
content pieces? Well, the reason why is because the internet
is a very vast place and especially on social media. We start to hear the same information over
and over again to the point where it’s basically public knowledge on how to do certain things. That’s why I like to put my best foot forward
when it comes to free content creation and really tried to make my content pieces super
unique and hard to find anywhere else because that’s going to accelerate my authority as
an expert in that space, but it’s also going to help me accelerate the fact that I’m growing
a very loyal fan base of people who think that my content is super unique. Not only this, when you choose not to cheap
out on your free content, you’re going to find that people will ask themselves, oh my
goodness, if your free content is this good, I can’t imagine what your paid content is
like and this is the exact same thing that I hear my clients and my students telling
me when I asked them why they decided to invest in my paid services. In addition to that, I want you to remember
one thing and that is your free content is the very first impression that someone is
going to have a view and the person who stumbling on your social media for the very first time,
depending on how they like your free content, that’s going to determine whether or not they
want to take the next step with you and hiring you to be their coach in hiring you to do
whatever service that you offer. However, your free content needs to be able
to build that trust in the first place. Now at this point in the video, you’re probably
thinking to yourself, oh my goodness, so you’re telling me to give it all away? Okay, so what exactly am I going to sell them? What exactly will be my paid content and I
want you to know that the differences between free paid content, one of the key things is
that people will always pay for structure, convenience, and personalization. Because here’s the thing. If you want to get rich, if you want to make
money online, if you want to learn how to start a business, if you want to learn how
to be healthy, if you want to learn how to be beautiful, all these different things,
all the information is technically accessible online. If you search far and wide, look at forums,
look at all the youtube channels, look at all the podcasts, look at all the blog posts. I guarantee you’ll probably find the answer
and you’ll also be able to take yourself from point a to point z for free with all the content
that’s available online anyways, but the problem is that when you go that route, there’s really
no one telling you what step comes first, what’s the sequence, what should you prioritize? All of that, and because no one is giving
you that information, 99% of you watching this video will still remain lost and with
the overwhelming amount of information that is online with very little instruction on
how to exactly use this information, a lot of people will be willing to pay for convenience. They’re willing to pay for a mentor, of course,
instructor, someone to actually break it down for them step by step, tell them what comes
first and even potentially give them that personalization, answer any specific questions
that they have as well. This is something that free content we’ll
never be able to reproduce. Not only this, keep in mind within your paid
content, you’re going to be able to gift that client, that student or whoever’s paying to
access that content, the amount of time that it takes to really flush things out in detail,
giving them the step by step process, the sequence, the personalization, all of that. Let me give you an example. I would say that my youtube channel is jam
packed with valuable information that I also give my paying clients and my students. However, I’m not flushing it out as much out
of my youtube channel as I do in my pay program. Let’s take this video for example. It is a video where I teach you how to identify
your niche. This video is less than 10 minutes long. However, when you go into boss Graham Academy,
if you are a student of mine, finding a niche alone and the process that takes to go from
point a to point Z is at least three hours of paid content and the reason for this is
because I literally breaking it down step by step and not leaving any stone unturned. Not only this, when it comes to free content,
the one thing that you need to realize is that there is no a personalization. That’s why even in my own youtube videos,
as much as I’m giving a lot of free value, I’m still always going to end up with a handful
of comments from you guys asking me questions one on one. Personalization is something that people must
pay for if they want you in the corner to be their consultant, what you in the corner
to be their coach and have a full assessment that’s totally personalized to them. Most people will have to access your premium
offerings in order to access this. Like I mentioned in this video right here
where I talk about how to set boundaries on social media. I make it very clear that the personalized
advice that I give is only reserved to my students and my clients within the programs
that they’ve invested in and for anyone else who is asking a specific question tailored
to their business and they haven’t invested in my premium offerings, then they’re going
to need to wait for my free content to come out on either my youtube channel, my Instagram,
or my free Facebook group. Now at this point in the video, you would’ve
learned that number one, it is actually quite important to produce really great valuable
content for free to your audience online to benefit your audience obviously, but also
your business. And number two, you would have now known the
main differences between free and paid with paid. You’re giving people the sequence, you’re
giving people the convenience, you’re giving people the customization because at the end
of the day, what you need to realize with your pay content, you are saving that person
so much time of them trying to do at the DIY route. And trying to watch every single youtube video
trying to watch every single podcast episode trying to read every single blog post. It’s just not efficient and that’s why there
will always be people paying for your paid content. However, a handful of you at this point might
be wondering one thing and that is okay, but if I give my juicy as pieces of content for
free online than how do I avoid the copycats? How do I avoid having someone steal my content
and turn it into their own pay content and benefit from the lessons that I’ve taught
for free online? How do I avoid this? Well, you’re in luck because I want you to
hit the notification bell because in the next video I’m going to talk all about how to deal
with copycats in business. So if you’re interested in learning more about
this topic, then make sure you hit that notification bell. For now, what I want you to know is that there
is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to delivering valuable free content. For me. I personally believe that my channel grew
this fast and my business grew this fast because I give valuable content and I’m very generous
with the amount that I give. So in the meantime, while you wait for that
video where we discuss more about copycats and how to deal with that, I want you to also
check out these two videos that I have right here. If you’re interested in learning more about
social media and building a business, as always, guys, I hope you guys have a great day, a
great week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.


  1. SOMETHING I WISH I ADDED: When people BUY your premium content.. there is WAY MORE SKIN IN THE GAME! These people will VALUE your content more and take TRUE ACTION to get results for themselves because now they have truly INVESTED. P.S. You can download the FREE Step-by-step guide to turn your followers into clients:

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